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A General Quiz

By Rajiv Rai and Anannya Deb (from the Bombay Quiz Club) for the Mumbai Book Fair 2013

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Powai Open

  1. 1. The Powai Open QuizBy Rajiv Rai & Anannya Deb from The Bombay Quiz ClubForThe Mumbai Book Fair, 2013
  2. 2. Qualifiers
  3. 3. Prelims 25 questions Tie breaker Odd number questions Even number questions Sudden death All questions are 1 point each except where specified Switch off all electronic devices
  4. 4. Prelims 1Out of the six freshwater lakes that supply to the city, name the twolakes which lie within the municipal limits of Greater Mumbai(Brihanmumbai)?(1 point each)
  5. 5. Prelims 1Vihar and Tulsi.Definitely not Powailake.
  6. 6. Prelims 2What two word Hindi term is used to describe this ordered set?(1) Bindi (2) Sindoor (3) Maangteeka (4) Anjana (5) Nath (6) Haar(7) Karn Phool (8) Mehendi (9) Choodiyan (10) Baajuband (11)Aarsi (12) Keshapasharachan (13) Kamarband (14) Payal & Bichaus(15) Itar (16) Bridal Dress
  7. 7. Prelims 2Solah Shringar
  8. 8. Prelims 3The Daily Telegraph first made this significant change in 1939. TheGuardian made it in 1952 and the Times in 1966. The Hindu did ittemporarily for a day on 1st Feb 1948 - the permanent changehappened only in 1958. The Times of India changed in reverse for aday in 2000 before the flood gates opened up.What?
  9. 9. Prelims 3News on Page 1. Beforethat they used to featureads. TOI reversed it forthe launch of Indya.comin 2000!Now it is a daily irritantfor newspaper readers.
  10. 10. Prelims 4With the introduction of Hindu-Arabic Numerals system, whatcould Latin speaking people do which they couldn’t with Romannumerals?
  11. 11. Prelims 4Write the number “0”.There is no “zero” in theRoman numeral system
  12. 12. Prelims 5One of the unsolved problems in physics is the attempt to reconcile/ combine the two major strands of physics – the general theory ofrelativity and the quantum field theory. It essentially aims at unifyingthe four concepts of gravity, electro-magnetism, weak and strongnuclear interactions and explain all phenomena in the physicalworld using these four forces. The term used for this problem intechnical literature was first used by John Ellis in a paper publishedin 1986 though it has been used, as a joke, in literature, notably inStanislaw Lem’s science fiction works. What is the term used torefer to this problem?
  13. 13. Prelims 5Theory of Everything.
  14. 14. Prelims 6Sir Edwin Alliot Verdon Roe was the first Englishman to fly a Britishmade aircraft in 1909. In 1910, he and his brother Humphreyfounded the A.V. Roe and Company. The company existed till 1963when it became amalgamated with the Hawker Siddeley AircraftCompany. What were their planes called?
  15. 15. Prelims 6Avro (from AV Roe)
  16. 16. Prelims 7In random order, we have this exhaustive set:Algeria, Burkina Faso, France, Ghana, Spain, Togo, Mali, ______Give the missing country. (blanks are not indicative)
  17. 17. Prelims 7Great BritainThese are countriesthrough which thePrime Meridien (0Degree Longitude)passes throughEngland / UK isacceptable
  18. 18. Prelims 8In America, many coffee companies offer a blend which takes coffeefrom Kenya, Indonesia and Hawaii. How do they generally marketthis blend?
  19. 19. Prelims 8Obama CoffeeAll these are placesassociated with Obama’schildhood
  20. 20. Prelims 9With Columbus claiming to have discovered India in the west, it wasleft to the East India Company to define the term East Indies. As pertheir charter drawn in 1600, what was the geographicallandmark that was defined as the point from where the East Indiesbegan?
  21. 21. Prelims 9The Cape of Good Hope
  22. 22. Prelims 10Freddie Maake, a life long supporter of the Kaiser Chiefs footballclub in the South African football league, claimed that he inventedthe vuvuzela. It was originally called Boogieblast but decided torename it in 1990 with a Zulu word which he claims means“welcome”, “unite” and “celebration”. What historic event in SouthAfrican history triggered his decision to rename it?
