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Jeevan Ankur is specially designed for the benefit of the children. Your child is
totally dependent on you during his/her growing up years. Jeevan Ankur is an
excellent plan to meet the multiple financial needs that arise as kids grow up.
Through payment of Income Benefit, Jeevan Ankur assures that your child’s
financial needs are met in case of your unfortunate demise.
The Policy term is based on the age of the child (18 and 25) to ensure that the
financial needs of your child are taken care of till she is old enough to start
earning and settle in life.
Because you can enjoy peace of mind that comes with the insurance cover and
the certainty that all the benefits under the plan belong to your child.
Also because your child will emulate your saving habit; an important lesson you
can impart to your child at an early age.

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Jeevan ankur

  1. 1. LIC ’s Jeevan Ankur P la n N o . 8 0 7
  2. 2. LIC’S JEEVAN ANKUR (PLAN NO. 807)Features… A must plan for all parents. Parent is the Life Assured, child is the Beneficiary Death Benefit = Sum Assured + Income Benefit + Maturity Benefit *. Maturity Benefit = Sum Assured +Loyalty addition.*On death of the Life Assured, Basic Sum Assured shall be payable immediatelyfollowed by Income Benefit, in addition to this all Maturity Benefits will be payableon the scheduled date of Maturity.
  3. 3. LIC’S JEEVAN ANKUR (PLAN NO. 807)Features Cont… Plan available for parents of a new born child also. Three Riders to customize your policy.– Accident Benefit Rider– Critical Illness Benefit Rider( With an additional option of Premium Waiver Benefit) Conventional with profits plan.
  4. 4. LIC’S JEEVAN ANKUR (PLAN NO. 807) ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS Particulars Minimum MaximumEntryAge Life Assured 18 years 50 years(Parent)EntryAge for child 0 years 17 yearsTerm Maximum (18 25 minus age of child minus age of child, 8) yearsSum Assured Rs.100000/- No limit
  5. 5. LIC’S JEEVAN ANKUR (PLAN NO. 807) ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS & REBATESParticulars ConditionsPremium Payment mode Single Premium, yearly, half-yearly, Quarterly, Monthly (ECS & SSS)Other Conditions Sum Assured shall be in multiples of Rs. 5000/- Mode rebate Yly 2% TPTabular Premium(TP) Hly 1% TPService T shall be payable by the policyholders on Single / Installment Premium as ax and when premiums are due .
  6. 6. LIC’S JEEVAN ANKUR (PLAN NO. 807) ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS & REBATES High Sum Assured Rebate Mode SA in lacs ‰ SA Single Up to 1. 95 NilPremium 2 to 4.95 4.00‰ >5 lacs 6.00‰Regular Upto 1. 95 NilPremium 2 to 4 . 95 2.00‰ > 5 lacs 3.00‰
  7. 7. LIC’S JEEVAN ANKUR (PLAN NO. 807) BENEFITSMATURITY BENEFITAn Amount equal to Sum Assured plus Loyalty Additions, if any. ****************The Maturity Benefit is also paid to nominee along with Sum Assured and Income Benefit payments in event of Death of the Life Assured.
  8. 8. LIC’S JEEVAN ANKUR (PLAN NO. 807) BENEFITSDeath Benefit :-• Immediate payment of an amount equal to the BasicSum Assured.• Income Benefit - Income Benefit equal to 10% of the Basic Sum Assured is payable on each Policy anniversary from the policy anniversary coinciding with or next following the date of death, till the end of policy term to the nominee child.• Another lump sum equal to Basic Sum Assured with Loyalty Addition, if any, on the maturity date
  9. 9. LIC’S JEEVAN ANKUR (PLAN NO. 807) ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS – CRITICAL ILLNESS RIDER Particulars Minimum MaximumEntryAge 18 years 50 yearsPolicy Term Regular – 10 years As per basic plan Single – 8 yearsMaturityAge 60 yearsCritical Illness Rs.50000/- Maximum of 5 lakhSum Assured (CISA) overall limit under all existing policies and new proposalsOther Conditions CISA shall be in multiples of Rs.10000/- PWB option can be availed provided the BSA = CISA.
  10. 10. LIC’S JEEVAN ANKUR (PLAN NO. 807) ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS – ACCIDENT BENEFIT RIDER Particulars Minimum MaximumEntryAge 18 years 50 yearsMaturityAge As per Basic Plan 70 yearsAccident Benefit Rs. 25000/- Rs.50 lakh overall limit, taking into accountSum Assured ABSA under all existing policies, i.e. Individual,Group and new proposals. The policies(ABSA) may be from LIC or any other insurance company.Other AB Premium shall be @ Re.0.50 ‰. TheABSA shall be in multiples of Rs.5000/-.Conditions This Benefit is available under Regular Premium policies only.
  11. 11. LIC’S JEEVAN ANKUR (PLAN NO. 807) REASONS TO BUY…… Jeevan Ankur , because it conveys the most important message to your child – •That he/she is the prime focus of your life. •That savings are important. •That security is important
  12. 12. LIC’S JEEVAN ANKUR (PLAN NO. 807) REASONS TO BUY……•Monetary Benefits of the plan shall enable yourchild to meet important financial expensesduring his/her growing-up years.•The immediate payment of amount equal to theSum Assured will help meet financial needs thatarise on demise of the Life Assured.•Continued benefit of 10% of SA on every policyanniversary till Maturity is helpful in meetingeducational expenses from time to time.
  13. 13. LIC’S JEEVAN ANKUR (PLAN NO. 807) REASONS TO BUY…… Plus the Maturity Benefits of Basic Sum Assured and Loyalty Additions, if any shall be available on maturity irrespective of your survival. You can customize your plan through accidental Benefit Rider and Critical Illness Rider as additional security is always an added advantage.