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(c) Anannya Deb and Shubhankar Gokhale for the Bombay Quiz Club

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  • MCBC Cup Sports Quiz

    1. 1. The MC BC CupBombay Quiz Club1st May 2013
    3. 3. 30+ different sporting disciplines50+ nations100+ sporting heroes (including women!!! –never before have so many women featured in asports quiz)
    4. 4. MCBC CUP CHAMPION = ATUL MATHEWThe format for the live quiz was:Written qualifiers: 30 questionsStage 1 with Top 12 qualifiers: 24 questionsStage 2 with Top 6 from previous stage: 18 questionsStage 3 with the top 4 from previous stage: 12 questionsFor easy online viewing / self-testing, the 84 questions have been laid out insingle stream. A/V questions have been suitably modified as dry questions..The first 30 questions are 1 point of each (except where specified). (Top 12scores ranged from 16 to 12)The balance 54 questions are 2 points each
    5. 5. Qualifiers 1Which countrys national football team is nicknamedthe Blue Tigers? Who is the captain of this team?
    6. 6. Qualifiers 1The Indian FootballTeam captained bySunil Chhetri
    7. 7. Qualifiers 2Vijay Amritraj was on his way to an important DavisCup tie. He was stuck in traffic.Kapil Dev had to fly out for a cricket match but histaxi broke down.What did they take to reach their respectivedestinations?
    8. 8. Qualifiers 2They borrowed aBSA SLR bicyclefrom a young fan
    9. 9. Qualifiers 3Which modern day legend’s left side profile isinfluenced by his school years where he carried hisschool bag on his left hand while running 10kmseveryday to school and back?
    10. 10. Qualifiers 3Haile Gebreselassieof Ethiopia
    11. 11. Qualifiers 4The 100th edition of the Tour de France (though itstarted in 1903, a number of races were cancelled dueto the world wars) will begin in Corsica for the firsttime. There will also be very few past champions (forvarious reasons). With respect to the finale, whatfirst is being planned for this edition?
    12. 12. Qualifiers 4It will finish in theevening, understreet lights.
    13. 13. Qualifiers 5Fill in the blanks with the same two words______ Vartanovich _________ (1929 – 1984), 2645______ L _________ (1984 – present), 2663
    14. 14. Qualifiers 5Tigran PetrosyanThe youngArmenian whizkidwas named after thelegendarycompatriot.
    15. 15. Qualifiers 6Who is the subject of this 1999 biography – abowler whose test career spans just 5 testmatches, the Ashes series of 1950-51?
    16. 16. Qualifiers 6Jack Iverson, whobowled what SriLankans now callcarom ball
    17. 17. Qualifiers 7Varzesh-e-Bastani is a traditional sport in Iran. Thesepractitioners go through both a mental and physicaltraining program that is drawn from Sufism andbattlefield skills. There are ranks and the highest is“World Champion” in Persian. GholamrezaTakhti, Iran’s greatest sporting hero and Olympicgold medalist in 1960, was one. What is the Persianword that typically gets translated as “champion”though there are deeper philosophical meaningsattached to the word?
    18. 18. Qualifiers 7PahlavanIran is leading ateam of countries tocampaign forwrestling to stay in2020 OlympicsGholamreza wasJahan Pahlavan
    19. 19. Qualifiers 8Name this Olympic champion, who contributed1/5th of the gold medals (and all medals) won by hiscountry in their Olympic debut?
    20. 20. Qualifiers 8Li Ning who won 3gold medals (and 6overall) out of the15 gold medals (and32 overall) thatChina won in 1984.
    21. 21. Qualifiers 9In 2008, the team in red presented its presentgeneration of footballers considered to be one of thefinest crop ever to emerge from the country (thoughone must thank racial integration as a majorcontributor). Name the player (red shirt, no 6) andthe country he is representing.
    22. 22. Qualifiers 9This is Belgium atthe 2008 Olympics(they finished 4th)and the hairstylewill tell you it isMarouane Fellaini.
    23. 23. Qualifiers 10Two Pointer question.What are these sets of races collectively called?(a) Indy 500, Pocono 500, California 500(b) Daytona 500, Aaron’s Talladega 499, Coca ColaCharleston 600
    24. 24. Qualifiers 10(a) Indyar TripleCrown(b) NASCARTriple CrownAnswers have to beexact
    25. 25. Qualifiers 11Outside the Olympic Museum in Lausanne is thisstatue of which great marathoner whose victories inthree different distances is unlikely to be everequalled?
    26. 26. Qualifiers 11Emil Zatopek whowon the5000m, 10000m andthe marathon in theSAME OlympicGames (1952)
    27. 27. Qualifiers 12After turning pro in 2009, she was ranked no. 1 inIndia in her sport for two seasons. She is currently theno 3 player in the Order of Merit for this season andis a crowd puller. Name her.
    28. 28. Qualifiers 12Sharmila Nicollet,22 year old of Indo-French parentage, iscurrently 3rd highestranked ladyprofessional golferin the Hero order ofmerit
    29. 29. Qualifiers 13This is a map that I have made. It links up 10 stops onwhich sport’s world championship tour?