  23. 23. Prelims 10The Release of NelsonMandela in 1990
  24. 24. Prelims 11If syphilis is large, variola is small, who or what is varicella?
  25. 25. Prelims 11Chicken (pox)
  26. 26. Prelims 12Complete the following poem by Basho to give a title of the 12thnovel of an author.___ ____ ____ _____Once when you are bornAnd once when you look death in the face
  27. 27. Prelims 12You Only Live Twice
  28. 28. Prelims 13Rae Bareli has been with the Nehru-Gandhi family since 1952. Whowas the first person from the family to win the Lok Sabha seathere?
  29. 29. Prelims 13Feroze Gandhi
  30. 30. Prelims 14It was locally called “Scones Theory” but when a journalist had tofile a report, he had to explain what it meant. Being parsimonious,what did he end up writing?
  31. 31. Prelims 14Bodyline.Hugh Buggy savedtelegram charges for 5words by shortening “inthe line of the body”. BobWoodfull’s men referredto it as Scones theorywhile Jardine called itthe leg theory
  32. 32. Prelims 15Bappida, who has been giving us gaan for 40 years now, said “I feltvery much nostalgica. Just like Bappi-Mithun style … all disco. I gavedisco word to India with the Mithun Chakraborty. He also becameMithun because of Disco Dancer… sorry, not Disco Dancer but ________… (hums)”Name the film and also the special name of the character playedby the lead actor.(1 point each)(video removed)
  33. 33. Answer 15Suraksha and Mithunwas Gopi or SpecialAgent Gunmaster G-9
  34. 34. Prelims 16This is the opening piece of which composition, arguably the mostinfluential piece of music in the last 100 years.(audio removed)
  35. 35. Prelims 16The Rite of Spring, aballet performed byDiagliev’s company,choreographed byNijinsky and music byIgor Stravinsky
  36. 36. Prelims 17This is a performance by a 1940s musician and his band who areconsidered the pioneers of which style or genre of music?(video removed)
  37. 37. Prelims 17Bluegrass music.So called because of BillMonroe and the BlueGrass Boys
  38. 38. Prelims 18Name the two singers of these songs(1 point each)(audio removed)
  39. 39. Prelims 18Peter Sarstedt andAnjan DuttaBoth have a Darjeelingconnection
  40. 40. Prelims 19What prominent landmark of New York, named after a formermayor, is referenced in this song?(audio removed)
  41. 41. Prelims 19The Ed KochQueensboro Bridge(locally called 59thStreet Bridge)
  42. 42. Prelims 20He was born in Karachi, and was a cricketer before joining films. Hecame to Mumbai in 1952, and Chetan Anand introduced him in hismovie Haqueeqat. Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke gave him his permanentlook, and a 1975 blockbuster contributed his popular name. His lastappearance was in his niece Raveena Tandons movie Stumped.Who?
  43. 43. Prelims 20MacMohan
  44. 44. Prelims 21The designs for this pair of shoes are based on which comiccharacter?
  45. 45. Prelims 21Iron Man
  46. 46. Prelims 22In contemporary history, what achievement connects these two?
  47. 47. Prelims 22For the first time ineither country / state,an elected PrimeMinister / Chief Ministercompleted a full five-year term.
  48. 48. Prelims 23On the Centre for Environment Education website, these lovelyword portraits are put up:What’s going on?Rhizobium: I live in a rentedhouse (roots) and I pay rent byfixing nitrogen.Mucor: Although I look likefluffy cotton, I am not a delicatedarling…. I am your source of thenew fuel ethanol in carsBlue Mold: I cause food spoilagebut I ooze a substance calledPencillinE Coli: I am the king of the gutAlso included are Wild Yeast,Spirogyra, Lactobacillus,Bacteriophage T4
  49. 49. Prelims 23Campaign to getpeople to vote for theNational Microbe ofIndia (just like you haveNational Animal, Bird,etc.)
  50. 50. Prelims 24Which is the only Indian commercial organization that can boastof having had 5 Chief Ministers as its employees?
  51. 51. Prelims 24AVM Studios
  52. 52. Prelims 25Give the first line of the poem called Tarana-e-Hind which was setto music by Pt. Ravi Shankar?
