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LIBERTÉ Registration Form

  1. 1. LIBERTÉ: A Night of No Rest for Restaveks<br />(Enslaved Children in Haiti).<br />What is the Jean Cadet Restavek Foundation?<br />Why LIBERTÉ?<br />For the past three years, the National Honor Society of Baldwin School has been organizing a walk-a-thon for the Invisible Children and Casa Ronald McDonald Foundations. This event has been extremely successful reaching a full capacity of more than 1,000 participants. This year the National Honor Society has decided to give to the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, less than 350 miles from our shores, Haiti.<br />The National Honor Society of Baldwin School of Puerto Rico has then decided to assist the Jean Cadet Restavek Foundation of Haiti, in their plight to assist the over 300,000 children currently enslaved in Haiti. This event will incorporate a campaign to raise consciousness about the urgent need for help in a place much closer than Africa, within the realm of the Caribbean. An educational campaign, followed by a large-scale fundraiser will occur. <br />How YOU can help LIBERTÉ.<br />EDUCATE yourself<br />Students of the National Honor Society of Puerto Rico have prepared information sessions regarding the Jean Cadet Foundation and the event we are holding in its honor. Following the brief presentation, a guest speaker will provide further intimate information about the foundation and the cause. If you want extra information or are not able to attend a session, please contact President Daniela Lazo Cedré or Vice-President Natalia Ríos. You may also speak to the NHS advisor, Liliana Brugueras, by calling the school at 787.720.2421.<br />LIBERTÉ for others<br />The fundraiser LIBERTÉ is a night event to raise money and awareness. In the past, the event meant to replicate the nightly commute children would carry out in order to avoid capture, and then the twelve hours a father would await his child in a hospital. However, this year the event is meant to replicate twelve hours in the life of a young indentured servant. <br />WHEN?<br />Saturday, February 6th—Sunday, February 7th, 2010<br />2:30-5:30 pm Check-in, Tent Set-Up<br />6:00 pm Kick-off event. The Walking begins<br />6:00 am Closing Ceremonies. The Walking ends. <br />WHERE? Baldwin School of Puerto Rico, Pennock Field House and Campus<br />HOW? Teams of ten to fifteen people, created by local schools, corporations, or other organizations, will face a twelve-hour challenge. The team will rest in a camp site on campus and participate in the different activities organized. To participate, each team must raise a minimum of $500 (schools) or $750 (corporations). All proceeds will be donated to the Jean Cadet Restavek Foundation, and will work towards building a better tomorrow for child slaves in Haiti. <br />WHAT YOU NEED TO ORGANIZE A TEAM<br /> Make a list of fellow philanthropists and tell them about LIBERTÉ, an exciting event to benefit the Jean Cadet Restavek Foundation from their fellow Caribeños in Puerto Rico. Round up family members, friends, classmates, co-workers, and ask them to be part of your team!<br />**NOTE: All youth teams must have at least one adult chaperone over the age of 21 for the entire 12 hours. The chaperone must be part of the team and cannot enter or exit the campus during the duration of the event. <br />Encourage the team to attend the screening at the Baldwin School Pennock Field House on November 14th at 1030 am, where the Baldwin School National Honor Society will provide a brief presentation on the foundation and will further explain the event. <br />Choose a team captain. This leader will be the link between your team and the Baldwin National Honor Society. <br />Complete this registration packet. <br />Collect the team registration fee of $15 per teammate or chaperone (no cash, please). <br />**NOTE: This fee includes an event T-shirt, snacks, refreshments, entertainment, and a night of fun!<br />Send the registration forms and fees to:<br />National Honor Society<br />Baldwin School of Puerto Rico, PO BOX 1827<br />Bayamon, PR 00960<br />postmarked by December 4th!!! You may also, if you prefer, personally deliver the registration forms and fees to the Baldwin NHS Advisor, Profesora Liliana Brugueras—Room 19, in the Middle Upper School Building. <br />Motivate your team members to raise donations! School groups must raise at least $500 per team in order to participate. Businesses, corporations, or other outside organizations, must raise at least $750 (no cash, please). Send donations to the above address postmarked AT THE LATEST between January 12th and 15th!!!<br />Prepare for the night of the event. Bring sleeping bags, a tent, pillows, and anything you need to feel comfortable! Remember to pack your Frisbee, board games, and other necessities. Also, don’t forget to pack snacks, and most importantly, your camera! THIS WILL BE A NIGHT TO REMEMBER :D!<br />Come to LIBERTÉ: A Night of No Rest for the Restaveks of Haiti on Saturday January 30th and HAVE FUN! Make new friends, enjoy the exercise, fresh air, company of your team, and all the activities we have planned. Most Importantly, be proud that you helped raise money for children under indentured servitude in Haiti.<br />Team Waiver Form<br />Dear Team Leader:<br /><ul><li>Each member is required to sign this form; any and all members who have not signed will be unable to participate in the event. (NO EXCEPTIONS).