    30. 30. Qualifiers 13The 2013 ASPSurfing WorldChampionship
    31. 31. Qualifiers 14Just 17 years old, who published her memoir“Grace, Gold, and Glory: My Leap of Faith”recounting her 2 years of competing in the sport –from the 2010 Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup inWorcester, Mass to the London Olympics 2012.
    32. 32. Qualifiers 14Gabby Douglas
    33. 33. Qualifiers 15Ekiden Relay is a long distance relay race whichoriginated in Japan. The distances and runnersinvolved in a team can vary. The standardcompetition for Japan’s colleges is a 2 day race over219 kms from Tokyo to Hakone with each relay teamcomprising of 10 students. The name was coined byin 1917 by poet Zemmaro who organized the firstsuch race. Ekiden is written with two characterswhich mean “station” and “send”. He named it afterwhat system or service prevalent in the Edo periodof Japan?
    34. 34. Qualifiers 15Communication &TransportationSystem – wherecouriers hand overmessages atterminals set up atregular intervals
    35. 35. Qualifiers 16With Hamilton Masakadza, EltonChigumbura, Charles Coventry, SeanErvine, Brendan Taylor, Mohammad Nabi, ShapoorZadran and Samiullah Shenwari playing for theteams, which franchise based T20 tournament hashelped players from the lower teams to make somemoney?
    36. 36. Qualifiers 15The BangladeshPremier League
    37. 37. Qualifiers 17Tofiri Kibuuka, who was one of the first blindpersons to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro in 1968, has aninteresting CV. In 1972, he escaped the dictator in hiscountry and settled in Norway. Between 1976 and1980, he did cross country skiing at the WinterParalympics representing his country of birth. In1984, as a naturalized citizen of Norway, he did trackand long distance running at the Summer Paralympicsfrom 1984 till 2000. He remains the only WinterParalympian from which type of (geographicfeature) countries?
    38. 38. Qualifiers 17Tropical countriesTofiri Kibuuka wasoriginally fromUganda
    39. 39. Qualifiers 1811 years after the death of Bill Masterton, the onlycase of its kind in NHL history, as a culmination ofthe debate that began with the incident, what did theNHL make mandatory?
    40. 40. Qualifiers 18Wearing helmetsThere have beencases of death on ice(as recent as March2013) but not in theNHL
    41. 41. Qualifiers 19Henry Yule of Hobson-Jobson provides many storiesto origins of words. This particular sporting conceptostensibly is a French loan word (meaning to preventjustice) in the English language. But Yule adds histwo-bits by saying that it possibly originated from thePersian name for horse-golf (the predecessor to polo)which was played in a large four side area(quadrangle) with raised walls to slow down thehorses. What concept from motor sports is this?
    42. 42. Qualifiers 19Chicane – objectsplaced on the road /race track to slowdown the cars forsafety
    43. 43. Qualifiers 20It is India’s oldest competition of its kind. Thoughstarted in 1946, it became an annual affair from 1980onwards. Originally, it was 200 km long but after1971, it became 152 km long. In the 52nd edition heldthis year in January, Omkar Jadhav of Mumbai won.(a) Which competition?(b) What caused the change in the distance from200 km to 152 km?
    44. 44. Qualifiers 20The Mumbai –Pune Cycle Race –from Gateway toSambhaji Park alongNH4The Vashi Bridgereduced the racedistance
    45. 45. Qualifiers 21Give the name of a person who connects the threeelements (note the years inscribed below each image)
    46. 46. 1995 1998 2003, 2007
    47. 47. Qualifiers 21Clarence Seedorfwho has won fourChampions Leaguetitles with threedifferent clubs(Ajax, Real Madridand twice with ACMilan)
    48. 48. Qualifiers 22Name the young swimmer, named in honour of atennis legend, who provided a moment of drama atthe London Olympics 2012 when in the 4x100mrelay, as the anchor, he pulled back a deficit of 0.55and outswam Ryan Lochte over the last 50m. His splittime of 46.74 is 0.18 seconds better than the officialworld record in the 100m freestyle.
    49. 49. Qualifiers 22Yannick Agnel
    50. 50. Qualifiers 23This is a very common fielding drill used in most cricketacademies. This was the way a particular player trainedhimself and the drill is named after him. Who?Two stumps are placed between two teams. Each teamis about 20ms from the stumps. The coach rolls the ballout to one side. The fielder standing there picks up andthrows at one of the stumps (called by the coach). If ithits 5 points. If it misses, the fielders in the other teamhave to field the throw and make a shy at the stumps.Misfields lead to a deduction of 1 point. The fielder israted on %age of misfields and %age of throws hittingthe stumps.
    51. 51. Qualifiers 23The Colin Blandfielding drill
    52. 52. Qualifiers 24Carlos Reutemann of Argentina was the first personto score championship points in both F1 Driver’sChampionships and World Rally Championships inthe 1980s. About 30 years later, after finishing 8th in2010 Jordan Rally, who was the second to scorepoints in both the motorsports formats?
    53. 53. Qualifiers 24Please leave Kimialone. He knowswhat he is doing.
