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  • 1.
  • 2. Agenda for the Presentation Objectives Time and Venue Resources and Budget Distribution Program of Activity Delegation of Tasks Set of Procedure
  • 3. Objectives This Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop educate and inspire students from the various Business School to commercialize their ideas.
    • The objectives of the Workshop are to:
      • Break existing mindsets about Innovation and Entrepreneurship
      • Teach key skills of I & E
      • Cultivate habits of successful business people
      • Explain the business of business
      • Assess the viability of ideas
      • Develop a personal Business Development Plan
  • 4. Time and Venue Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop   Date: December 17, 2011 Time: 9 am to 6pm Venue: Indian Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
  • 5. Resources and Budget Distribution
  • 6. Program of Activity There will be a series of interactive discussion and presentation , which will encourage the audience to engage and participate in driving their vision forward. Each delegate’s journey will be summarized, guidance will be provided for the candidates to chart the next steps towards success.
  • 7. 9:00 Definitions Of Entrepreneurship Marie Grace (Lecturer at Educomp Raffles Higher Education Ltd ) 9.30 The Start-Up Workshop- Launch My Idea! Mr.Shantanu Prakash (Founder Educomp Solutions Limited) 10.30 Branding My Idea- How Do I look? Mr. Deep Karla (Founder Make My Trip) 11:00 Show Me The Money- Financing Tips Mr. Harpreet Singh (Executive Director of Educomp Raffles Higher Education.) 13:00 Lunch   14:00 The One Minute Business Model-Practice In Finding Weaknesses Mr. Sanjeev Bikhchandani (Founder
  • 8. 15:00 How Long Should It take? R JAYARAMAN (IIM-A ALUMNUS) Ex CEO of Vardhman Threads 15.30 Overcoming Obstacles-Expecting the Unexpected Dr. C.S Sharma (Lecturer at Educomp Raffles Higher Education Ltd, Associate Professor Shri Ram College of Commerce ) 16:00 Summary - Moving Forward! Mr. Amit Agarwal (Senor Coordinator and Lecturer at Educomp Raffles Higher Education Ltd ) 16:30 Discussions, Q & A   18:00 End  
  • 9. Delegation of Tasks Team A Headed by Gautam & Ritish will contain 5 subordinates: - This Team will take care of the IN House (Venue) settings and course of action. • Venue Booking • Guest Transportation • Venue Decoration (Flower, lightning and sitting arrangements) • Equipment Arrangement • Welcoming The Guests • Registration Counter • Breakfast and Lunch • Bouquet Distribution
  • 10. Delegation of Tasks Team B Headed By Vivek & Vijay, will also contain 5 Subordinates:- Will take care of the Advertisement and Promotion of the events. • Online Advertisement • Student Data Collection • Bulk E-mails and SMS • Pre Student Registration • Student Follow up
  • 11. Set of Procedure
    • It will start will Advertisement
    • Then follows the Student data order
    • Bulk E-Mails and SMS
    • Invitation Card Designing
    • Invitation Card Sending
    • Guests Invitation
    • Students Confirmation
    • Location Booking
    • Transportation Booking
    • Catering
    • Conference Material
    • Equipment
    • Decoration Arrangements
    • Presentation Kits
  • 12. Set of Procedure..contd..
    • Receiving the Guests
    • Student Registration
    • Note pad Distribution
  • 13. Set of Procedure..contd..
    • Commencement Of Seminar
    • Breakfast
    • Speech
    • Lunch
    • Speech and Discussion Continues
    • Bouquet Distribution
    • Promotional Material Distribution
    • Guest Transportation
  • 14. Thank You