  53. 53. Prelims 25Saare Jahaan SeAchcha, HindustanHamara
  54. 54. Finals
  55. 55. AudienceWho will be the Chief Executive of TheApprentice Asia, a version of The Apprenticefranchise which has Donald Trump and RichardBranson playing those roles in other markets?(This person has an Indian father (said to be fromGoa / Chennai in different sources) and aKristang mother (a Christian community in hiscountry.)
  56. 56. Tony Fernandes of Air Asia
  57. 57. Finals 1A Tale of which two cities, where the rulers of City 1 destroyed City2.City 1:Named “Victory City” by theChalukyas of Kalyan; between1518 till 1686, it was one oftwo most powerful citiesoutside the Mughal empireCity 2:Named “Victory City” by itsfounders; between the 14thand 16th century, Europeantravelers compared it with theglory of Rome.
  58. 58. Finals 1City 1: Bijapur(“Vijayapur”)City 2: Vijayanagara
  59. 59. Finals 2Primula elatior and primula veris are two closely related flowerspecies which get their similar common names due to theirabundance in boggy pastures frequented by bovine creatures.Shakespeare found them interesting enough to write copious linesabout them. In A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Puck describes a keyfeature of primula veris“The ________ tall Titania’s pensioners be,In their gold coats spots you see,Those be rubies, fairy favoursIn those freckles live their saviours”Which flowers are these?
  60. 60. Primula elatiorprimula veris
  61. 61. Finals 2Oxslips and Cowslips
  62. 62. Finals 3The mystical teachings of the Hebrew Kabbala used them heavily.French kings during the Renaissance were so convinced of theirmagic powers that Royal practitioners in the art were appointed atcourt. The Romans self-referentially called their practice ars magna,or the "Great Art". What?
  63. 63. Finals 3anagramsInterestingly, ars magnais an anagram ofanagrams
  64. 64. Finals 4Since 2009, Usain Bolt has refused to participate in any athleticmeet in England. Barring the 2012 London Olympics, he has stayedaway even from the lucrative Diamond League meets. However, dueto certain changes in the rules, he has agreed to participate in the2013 London Diamond League meet (which will also be celebratedas an anniversary of the Olympics). What is the quite mundanereason for his staying away from England?
  65. 65. Finals 4Because of theprevailing taxlaws, Bolt had to pay asignificant sum of hiswinnings. He decided tostay away.They have changed that.
  66. 66. Finals 5A popular metre, first heard in the 1938 film Algiers, rides through60 years of Hindi film music.Name any 2 of the 3 music composers whose songs you will hear(5 points)Name the original song. (5 points)(audio removed)
  67. 67. Finals 5SDBurman, Roshan, MadanMohan respectively.Charles Boyer sings C’estla vie in Algiers. ListenThough very differentsongs, it is the metre(syllable structures) thatis the same
  68. 68. Finals 6German chemist Scheele was studying a compound used by aparticular group of artisans / craftsmen. He identified it ashydrofluoric acid in 1771 and described various properties of it.Funnily, the property which was useful to artisans was aninconvenience in the laboratory as most equipment would not beable to store HF acid. A little over 100 years later, Henri Moissanwas successfully able to isolate fluorine gas from the acid usingplatinum containers and he received the 1906 Nobel Prize for it.The question, what was the property of hydrofluoric acid thatwas useful to artists or what kind of artists used hydrofluoricacid?
  69. 69. Finals 6Glass etching artistsused HF acid because itdissolves glass. Whileno one saw fluorine asan element, its mineralform fluorspar was wellknown. Fluorspardissolved in sulphuricacid gave glass etcherstheir main tool.
  70. 70. Finals 7Literally meaning “a sailing around”, this Greco-Latin term came torefer to a document listing down ports and features along acoastline visited by a ship. Information on distances, availability offresh water, supplies, etc. were also added. This term is part of theearliest known travelogue, that of a Carthagian admiral, in recordedhistory. What word?
  71. 71. Finals 7Periplus as used in ThePeriplus of Hanno andThe Periplus of theErythrean Sea
  72. 72. Finals 8In 1969, during the production of the documentary SomethingBeautiful for God, at one particular location in Calcutta, despite thepoor lighting conditions, the footage that was taken turned out to bebright and clear. Was it a new kind of film that the cameraman wasusing or was it a miracle? Who was the subject of the footage?