    54. 54. Qualifiers 25Dementia Pugilistica also called Boxer’sencephalopathy is a syndrome observed in 15%-20%of professional boxers. According to McGraw-HillDictionary of Modern Medicine, it is the result ofrecurrent brain damage caused by repeatedconcussions and sub-concussion knocks on the head.The effects are many including unsteadiness ofgait, slowness of muscular movements, mentaldullness, slowness of speech, etc. What is the morecommon term used by sports writers, commonlyused in their reporting of post-fight behavior of thefighters?
    55. 55. Qualifiers 25Punch drunk(syndrome)
    56. 56. Qualifiers 26Which champion team is this?(I want specific descriptors e.g. Barcelona DreamTeam / 1992 Olympic Champions - USA basketballteam / first ever winners of X)
    57. 57. Qualifiers 261963 US FederationCup Champions –The first Fed Cupwinners is alsoacceptableBillie Jean King,Carole Graebner,Darlene Hard(The inaugural FedCup)
    58. 58. Qualifiers 27Who is this four time World and reigning Olympicchampion, the most successful woman in hercountry’s history?
    59. 59. Qualifiers 27Lindsey Vonn
    60. 60. Qualifiers 28The British newspapers are on the war path again.Last week, the headlines across the media went likethis:“If you thought vuvuzelas were bad, wait until youhear the ________ – small a yellow and green pieceof recycled plastic brought to us by the BrazilianMinistry of Sport” (Guardian)“If you thought vuvuzelas were bad, wait until youhear 80,000 Brazilians shaking their ________s”(Independent)
    61. 61. Qualifiers 29The Caxirola,designed byGrammy nomineeCarlinhos Brown
    62. 62. Qualifiers 29What is the Latin name of Prussia? (Spelling iscritical)
    63. 63. Qualifiers 29Borussia
    64. 64. Qualifiers 30Li Yongbo opened an academy in Dongguan on11/11/11. He hosted an exhibition tournament called“The Battle of the Four Heavenly Kings”. Fourplayers who were no. 1 ranked players in recent yearswere invited. Each one came from a different countryincluding one from China. Name all the non-Chinese “kings”.
    65. 65. Qualifiers 30Lin Dan won thetournamentfeaturing LeeChong We(Malaysia, current#1), Peter Gade(Denmark) andTaufik Hidayat(Indonesia)
    66. 66. Stage 1:All scores reset to 024 questionsBottom 6 drop outTop 6 through to Stage 2
    67. 67. Stage 1: #1A 2003 documentary film was conceived as a matchbetween Bhutan and Montserrat as a contrast toanother more high profile event that was scheduledon the same day. Name the film / the match and theother sporting event.(Modified A/V question)
    68. 68. Answer 1The Other Finalbetween Bhutan andMontserrat (the twolowest rankedcountries). On thesame day, Germanylost to Brazil in the2002 FIFA WorldCup final inYokohama
    69. 69. Stage 1: #2Tokyo Olympiad directed by Ichigawa features in1001 Movies to See Before You Die. In the film, hespends over 18 seconds worth of footage onsomeone’s legs and specifically the shoes. It is notjust an advertisement for one brand, it is also a slap inthe face of the brand’s rival. Explain with referenceto context.(Modified A/V question)(still photo on the next slide)
    70. 70. Answer 2Abebe Bikila at the1964 Olympic Gamesrunning with Pumashoes. In1960, Adidas, theofficial sponsor, gaveBikila a pair of ill-fitting shoes & he gotblisters. He ranbarefoot. This timePuma gave him theright pair of shoes.
    71. 71. Stage 1: #3According to Brent Kelley in Golf.About.Com, thereare three options. This video clip features the onlytwo occasions in professional golf when the thirdoption has been exercised. What are the other twooptions and name the two golfers.(Modified A/V question)(still photo on the next slide)
    72. 72. Answer 3Bernhard Langer (in1981) and Sergio Garcia(in 2013).Option 1– declare the ballas Unplayable (one-strokepenalty, re-start at two-club lengths)Option 2 – declare the ballLost (one-strokepenalty, re-start at previousposition).BernhardLangerSergio Garcia
    73. 73. Stage 1: #4This is a data chart of the top women chess players inthe last 13 years. Till 2005, apart from JudithPolgar, no one even crossed the 2600 mark. Sincethen two players have come within 100 points of her.In a very apt sort of way (since Judith stays away), inNov 2011, these two players came face to face inTirana. Name these two players and who won?
    74. 74. 2350240024502500255026002650270027502800Year 2000 Oct-01 Oct-02 Oct-03 Oct-04 Oct-05 Oct-06 Oct-07 Oct-08 Oct-09 Nov-10 Nov-11 Dec-12 Apr-13Judith Polgar#2 Ranked Woman PlayerPlayer 2, Rating2617, just 79 pointsoff JudithPlayer 1, CurrentRating 2597, was at2618 in Oct2008, 93 pointsaway
    75. 75. Answer 4Yifan Hou vKoneru Humpy inthe final of the 2011Women’s WorldChampionship.Hou, defendingchampion, won 5.5-2.5 to retain the title
    76. 76. Stage 1: #5When this cricketer, a victorious captain of theHindus and employed at the Great Indian PeninsularRailway Company, died at the age of 83 in November1971, Vijay Merchant led the tributes. “Very few ofhis generation, with the handicap that he sufferedfrom would have risen to such heights but for greatdetermination and outstanding talent.” Name thecricketer and what is the “handicap” that VijayMerchant was referring to.
