Contentzo | context aware content widgets


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Product Management Analysis for a revolutionary product for an Online Ad Network

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Contentzo | context aware content widgets

  1. 1. Contentzocontext aware content widgets Anant Damle | PGDM
  2. 2. | Premium contextual Ad-network Billions of 350+ team Founded in 2010 Ads served/mo Traffic Monetisation Behavioural & for High-Quality Contextual Ads Demographic Publishers variability Support for multiple Delivering better Highly Customisable elements for Ad eCPM Ad Widgets UnitsIntroduction Maximising revenues for all Stakeholders
  3. 3. Cross linking seller and reviewer Core • Dynamic Content Widgets Basic • Monetisation for content creator/provider Augmented • Complete the User experience on e- Commerce portal with relevant content – reviews/demo/discussion • No Hassle implementationProductFeatures Improve user satisfaction for portals/customers
  4. 4. Feature List Back-end UI Integration Monetisation Powerful Simple to Record Visitor Content implement metrics Classifier Assortment of • Server Side • Geographic | UI templates • Client Side Demographic | • Automatic Classifier Behavioural • Content Curator Support Content Metrics Multi-Content Adaptable UI • Page views improvement Support • based on page’s style-sheet SEO • Blogs | Video | Discussions | Slides Compatible | Document Portal Metrics • RSS Feeds • Increased User time spentProductFeatures Effective UX and High-quality metric collection
  5. 5. Feature – Benefit Publisher • High Social Rank – High visibility through content inclusion onto popular sites. • Additional Revenue Stream • Widget Revenue • Ad Revenue – increased page visits • NO OTHER PRODUCT which PAYS Other Participants/Portals • Extremely Relevant, Rich and Original user generated content to substantiate claims and improve visitor perception and user experience • Improve cross selling / up-sellingProduct NO other product which monetises publisher and supplementsFeatures advertiser/portal’s content by providing a person touch
  6. 6. Improve site utility– Provide Contextual Content Value Chain 2 ModelsMarketStudy Inversion & Disintermediation of Value Chain
  7. 7. Competitive Dynamics Content Widget MarketSource: Online AdvertisingMarket, Netscribes Report,May 2012 Competition Easy to Imitate ProductMarket Very Competitive – Large domestic players, entry of foreign playersStudy
  8. 8. To content creators, Contentzo a contextual content widget that provideshigh social rank through content visibility on high volume commercial sites Target the highest Travelogues and spenders and the fastest Picture/Video of growing segments tourist destinations spend Advertiser Segment Growth Rates Telecom BFSI Travel High Key Positioning Metrics #Unique % of Graphic Consumer FMCG IT Medium Visitors/day content Durables (Reach) (Richness) Electronic Print #Distinct Content Education Low Catagories % Search Engine Media Media (Content Redirection Category/Focus)Source: Online Advertising Market, Netscribes Report, May 2012 To Portals/eCommerce, Contentzo a contextual content widget thatPositioning provides relevant content for their products.
  9. 9. Mock-ups Dilbert’s Blog Blackberry saved my life Buy Now AdsPrototypes Simple, Unobtrusive and Intuitive interface
  10. 10. THANK YOU