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  • 1. BX Lite® Prospective UsersBusinessXpress Lite is a POS and Inventory management system which includes FinancialAccounting and Billing system too. It developed taking into consideration Small Business andSMEs in the mind, as they are unable to use branded POS or Inventory Management applicationsin the market due to its high pricing scheme. We develop it for Bulk clients at reasonable price.This document also gives the industries which can use BX Lite in general.©Cultivate Solutions 2010
  • 2. RetailRetailers: Trust BX Lite. ® to help lower your costs of operation, enable your store to run atoptimal efficiency and provide customers with the service they demand.Our easy to use software is designed for all your employees to use. Effortlessly get totalvisibility of your inventory and enjoy automatic re-ordering of stock that reaches the minimumlevels set by you.Youll love our business reports too! Review daily sales, discover what items sell best anddetermine your margin per transaction at the touch of a button.An invaluable solution for retail stores everywhere, BX Lite. ® is compatible with most barcode scanners and can be networked to multiple locations.©Cultivate Solutions 2010
  • 3. Wholesale & DistributionInitially designed with wholesale and distribution in mind, BX Lite. ® provides an easy-to-implement, logical and efficient sales and logistics system for your company.Our software delivers the speed and accuracy your customers need without the steeplearning curve or complexity you find with other solutions. Controlling inventory at remotelocations is a breeze, plus its easy to integrate with your bar code scanners.If improving your delivery performance and enhancing customer satisfaction is what yourelooking for, then download our software today.©Cultivate Solutions 2010
  • 4. ManufacturingRising costs, offshore competition, finding and training skilled labor, government regulations,and sound familiar? Running a successful manufacturing business has its challenges;managing inventory shouldnt be one of them.BX Lite. ® understands the needs and demands of todays manufacturer. If youre looking forincreased productivity, better inventory visibility, higher service levels then we can help.Our low cost software replaces time consuming and inaccurate manual order and inventorymanagement processes so your business can quickly and easily track inventory and bill ofmaterials.Download BX Lite. ® today and youll soon be enjoying lower costs, diminished risk andenhanced operational improvement.©Cultivate Solutions 2010
  • 5. E-CommerceEvery E-Commerce professional knows the damage stock outs, lost sales and poorcustomer satisfaction can have on business.With BX Lite. ® you get an inexpensive inventory management solution that delivers anaccurate order trail from supplier to customer.Download BX Lite. ® today and in no time. You, your suppliers and your customers will enjoythe benefits of a comprehensive tracking solution thats simple to use and time efficient.Let BX Lite. ® handles the day to day management of your business so you can focus on theincreasing your market share and growing your company online.©Cultivate Solutions 2010
  • 6. ServicesWhen it comes to running a successful services company, customer satisfaction and costmanagement are essential. With BX Lite. ® You get everything you need to run a lean andmean service company. Just imagine your purchasing, sales, customer, vendor, accountspayable and other mission critical data all in one place, accessible to your whole team.With our reliable, easy-to-use, networkable solution youll feel better organized and haveaccess to clear cut, organized management reports for you to make better businessdecisions. With BX Lite. ® at the heart of your business, productivity and efficiency comenaturally.©Cultivate Solutions 2010