    77. 77. Answer 5Palwankar Vithalwith the handicap ofbeing Dalit / lowcaste
    78. 78. Stage 1: #6Cameron van der Burgh, the 100m breaststrokewinner at London 2012, admitted that he committedthe offence three times. While the officialsthemselves did not bother checking on it, fans werequick to post the footage from the underwatercameras. To be fair, this is an issue with the strokeitself and Cameron was simply doing what all breaststroke swimmers do. The permissible limit is once.Watch the video and explain the controversy.(Modified A/V question)(still photo on the next slide)
    79. 79. Answer 6The dolphinkick, used in thebutterfly stroke, isnot allowed in thebreast stroke.However, swimmersmake use of thesplash to hide itfrom the abovewater officials
    80. 80. Stage 1: #7The Rolex Rankings are the official world rankingsfor women golfers. It is sanctioned by eight differenttours. The LPGA (US), LGU (UK & Ireland), LET(Europe) & LET Access (Europe development) andALPGA (Australia) are five tours. Name the otherthree which contribute 7 out of the top 10 womengolfers.
    81. 81. Answer 7JapanLPGA, KoreaLPGA and ChinaLPGA. Na Yeon ChoiKOR#3Shanshan FengCHN#5Ai MiyazataJPN#6
    82. 82. Stage 1: #8In 2012, she was the “most tactically sound, subtleplayer at Wimbledon” which more than makes up fora weak service. Her hardest serve is 106 mph. She hasthis shot.“I can hear the people are excited about it, when Iplay so low”, she says. Name the player and thename she has given to her first shot.(Modified A/V question)(still photo on the next slide)
    83. 83. Answer 8AgnieszkaRadwanska, Worldno 4, 2012Wimbledon finalist.The shot is called“squat shot”.Tom Perrotta in WSJ writes “As a line driveapproaches, she bends low as if shes about to sit onthe court, absorbs her opponents power and returns itwith remarkable accuracy.”
    84. 84. Stage 1: #9This was a rivalry that never really took off. At the1991 WC, when his ward won the All-Roundevent, Bela Karolyi promptly said that the era of theloser (who was 17 at that time) was over. Theloser, known as the Belarusian Swan, shrugged it off.Next year, at Barcelona, people expected them todominate the games. But they didn’t. One finished 5thand the other finished 12th . Name the two.
    85. 85. Answer 9SvetlanaBoginskaya & KimZmeskal. Theywere overshadowedby TatianaGutsu, ShannonMiller and LaviniaMilosovici
    86. 86. Stage 1: #10On June 20, 1968, at the USA Outdoor Track andField Championships, an unusual event happenedlater called the Night of Speed. However, this has ledto an anomaly in the records compounded by events afew months later. Explain what happened.
    87. 87. Answer 10Over two semi-finals, JimHines, Ronnie Ray Smith andCharlie Greene both ran ahand-timed 9.9. This was thefirst time the 10s barrierwas broken. Further threeathletes were credited withthe world recordsimultaneously. BecauseIAAF accepted fullyautomated timingrecords, these were held as“unofficial” records. The firstofficial sub-10 seconds recordwas 9.95 at Mexico CityOlympiad. (9.95 istechnically slower than 9.9)
    88. 88. Stage 1: #11This is a commemorative stamp issued by SanMarino to celebrate the victory of their neighbours inthe 2006 FIFA World Cup. The person depicted is a92-year-old lady named “Granny Isetta”, a charactercreated by the artists. What “achievement” did thecreators give to this character, reflected in her glee atseeing the four stars?
    89. 89. Answer 11At 92 years old, shehas seen andclearly rememberseach of the fourvictories (a span of72 years)
    90. 90. Stage1: #12Ramzan Irbaikhanov, originally from Dagestan inRussia, in 2005 emigrated to Turkey where his unclewas the coach of their national team. He changed hisname, adopting that of the Turkish Minister of Sportwho was his patron. What is his new name and whywill Indians always remember (or try to remember)him?
    91. 91. Stage 1: 12Ramazan Sahin ofTurkey won the gold inthe 66kg FreestyleWrestling in Beijing2008. He was SushilKumar’s opponent inthe first round inLondon 2012 (Thanksto Sushil reaching thefinal, Sahin got a chanceto take the bronzethrough repechage. Hemissed out)
    92. 92. Stage 1: #13When she won a gold medal in Seoul’88 in sprintcycling, it was a first for the Soviet Union. In1992, as an individual, she represented her newlyindependent nation and fulfilled her promise to win agold. Voted Female Sportsperson of the Year 9 timesin her country, name the person who is the subjectof this video?(Modified A/V question)
    93. 93. Answer 13Erika Salumae ofEstonia
    94. 94. Stage 1: #14Charles Barkley on national television made “TheBet” that he would kiss Kenny Smith’s ass if a certainevent (specific to an individual) happened. That eventhappened. Kenny Smith brought a donkey (ass) onthe show and Barkley, “a man of his word” kissed theass. What did Barkley bet against?(Modified A/V question)(still photo on the next slide)
    95. 95. Answer 14The Bet whereCharles Barkley saidif Yao Ming scores20 in a game, hewould kiss KennySmith’s ass.