  73. 73. Finals 8Mother Theresa
  74. 74. Finals 9With respect to the planet Venus, Alpha Regio (a vast volcanicregion and the first major feature discovered), Beta Regio (a vastvolcanic region) and Maxwell Montes (a mountain) are the onlyexceptions to what rule?
  75. 75. Finals 9Only features not namedafter females. As per theIAU convention, allfeatures on Venus (thegoddess of beauty) arenamed after females(goddesses, commonfemale names, famouswomen, etc.)
  76. 76. Finals 10In 2010, a minor controversy erupted when Shubha Saxenareminisced “My father had got new shoes for me, and was taking meto the bus stop. Sardi ke din the, it was foggy and windy, and along theway my father began to hum…”In response, an eminent literateur retorted “I have not stolen anyshoes. I simply kept it aside and ran.”What’s the story?
  77. 77. Finals 10 Saxena’s poem went:Ibn-e-BattutaPahan ke jootaNikal pade toofan meinThodi hawa naak mein ghoos gayiThodi ghus gayi kaan meinGulzar’s song went:Ibn-e-BattutaBagal mein jootaPehne to karta hai churrUd ud aave, dana chugeveSarveshwar DayalSaxena’s Battuta kaJoota versus Gulzar’sIbn-e-Battuta bagalmein joota.
  78. 78. Finals 11The Latin alphabet had only 23 letters as compared to the Romanalphabet (26). There was no use for W and V was used to representU. The third letter that is missing probably explains an importantpronunciation phenomenon. Name the third letter and recall afamous Sean Connery dialogue which explains the missing letter.
  79. 79. Finals 11“But in the Latinalphabet Jehovahbegins with an I” saysSean Connery in IndianaJones and The LastCrusadeThere is no J in ancientLatin, hence Juventus,Javier, Juan, etc.
  80. 80. Finals 1210 years ago, anthropologists in Flores, Indonesia discovered a cavefull of pre-historic skeletons. Called homo floresiensis, theseskeletons were of a human-like species but extremely small – abouta metre tall, weighing about 25 kilos and a brain the size of a chimp.The initial theory was that they were a separate species of humanbeings who suffered some debilitating disease. However, a recentstudy says that these were, possibly, descendants of home erectus(ancestors of homo sapiens, i.e. us humans) whose size diminishedthrough a process of evolution called insular dwarfism. Thequestion is, what was the more popular name, based on theprevailing pop culture theme, given to homo floresiensis?
  81. 81. Finals 12“Hobbit” Human
  82. 82. Finals 13This is the "Actor", the award statuette given by the Screen ActorsGuild. The statuette pays homage by depicting a great actingmoment of a great role. Which scene and role?
  83. 83. Finals 13Hamlets scene in thegraveyard where hepicks Yorricks skull,and says "Alas, poorYorrick. I knew him,Horatio." (Act V Scene I)The most misquotedline in literature.
  84. 84. Finals 14The quest for what connects these products and concepts –Dresden porcelain, gunpowder, sulphuric acid, Glauber’s salts, vanHelmont’s theories on gases.
  85. 85. Finals 14The Philosopher’sStoneThese products werediscoveredserendipitously bypeople working onmaking the stone.
  86. 86. Finals 15Tectonic events like earthquakes in the Siwalik mountain areas arecommon. Over time, they have led to changes in elevation and tilt ofthe land. According to paleontological and geological evidence, theSatluj (or Shataduri as it was called in Rigvedic times) and theYamuna drained in present day Rajasthan desert. But between 3000BC till about 1700 BC, due to the tectonic events, the course of theserivers changed to what they are today. Two theories from the worldof geology and natural history are tied to this phenomenon – oneconcerns a disappearance, the other concerns a separation. Giveboth the theories.
  87. 87. Finals 15The disappearance(drying up) of theSaraswati river (fed bythe waters of Satluj andYamuna).The two separatepopulations of theGangetic River Dolphinin the Indus systems andthe Ganges river systems
  88. 88. By what endearment did Raj Kapooraddress Hrishikesh Mukherjee, a long-time friend of his?Audience
  89. 89. AudienceBabumoshai.Hrishikesh dedicated"Anand" to Raj Kapoor(along with the city ofBombay) and based thecharacter of RajeshKhanna on him.Amitabhs character wasbased on Hrishikeshhimself.
