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Data storage devices and flash memories
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Data storage devices and flash memories


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Ana Paola Davila SanchezBenjamin Franklin Institud 7 grade
  • 2.  Disc is a rewritable optical disc with equal storage capacity to a DVD-RW typically 4.7 GB
  • 3.  Is a magneto – optical disc – based data storage device initially intended for storage of up to 74 minutes and, later,80 minutes, of digitized audio.
  • 4.  Is a data storage device that reads and performs digital records, writes on a magnetic tape.
  • 5.  is a disc of 80 mm diameter. In normal recording (standard DVD quality) supports 30minutes of video or 1.4 GB of data (and the 2 layers, up to 2.92 GB). SLP mode, comparable in quality to VHS, you can record up to 120 minutes of video.
  • 6.  is a recordable compact disc format. (Compact Disc Recordable Compact Disk Recordable =). You can record in multiple sessions, but the aggregate information can not be erased or overwritten, instead you must use the space left by the preceding session.
  • 7.  A diskette or floppy disk (on floppy disk or diskette English) is a medium or ... History Origins, the disk: File :8- inch floppy driver.
  • 8.  A compact disc rewritable, popularly known as CD-RW (English abbreviation of Compact Disc Re Writable but originally the R and W were used as the attributes of the CD, which means "read" and "write") is used for optical digital store any information.
  • 9.  The Iomega Zip drive, Zip drive also called, is a device or storage device that uses Zip disks as storage media, such media are of the magneto- optical removable media capacity, launched by Iomega in 1994.
  • 10.  The SD card is not the only standard flash memory cards ratified by the Secure Digital Card Association. Other formats of this association, such as the Mini SD and Micro SD.
  • 11.  was originally a type of data storage device, used in portable electronic devices. As astorage device, flash memory typically used in a standard enclosure, and was specified and first produced by SanDisk Corporation in 1994.
  • 12.  is a standard memory card. Practically equal to the Secure Digital, no security tab which prevents overwriting the information recorded on it. Its shape is inspired by the look of the old 3.5-inch diskettes. It currently offers a maximum capacity of 8 GB