    96. 96. Stage 1: #15The Skovshoved Idraetsforening, a sports club, in1925 bought a facility with the purpose of playingtennis. However, they found that the hall that theyhad was too small. They decided to look for a newsport to play within that hall. During this time, a clubmember who also had a sports goods business cameacross an item which he had never seen before. Acustomer brought an unusual implement for repair.What began thus?
    97. 97. Answer #15The history ofbadminton inDenmark. One ofthe five (fourpresently) mostsuccessful nations inthe sport.
    98. 98. Stage 1: #16This is from a television show where two leadingsportspersons of the country are chatting with eachother“This is a tribute to the _________ people, who knowthat you deserve to have stayed with the gold. This isthe medal you deserve. I feel extremely movedbecause I know how hard it is for an athlete to reachthe Olympics”(Crying) “I cannot take the medal from you, _______.Im happy with mine, which is bronze but it is likegold to me.”
    99. 99. Answer 16Beach volleyballgold medalistEmanuel Regooffered his medal tomarathonerVanderlei Lima.Lima politelyrefused.
    100. 100. Stage 1: #17Saidur Rahman Dawn “Don” runs a restaurant calledCafé Mozart in Mamaroneck, just north of New YorkCity. 18 years in operation, some reviews on Yelpsuggest that they have a rude waitress. In therestaurant, there is this poster featuring the owner-founder. What’s the story?
    101. 101. Answer 17Saidur RahmanDawn wasBangladesh’s firstOlympian, participating in the 1984LA Games on anIOC wildcard. Hewas the onlyparticipant fromBangladesh.
    102. 102. Stage 1: #18In a 2002 TV interview, a former world champion wasremembering something that happened 31 years ago“The trip on the bus took 15 minutes, and I hesitated for10 minutes. I grew up with the slogan Down with theAmerican imperialism! […]I looked at him, thinking, he is not the one who makesnational policies, he is just an athlete, an ordinaryAmerican’.”In the context of post-WW2 international politics, thistriggered which set of events?BONUS POINTS (open to all – write it down): Namethe former world champion (5 points) and the“ordinary American” (5 points)
    103. 103. Answer 18The China-US PingPong diplomacy of1972 which includedNixon traveling toChina. ZhuangZedong and GlennCowan exchangedgifts when Cowanhitched a ride in theChinese team bus
    104. 104. Stage 1: #19These names and an 18th century legend. Connect.Certify, Desert Blossom, FairHill, Ghostflower, Orkney Island, Sweet Rose, Valleyof Queens, Opinion Poll, Artigiano, BathratAmal, Restraint of Trade
    105. 105. Answer 19The 11 horses of theSheikh of Dubai’sGodolphin stablefound contaminatedwith anabolicsteroids. The stable isnamed afterGodolphinArabian, theprogenitor of themodern thoroughbred
    106. 106. Stage 1: #20When she made her first appearance at theinternational stage in 1987, she missed out on themedals. Next year, she became an Olympic championand would go on to win a total of 5 gold medals.Back home in Hungary, commentator Tamas Vitray’sphrase “Come on Little Mouse! Come on little girl!”became part of the culture there. Who is this “LittleMouse” and why was she called “Little Mouse”?
    107. 107. Answer 20Kristina Egerszegi.Eger means mousein Hungarian andshe was 14 years oldin 1988, a littlemouse against therest of the world.
    108. 108. Stage 1: 21This picture is a still from a movie that recreates anear fatal incident from the 1976 German Grand Prix.The person in the picture (point of view) had to berushed to the hospital as his car was enveloped inflames. The other car behind him managed to go pasthim and went on to win this particular race. Namethe film / the two drivers. Also, what happened forthe last time in the German Grand Prix?
    109. 109. Answer 21This is Ron Howard’sforthcoming filmRush based on thefight between NikiLauda and JamesHunt.After theaccident, there wereno more F1 races atthe old Nurburgring
    110. 110. Stage 1: #22There was Abdelfattah Amr in the 1930s and MohammadKarim in the late 1940s. Then there was a period ofwilderness. In 1996, a revival of this sport and the classic“nicks and flicks” style of play happened in the countrywhen 19 year old Ahmed Barada reached the final of abrand new tournament played in a glass cage placedoutdoors. Even though he eventually lost to the thenworld number 1, he inspired a whole generation ofplayers in his country. As of April 2013, 5 of the top 10men and 2 of the top 10 women are from this country.Name the country / sport. And what do the “nicks andflicks” refer to.
