Backpacking in India


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the presentation done for The Goa Project but never used due to technical reasons.

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  • Loved the presentations! And I agree with most of the points stated. Travel these days has become a monotonous itinerary with too less scope to explore the unexplored angles and dimensions.
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  • Travel sites are about the places. Nothing is about the traveler.Content is arranged by place – choose a continent, country, city, etcWhy is there no content which is arranged by traveler – pilgrim, student, roadie, biker, zoologist…
  • But this is not my project alone.The aim is to make this a collective design effort. And may be The Goa Project can help spawn it, a product of this project.
  • Backpacking in India

    1. 1. What’s the point of another travel talk?
    2. 2. Travel content as it exists today is centred around theplace / geography / hotels ergo supply side. I want travel content which is centred around the traveler, the human being
    3. 3. Travel literature that maps tothe mind and heart of thetraveler
    4. 4. Passage to more than India!Are thy wings plumed indeed for such far flights?O Soul, voyagest thou indeed on voyages like these?Disportest thou on waters such as these?Soundest below the Sanscrit and the Vedas?Then have thy bent unleash’d. My experience is that the best travel guides are not the officially titled Walt Whitman, Passage to India, 1871 travel publications (Written on the opening of the Suez Canal and the but rather, it is possibilities opened up by this new short cut to India) literature.
    5. 5. Welcome to the live production of Back Packing in India A Practical GuideResearched, compiled and designed by All of us @thegoaproject
    6. 6. here came a day when the clouds drifting along with the wind aroused a wanderlust in me, and I set off on a journey to roam along the seashores... - Basho (On a Narrow Road to the Deep North, Oku no Hosomichi)Backpacking is a mode of mind. It has got nothing to do with what bags you carry. It isabout learning and discovering for yourself- discovering both what’s within you andwhat’s outside
    7. 7. Questions Travelers Face Finding a trail To Plan or Not To Plan… Ladies SpecialDoes Back Packing mean I Can I take just one Patel Shot can’t take a suitcase? please?I am immune to the germs of What’s all this “feel the Bombay but outside place” mumbo-jumbo? Bombay?
    8. 8. Finding a trail The answer is not in alist of places but what’s your objective. Example:As an urban planner, ifyou want to visit classic urban settlements in India, where do you turn to?
    9. 9. What do you see here?As a rock climber, a challenge As a history student, the home of an empire
    10. 10. To plan or not to plan? My model is to pick anopening line and then build on the way Even a day is enough Know where you are; know who you are Find a trail that suits you
    11. 11. A trip that I created formyselfThe Vijayanagar Trail– a legacy usuallyforgottenHow a plateau ofvolcanic rock canbecome one of therichest places in theworld and what itleaves behind today
    12. 12. Does Back Packing mean I can’t take a suitcase? Travel light Travel right Zippo SmartphonesBooks Toilet Paper Swiss Army Knife Pair of clothes Chargers Camera MapsMore things in yourbag, more things to take (picture sourced from the web)care of and bring back.
    13. 13. I am immune to the germs of Bombay but outside Bombay?The beer is safe becausethe water is, surely,treated before bottling.Look for the crowdedrestaurantsFor Europeansensitivities, stick toLonely Planet
    14. 14. Ladies SpecialOpen house – I can’t say anything here Over to you
    15. 15. Can I take just one Patel Shot please? It’s not about the photo, it’s about the photographer… you
    16. 16. The “Been There DoneThat” feeling, the perfectscene, the perfect shot Rolf writes:Oia village on Santorini My best picture of theIsland, Aegean Sea evening — a golden-hour shot of a blue-domed church overlooking the island’s caldera — thrilled me at first, but the more I looked at it, the more it felt artificial. Digging into my daypack, I discovered the problem: Both of my Greek Islands guidebooks (aRolf Potts, Tourist Snapshots, Rough Guide and a Lonelyessay in The DesignObserver Group, May 2012 Planet) featured the exact same church, photographedhttp://places.designobserver.c from a similar angle, bathedom/feature/tourist- in the same late-day light.snapshots/33668/
    17. 17. Surprise! You will neverwalk alone!Oia village on Santorini Rolf writes:Island, Aegean Sea Reckoning that a confessional gesture might redeem my own predictability, I turned away from the church and photographed the village terrace behind me: It was populated by dozens of digital-camera-clutching tourists, angling for the same shot I’d just taken.Rolf Potts, Tourist Snapshots, This ironic new Oiaessay in The Design Observer photograph was, in aGroup, May 2012 sense, a self-portrait.
    18. 18. What’s all this “feel the place” mumbo- jumbo?As a backpacker, youare, theoretically, theclosest to “feel theplace”. It may bepleasant, it may beunpleasant but it willbe more authentic thananything on Travel &Living
    19. 19. Join me in creating ideas for travelers: @anannyadeb on twitter