  90. 90. Finals 16On February 6th 2013, in a friendly football match againstPalestine, Neelkanth Khambolja made his debut for India.However, people who know football know him by a different name.Name him and what first did he achieve with his debut for India?
  91. 91. Finals 16Arata Izumi, the firstPIO to play for India.Arata, Japanese mother,Indian father, was aJapanese citizen till2012
  92. 92. Anti-Clock
  93. 93. Finals 17On 4th December 1981, tragedy struck when about 45 people,mostly school children and their teachers, died. They were in astaircase when the electricity ran out. In the darkness, confusionprevailed leading to a stampede. Where was this and whatpleasure are we, henceforth, denied because of this incident?
  94. 94. Finals 17Qutub MinarThey stopped allowingpeople to enter themonument, climb up tothe top and take a viewof Delhi from the top ofthe tallest minaret in thecountry.
  95. 95. Finals 18What is this list and who are the missing people?_____________St Evaristus (97 – 105)St Anicetus (155 – 166)St Victor (189 – 199)St Miltiades (311 – 314)St Gelasius (492 – 496)Theodore I (642 – 649)John V (685 – 686)Sisinnius (708 – 708)Constantine (708 – 715)St Gregory III (731 – 741)________________
  96. 96. Finals 18These are all Popeswho were bornoutside Europe.The first person was StPeter (born in Galilee)and the last person isthe current popeFrancis I
  97. 97. Finals 19Ernie Pyle, war correspondent with over 400 daily and 300 weeklypublications, glorified the soldier. He suggested that soldiers getcombat pay which was later accepted under the Ernie Pyle Bill.Sadly, he was killed by a sniper in the Okinawa campaign inApril, 1945. In pop culture, a film starring Burgess Meredith playingErnie Pyle and featuring Robert Mitchum as Lt Capt Bill Walkercreated which iconic character?
  98. 98. Finals 19GI Joe. The film wascalled The Story of GIJoe, based on hisdescriptions of thecommon soldier. Theaction figure was basedon this film.
  99. 99. Finals 20Al-Sayed Muhiyuddin Abu Muhammad Abdul Qadir al-Gilani al-Hasani wal-Hussaini, (1077 – 1166), is the founder of the Qadiri /Qadariyah silsila (Sufi order). He is known as al-Gauth al-Azam“Supreme Helper” in the Arabic world. In India, he is revered as asaint who “extends his hands” to all who come for help. Why was hein the news in India last year?
  100. 100. Finals 20The fire at Ziyarat ofPeer Dastageer Sahibin Srinagar.Dastageer means “onewho extends his hands”
  101. 101. Finals 21Dick Francis, the prolific crime and thriller novelist, has manyquirks in his novels. One of these is that his plots begin with someevents that occur on January 1st. What is the logic of January 1st inthe context of Dick Francis’ work?
  102. 102. Finals 21January 1st is theofficial birthday ofracehorses, a subject ofall Dick Francis novels
  103. 103. Finals 22In Iceland, a country of 300,000, three engineering students cameup with a much needed Android app, linked to Iceland’s onlineregistry Iselendingabok, with the tag line “Bump the app before youbump in bed”. It addresses what serious social problem for youngIcelanders?
  104. 104. Finals 22To check whether thenice guy you met at thebar is your long lostcousin or not. Everyonein Iceland is related toeach other. This makesone-night stands veryrisky in terms of incest.
  105. 105. Finals 23The Refugee Council of Australia has recommended a new categoryof refugees to be added to the existing Convention Relating to theStatus of Refugees. Currently, this convention, drawn up in 1951after WW2, focuses on people fleeing persecution. The need for thisnew category rose because in New Zealand last year, a 36 year oldman from Kiribati sought asylum but was denied and deported.What new category is the Refugee Council of Australia proposing?