    111. 111. Answer 22Egypt and SquashAs opposed to theclassic English style ofhitting down the lineand waiting for the otherperson to tire herselfout, Egyptians preferredto use their wrists todrop the ball into thecorners, the edges, etcthus forcing the errors
    112. 112. Stage 1: 23The rivalry between which two champions issummarized here? And how did Match IV in 2012 end?Match I, 2004, ended in a draw but revealed that one ofthe judges made a mistake totaling up.Match II, 2008, called “Unfinished Business”, splitdecision against the defending champion. Winner & newchamp said “No more, this business is over”.Match III, 2011, public counted a win for thecontender, judges gave to defending champion who wasbooed out of the venue.
    113. 113. Answer 23Manny Pacquiao vJuan ManuelMarquez.In MatchIV, Marquezknocked outPacquiao in the 6thround.
    114. 114. Stage 1: #24In 1912, pure solid gold was used for the medals(today it is gold plated). To keep expenses undercontrol, only the individual winners were awarded assuch. There were three exceptions – mainly becausethese sports were part of the history of Sweden. Onewas tennis where the doubles team got pure solidgold. Which were the other two sports?
    115. 115. Answer 24Equestrian andSailing
    116. 116. End of stage 1To the bottom four, we say thank you for participating
    117. 117. Stage 2
    118. 118. Stage 2Top 618 questionsAll questions on pounce+2 points direct / pass+2 / -1 on the pounceIf you get part of the answer on the pounce, nonegatives but you lose your turn
    119. 119. Stage 2: #1Within a month of each other, this goalkeeper madetwo crucial saves in two big games. Watch the videoclips and identify the goal keeper and the twogames.(Modified A/V question)(still photo on the next slide)
    120. 120. Answer 1Hans vanBreukelen kept goalfor PSV v Benficain the 1988European Cupfinal and then forNetherlands vUSSR in the 1988Euro
    121. 121. Stage 2: #2There are 17 of them. The four people shown are theonly non-American and non-European in the list.What is the list and who is the missing fourthman?Note: Ignore the trophies in their hands.
    122. 122. ?
    123. 123. Answer 2Vijay Singh of Fiji.These are 17 golferswho have beenWorld No. 1 eversince the World GolfRankings wereintroduced in 1986
    124. 124. Stage 2: #3In London 2012, Ranomi Kromowidjojo ofNetherlands recreated the achievement of hercompatriot Inge de Bruijn. Ranomi comes from aninteresting ethnic background which links her, at leastin name, to Sanskrit. What is her background &origin of her family name and what was theachievement that she recreated.
    125. 125. Answer 3Surinamese-JavaneseKromowidjojo is aJavanese namederived from theSanskrit word“karmayoddha”In London, she wonthe sprint double –50m and 100mfreestyle
    126. 126. Stage 2: #4Name this personality, a connoisseur of both cyclingand motorsports.Started sponsoring the Tour De France in1948, organized a TDF truck painted in his companycolours displaying his various alcohol products, builthis own Formula 1 circuit named after him, inspiredthe colourful run off areas on a F1 track.
    127. 127. Answer 4Paul Ricard
    128. 128. Stage 2: #5At the end of WW2, as the Soviets marched intoGermany, this German soldier managed to escapebecause one of the Hungarian prisoners told theSoviets that he was Austrian, not German. In1956, when Hungary was overrun by theSoviets, their football team needed help and thisGerman, now called Ehrenspielfuhrer and HonoraryCaptain of the German football team managed themfor 2 years, even providing financial assistance.Name the German and what was themeteorological legend associated with him.
    129. 129. Answer 5Fritz Walter, Germancaptain in 1954 whichbeat Hungary 3-2 inthe finals in heavyrain.It was said that whenWalter played well, italways rained. FritzWalter Weather nowmeans rainy weatherconditions.
    130. 130. Stage 2: #6In 2010, ten years later, FIG stripped China of theirbronze medal in the women’s team all-round eventciting violation of an eligibility rule which wasamended in 1997. The person involved was DongFanxiao. What was the reason for the decision?
    131. 131. Answer 6Age restriction –only girls above theage of 16 areallowed. TheChinese showedDong Fanxiao to be17 when she wasactually 14. TheFIG rule is 16 andabove.
    132. 132. Stage 2: #7The Tiberias Marathon runs along the coast of the Seaof Galilee. In 2007, a bit of controversy happenedwhen Mushir Salem Jawher of Bahrain won themarathon. In an interesting twist, in 2008, LeonardMucheru Maina of Kenya won the race. Here are twopictures of the winners. What’s the story?
    133. 133. Mushir Salem Jawher, 2007 Leonard MucheruMaina, 2008
    134. 134. Answer 7Mushir Salem Jawherand Leonard Mucheruare the same person.Bahrain revoked theircitizenship of Jawher(who was originallyKenyan) because heraced in Israel. Jawherwent back to Kenya tohis original identity ofMaina.
    135. 135. Stage 2: #8Two men and one lady. Same sportThe men - Both most successful medalists for theircountry with 7The woman – most successful paralympian for thesame countryAll there awarded the highest civilian honour for theircountry given to sportspersons.Name all of them.