  2. 2. Circulate the original copy of this form among all of your team members. (Or make individual copies and make sure to attach to team registration form)
  3. 3. Make sure all team members read and understand the waiver before they sign.
  4. 4. **Attach this waiver to team registration form and registration fee.**
  5. 5. Team Members: Please read, and make sure you thoroughly understand this waiver before signing. Understand that this is a contract. </li></ul>In consideration of being permitted to participate in LIBERTÉ: A Night of No Rest for Restaveks, I hereby for myself my and personal representatives assume any and all risks which might be associated with the Event, and further waive, release, discharge, and vow not to sue the National Honor Society or Baldwin School of Puerto Rico, its administrators, officers, members, sponsors, organizers, or any other representatives. Any of the individuals previously mentioned are not responsible for any injuries or damages of any kind whatsoever as a result of taking part in the event and its related activities. I also agree to be subject to the use of film, photo, or videotape of the event for any purpose. Baldwin School of Puerto Rico and the National Honor Society reserve the right of admission or expulsion from the event. <br />Print Name of Team LeaderSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of ParticipantSignature (Parent or guardian if under 18)Print Name of Chaperone (if applicable)Signature<br />If the team’s chaperone pertains to another team please print that team’s name here: ___________________________________________<br />Team Registration Form<br />Team Name (Be original!): ___________________________________________<br />Team Leader: ______________________________________________________<br />Team Affiliation (School, organization, etc.):___________________________<br />Contact E-mail: _____________________________________________________<br />Contact Phone Number: _____________________________________________<br />Instructions: In the table below, please fill out every participants’ age, e-mail address, phone number, and shirt size. Choose a shirt size of either: small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra-large (XL), or extra-extra large (XXL). These are adult sizes. If possible, record participants in the same order as in the Team Waiver Form. Fill out the space for team chaperone if this team chaperone does not pertain to another team. <br />ParticipantAgeEmailPhone NumberShirt SizeTeam LeaderTeam Chaperone<br />Team Chaperone Agreement<br />For every team, we require one adult, 21 years of age or older, to assume responsibility of the under-aged team members. That adult must adhere to the following rules and regulations:<br /><ul><li>Chaperone must stay on campus for the duration of the event.
  6. 6. Chaperone must assure that all team members are respectful to each other, other teams, staff, and campus. Keep in mind this is a school event!
  7. 7. Chaperones must assist the staff in maintaining order on the camp site, particularly by making sure that all participants adhere to the following regulations:
  8. 8. No alcohol. No drugs. No smoking. No sexual interaction. No entering or exiting the campus. No violence. No littering. No identity falsifications. (We reserve the right to demand proper identification, in case of a misunderstanding).
  9. 9. Chaperone must make sure that team members are completing their assigned tasks. </li></ul>**One team chaperone agreement must be signed and returned for each team with underage participants**. <br />STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY<br /><ul><li>I RECOGNIZE MY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE BEHAVIOR OF MY ENTIRE TEAM THROUGHOUT THE DURATION OF THE EVENT, LIBERTÉ: A Night of No Rest for Restaveks. THESE RESPONSIBILITIES BEGIN AT THE TIME OF ARRIVAL FOR REGISTRATION AND CONCLUDE AFTER THE TERMINATION OF THE EVENT.
  11. 11. IF THE ABOVE IS NOT ADHERED TO, BALDWIN SCHOOL OF PUERTO RICO RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DISMISS YOUR TEAM FROM FURTHER PARTICIPATION. </li></ul>Chaperone Name: _____________________________________ Date of Birth: _______________________<br />Home Phone: __________________________________ Mobile Phone: ______________________________<br />E-mail Address: ________________________________<br />Team Name you are assuming responsibility for: ___________________________________________<br />Team Name to which you pertain <br />(if other than team you are assuming responsibility for): ____________________________________<br />Signature of Chaperone: _______________________________ <br />Date: ________________________________<br />HINTS ON RUNNING YOUR TEAM<br /><ul><li>Put your team leader name on EVERYTHING you turn in.