  106. 106. Finals 23Climate ChangeRefugee.People from the variousPacific islands who aredisplaced because theirhomes are now underwater
  107. 107. Finals 24They were the most curious army ever. They were not allowed tomarry, or to grow beards, the mark of free men. The troops wereorganised into ortas, literally hearths, and ranks were based onpositions in the kitchen - such as Chief Soup Maker, Chief Cook.Their chief military insignia was their kazan or cauldron, which theywould never abandon in battle. At the time of their disbandment,now referred to as The Auspicious Incident, they had grown toalmost 200,000. They were the first and biggest standing army sincethe Roman Praetorian Guard. Who?
  108. 108. Finals 24The Janissaries of theOttoman Empire
  109. 109. Finals 25The couplet that you will hear is based on the work of of a 12thcentury Sufi mystic who is also considered to be the progenitor ofPunjabi literature. Three parts to this question:(a)Name the mystic(b)Name the Indian town which gets its name from him(c) Name the literary work in which the original form of thiscouplet is featured(Audio Removed)
  110. 110. Finals 25Baba Farid andFaridkot andGuru Granth Sahib
  111. 111. Finals 26Who is talking about what?Actually the domain name came after the instant messaging screenname, which I picked late one night. Five, six, maybe seven yearsago, I was tired of having names that meant something.Skywalker4, Animorph7... I wanted to pick a name that I wouldntget tired of. That would just always mean me. So I just went downcombination of letters that werent taken, until I could find onethat didnt have any meaning, didnt have any pronunciation, anddidnt seem like an obvious acronym for anything.
  112. 112. Finals 26Randall Munro onchoosing the nameXKCD
  113. 113. Finals 27In order to give a three-day long weekend, in the state ofMassacheusetts, what American public holiday was moved fromApril 19th to the third Monday of April?And what is the main event of the morning?
  114. 114. Finals 27Patriots’ Day (the daywhen the American Warof Independence beganin Lexington andConcord)The Boston MarathonFWIW, the 2013winners were LelisaDesisa (ETH) and RitaJeptoo (KEN)
  115. 115. Finals 28One for the page 3 types.Abhishek Bachchan, it is believed, coined this nickname for his co-star in a 2005 film and it became popular with everyone.Later, Rohan Sippy, in his film Taxi No 9211, used the nickname toofficially credit the person for a cameo. Who and what nickname?
  116. 116. Finals 28Priyanka Chopra andPiggy Chops
  117. 117. Finals 29In ancient India, during rituals like the Ashwamedha, among themany things was the recitation of certain passages of theBrahmanas, the commentaries on the Vedas. During theserecitations, the phrase “and so indeed it was …” was used.Amarakosha, a Sanskrit thesaurus, lists this as which three-syllable word, technically used to refer to literature like theRamayana and the Mahabharata?
  118. 118. Finals 29ItihasaIti + ha + asa = and soindeed it was
  119. 119. Finals 30If it is “Eagle or Sun” in Mexico, “Castile or Leon” in Spain, “Omete orUra” in Japanese, “Capita aut Navim” in Latin, Cara or Coroa inBrazil, what is it in English?
  120. 120. Finals 30Head or Tail
  121. 121. Finals 31Give the beginning and end of this 20th century chronological list:1948 Palestine, 1956 Sudan, 1957 Ghana, 1960 Nigeria, 1962Trnidad & Tobago, 1963 Kenya, 1966 Guyana, 1970 Fiji, 1973, TheBahamas, 1980 Zimbabwe, 1981, Belize and 1991 Brunei.
  122. 122. Finals 311947 India and 1997Hongkong. Thedecolonisation of theBritish Empire.
  123. 123. Finals 32Exactly 100 years ago, on 21st April 1913, a select gathering ofinvited guests were given a preview of Raja Harishchandra. Thepublic screening of it was on May 3rd 1913 at the CoronationCinema. The birth of the Indian film industry is generally tagged tothis event. However, 18th May 1912, Dadasaheb Torne madePundalik and premiered it also at the Coronation Cinema in Bombay.However, due to what technicalities is this film not honoured asthe first feature film in India?
  124. 124. Finals 32One, the film wasessentially footage of aplay being performed(specially for the film, onemust say)Two, it was not acompletely Indianproduction - thecameraman was aBritisher and theprocessing was done inEngland
  125. 125. Thank you!!!