    136. 136. Answer 8Sir Chris HoySir BradleyWigginsDame Sarah Storey
    137. 137. Stage 2: #9As Jean Alesi drove his Ferrari home past thechequered flag at the 1995 Canadian Grand Prix, theonly win of his career, the Canadian fans wentberserk as they ran on to the track. Officials had toblack flag the race and the other drivers were forcedto finish in the pit lane. What was it about Alesifinishing the race that made the fans react in thisfashion?
    138. 138. Answer 9Alesi’s Ferrari withcar number 27reminded theCanadians of GillesVilleneuve who alsodrove a Ferrari withcar number 27. Andthis was the GillesVilleneuve Circuit inCanada
    139. 139. Stage 2: #10While the world watched Mo Farah win the 10,000mand make the British happy, there was interestingcontest for the bronze medal between two brothers. Itwas the younger, lesser known brother who finallywon the bronze, coming out of the shadow so tospeak. Name both the brothers (first namesrequired).
    140. 140. Answer 10Tariku andKenenisa BekeleTarikuKenenisa
    141. 141. Stage 2: #11Explain this connection
    142. 142. Answer 11Viriginia Wade, lastBritisher to win All-England tennis singles(1977)Gillian Gilks, lastBritisher to win theAll-EnglandBadminton (1978)The search for thegreat British hope isstill on
    143. 143. Stage 2: #12Shigenobu Murofushi was one of Japan’s greatestathletes. He represented them in three Olympics.However, what he could not achieve, it was done byhis son. Bryan Walsh, in an essay before the AthensGames, writes: “Take Your Child to Work Day is alittle different if youre an Olympic athlete. Shigenobuused to bring his young son along to practices andmeets when he was still competing; ____ literallylearned the art of the ______ at the feet of his father”.Name the son.
    144. 144. Answer 12KojiMurofushi, whowon the gold inAthens and thebronze in London.Koji’s mother is aHungarian javelinthrower and hissister is both adiscuss and hammerthrower.
    145. 145. Stage 2: #13The boxer, heavyweight champion of theworld, smiled on February 15th 1978. But heimmediately lost his smile on two counts – oneoutside the ring and one inside the ring. Explain.
    146. 146. Answer 13After winning againstMuhammad Ali, LeonSpinks agreed to arematch. The WBCstripped him of histitle as they wantedhim to play KenNorton. Later, in therematch Ali beatSpinks.
    147. 147. Stage 2: #14Nicknamed the Gazelle, name the great Kenyansprinter whose family is originally from Goa andwho in 1962 won the sprint double at the PerthCommonwealth Games, the first major victory forKenya in international multi-discipline events. In1964, he was their flag bearer when they debuted atthe Olympic Games.
    148. 148. Answer 14Seraphino Antao
    149. 149. Stage 2: #15Who is this lady and why is she a source ofinspiration?
    150. 150. Answer 15AnneWilliams, mother ofKevin, 15, one ofthe 96. Hercampaign for 23years led to the truthbehindHillsborough.
    151. 151. Stage 2: #16While Carl Lewis kept winning the Olympic gold, inthe 1990s, the “grasshopper” was winning at theWorld Championships. In 2000, even with Carl Lewisretired, it looked like the grasshopper would choke –fouls in the first jump and less than PB jumps afterthat. One jump to go, the Sydney crowd had startedcelebrating victory for Jumping Jai. Who won andby how much?
    152. 152. Answer 16Jumping Jai Taurimahad 8.49m. Ivan“the Grasshopper”Pedroso “stretchedlike a grasshopper”to land at 8.55m andwin the gold.
    153. 153. Stage 2: #17Two pairs of sisters, all of them in the top 25 in theworld. In the first pair, the older one had to leave herhome country and shift to Slovenia so that she couldget more opportunities, especially in the Olympiads.The second pair, on the other hand, have quit theircountry’s Olympiad team due to issues with thecoaches and are, according to some reports, lookingto change their federations. Name the two pairs.
    154. 154. Answer 17Muzychuk (Annaand Mariya) sistersfrom Ukraine (Annahas moved toSlovenia)Kosintseva(Nadezhda andTatiana) from Russia
    155. 155. Stage 2: #18Till February 2013, only two people had done it.Then this third man turned up. The record is now 38-6. Who is the third man and what is this exhaustivelist.
    156. 156. Hasdone itthreetimes
    157. 157. Has doneit twotimes(ignorethetrophyshown)
    158. 158. ?Once, justrecentlyFeb2013
    159. 159. Answer 18Horacio Zeballos(1) – the three menwho have defeatedNadal in a final onclay court.
    160. 160. End of stage 2Top 4 will continue, the others we thank you for coming
    161. 161. Stage 3
    162. 162. rules Top 4 4 topics Each participant chooses 1 topic (in ascending order ofscores) 3 questions per topic +2 per correct answer, +4 bonus for getting all threecorrect Other participants can pounce by writing down +2 for correct answer, -2 for a wrong answer In case of multi-part questions, no negatives if onlypart answers are given
    164. 164. Endurance 1The distance between the Cathedral of San Franciscoin Quito to the UNESCO World Heritage town ofCuenca is 459 kms. Cuenca is located 2500m abovesea level and the road to the town, at times, touchesan altitude of 4000m. Why were Ecuadoreans liningup this road in July 1996?