  12. 12. Make sure forms are completely filled out in legible handwriting.
  13. 13. Keep copies of all forms/donations turned in.
  14. 14. Keep your team mates posted on important dates and changes to the event.
  15. 15. Make sure to turn in the team waiver forms, team registration form, team registration fees (check or money order), and team chaperone agreement (if applicable).
  16. 16. Turn in all forms, fees, and donations before deadlines
  17. 17. Registration deadline: Monday, December 4th , 2009
  18. 18. Donation deadline: Friday, January 15th, 2010</li></ul>PREPARING FOR THE EVENT<br /><ul><li>Collect donations. Fundraisers, bake-sales and carwashes are just some of the activities you can sponsor.
  19. 19. Try to involve the community as much as possible. Any sponsors you can suggest will be greatly appreciated and their names will be incorporated in a slideshow the night of the event.
  20. 20. Think about borrowing or purchasing a tent for resting members. If your intend to sleep, bring a sleeping bag and a pillow.
  21. 21. Make a list of things your team needs and distribute them among the members.
  22. 22. As team leader, be ready to pick-up event T-Shirts upon NHS notification of their arrival. These must be worn throughout the entirety of this event.
  23. 23. BE AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON DURING THE EVENT AT ALL TIMES. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT!!!</li></ul>DAY OF THE EVENT<br /><ul><li>Visitors may be on campus on Saturday, February 6th between 2 pm and 7pm. At 7pm, anyone not registered to participate MUST evacuate the Baldwin School campus. For safety measures, security guards will maintain a closed campus. The campus will be re-opened on Sunday, February 7th at 6:00 am, at the end of the event.
  24. 24. Unless there is an emergency, registered participants MAY NOT leave the campus once registered for the duration of the event. In case of an emergency, please report to the first-aid tent or the closest staff member or volunteer.
  25. 25. Begin check-in at 2:30 pm at the south gates.
  26. 26. Team leaders should report to the Food Area to pick up a snack for the team between 9 pm and 11 pm and a second snack between 3 am and 5 am. Other food will be available for purchase. (Remember that all funds will go to the Jean Cadet Restavek Foundation.)
  27. 27. Act appropriately, adhere to all rules and regulations, and do not jeopardize your team’s ability to participate. Remember that Baldwin School of Puerto Rico reserves the right to dismiss any team should one or more persons break the event or school rules and regulations.
  28. 28. Drug use, smoking, sexual activities, and alcohol use are strictly prohibited for both students and adults. BALDWIN SCHOOL OF PUERTO RICO RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SEARCH PERSONAL PROPERTY SHOULD A TEAM BE SUSPECTED. Likewise, the school reserves the right to dismiss any team on these grounds.
  29. 29. CLEAN UP YOUR AREA!!! : You will be given a garbage bag. Please use it!</li></ul> Have fun and participate!!!<br />EVENT SCHEDULE<br />2:30 – 5:30 pmCheck-in.<br />6:00pmKick-off event at the Pennock Field House. <br />All members report for FIRST LAP. <br />First designated walker continues. <br />7:00pm Pool Time (remember to bring adequate swimwear and a towel). <br />Indoor Soccer Tournament at the Pennock Field House. <br />8:00pmSurprise Bands<br />9 :00pm Team leaders report to Food Area for first snacks. <br />Zumba!<br />10:00 pm Special Concert in front of the cafeteria.<br />11:00pm Last chance to collect the first snacks. <br />Basketball Tournament in Outdoor Courts<br />Scavenger Hunt. Meet in front of the First Aid Tent to participate. <br />12amBatucada<br />1 am Yoga #1<br />1:30 am Yoga #2<br />2 amMovie time 1<br />3 amTeam leaders report to Food Area for second snacks.<br />4 amMovie time 2<br />5 amAll members report to course or dance floor to walk throughout the last hour.<br />6 amAll members report to Pennock Field House for Closing Ceremonies.<br />**To participate in either the Basketball or Indoor Soccer Tournaments, you must fill out and turn in (with the Registration Packet), the following form: (In an effort to save paper, we only enclosed one copy. Please make more on your own if more members of your team wish to participate. Sorry for any inconvenience.)<br /> LIBERTÉ: A Night of No Rest for Restaveks – Tournament Form <br />CIRCLE ONE: Soccer - Basketball<br />Name: ___________________________ Team Chaperone’s Name:______________________<br />Age: _______ School: ____________________ Team Chaperone’s Phone #:_______________<br />Team Name: ______________________________ Team Leader: _________________________<br />