    165. 165. Endurance 1Jefferson Perez, thefirst Ecuadorean towin an Olympicgold, walked / jogged/ ran on a pilgrimagefrom Quito to hishometown Cuenca tocelebrate the 20kmspeedwalking goldmedal he won atAtlanta.
    166. 166. Endurance 2From swimming 1500m in the pool (and winning atthe Olympics) to swimming 10km in the openwater, this Tunisian young man made a successfultransition. However, it almost never happened. In2007, he tested positive to a form of amphetamine.He was at that time at USC and was participating atthe US Swimming Championships. He was bannedfor 18 months. Fortunately, CAS set it retroactivelyand he was left with a couple of months to prepare forBeijing. Name the swimmer. And what was hisreason for doping.
    167. 167. Endurance 2Oussama Mellouli.He had takenAdderall, an ADDmedication, common with many collegestudents. He claimedhe had to cram andwork on a termpaper.
    168. 168. Endurance 3There were these two Italians whose fans weredivided into two fierce gangs. It started when one ofthem, ostensibly a domestique for the other, rebelledand won the Giro d’Italia. In the 1948 WorldChampionships, while racing together for Italy, theirinternal rivalry made them break away from theirown team leaving their chances in disarray. Theywere later suspended. Name both.
    169. 169. Endurance 3Fausto Coppi andGino Bartali
    170. 170. Force 1Jesus Esteve said of him: “He is a killer. He is lazy, hedoesnt want to participate. He does his ownthing, waiting for somebody to make a mistake. Andthen when he gets you, he wallops you, and he doesntlet up.” Named “mouse” because hewas, umm, small, he charged 15,000 Euros perappearance. Name this superstar who died in Marchthis year at the age of 12.
    171. 171. Force 1Ratón the bull
    172. 172. Force 2The incident shown here led to the loss of a man’s life– Paolo Ghislimberti, a race marshal. Whatregulation did FIA introduce as a result of this?(Modified A/V question)(still photo on the next slide)
    173. 173. Force 2FIA introducedwheel tethers toprevent wheelsflying off in alldirections.Paolo Ghislimbertiwas hit by one ofthose tyres flyingaround
    174. 174. Force 3Even as Alexander Karelin reigned supreme, anotherRussian wrestler began a decade of domination in the74kg - 76kg category with 3 Olympics and 6 WorldChampionship gold medals. Originating forDagestan, he trained in Siberia and later with theRussian national team. One of his quirks has been toread a verse from a poem My Sister – Life’sOverflowing today (next slide). Name the pahalwanand the poet.
    175. 175. Using Google TranslateTo be famous is unattractive,One will never grow up,Don’t bother making a memoir of yourlife,Don’t bother with keeping yourmanuscripts safeIf the purpose of creation is self-offeringIt is but cheap success and mere hypeIf is a shame. It will only mean
    176. 176. Force 3Buvaisar Saitievwho loves to readBoris Pasternakbefore and afterevery bout.
    177. 177. Teamwork 1What is this list? And complete this list.Fereti, centre / halfHenry, back rowOlotuli, cross dresser, does not playAlesana Tiafau, wingerAnitelea, centreVavae, winger____ _____, winger
    178. 178. Teamwork 1The most famousband of brothers inrugby – the sevenTuilagi brothers ofSamoa. Theyoungest one, whoplays for England, isManu SamoaTuilagi
    179. 179. Teamwork 2The team was unbeatable in volleyball in the 1990s.Their star player was a 6’ 3’’ brunette who has beenrecognized as the Best Player of the 20th Century. Shehas since been appointed as the face of the country’spremier cigar festival on a permanent basis. Nameher and the team.
    180. 180. Teamwork 2Regla TorresHerrera of Cuba
    181. 181. Teamwork 3What is the common word for these statementsbelow and in the sporting world, who does this wordrefer to?The epitome of pure, feminine beautyThe flower Dianthus superbus (visual)Women of good traits rarely seen today
    182. 182. Teamwork 3Yamato Nadeshiko– The Japanesewomen’s footballteam (and currentFIFA WorldChampions andOlympic silvermedalist)
    183. 183. Finesse 1This is one of those classic moments of sport. Whatlittle subterfuge did this legendary duo use in orderto get their full routine of 4 minutes 28 seconds donein this performance that made them famous?(Modified A/V question)(still photo on the next slide)
    184. 184. Finesse 1In figureskating, you have4:10 seconds timelimit for a routine.But time starts whenyour skates touch theice. For 18seconds, they wereon their knees withfeet raised up.
    185. 185. Finesse 2The Living Sword is the autobiography, published 30years after his death, of which three time Olympicchampion, considered to be the greatest in his sportand who made a living training Hollywood actors forperiod films?
    186. 186. Finesse 2Aldo Nadi of theNadi family
    187. 187. Finesse 3Which elegant person’s career, called“Michelangelo amongst house painters” by over-effusive writers, began with 110 in the first test andended with 102 in the last test?
    188. 188. Finesse 3Azhar Bhai Jaan
    189. 189. Special thanks toWithout you BCs, wecouldn’t have beenMCsMother of all sportsquizzes – BC cup –19th May @ COEPpune