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An Intro to the ISB Toastmasters Club

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ISB Toastmasters Club

  1. 1. TOASTMASTERS CLUBWhere Leaders Are Made
  2. 2. Agenda A. What is Toastmasters? B. Toastmaster Structure C. Club Structure D. Club Functioning E. What is in it for us? F. ISB Toastmasters Club G. Club activities in 2011-12 H. Wish to be a member?
  3. 3. Did you know? Fear of Public Speaking is the number 1 of all human fears; it even beats Death! The fear of public speaking affects between 75% and 95% of the population, says Wikipedia 60% of people get turned down from a Job because they cannot communicate EFFECTIVELY
  4. 4. What is Toastmasters? • Who: Formed by Dr. Ralph C. Smedley • Why: Realized that people were most often unprepared to speak in Public; especially raise Toasts! • When: 1924 • Where: Santa Ana, California, USA Current Status 125 countries 25,000 current members 12,000 clubs 4 Million members since inception
  5. 5. Toastmaster Structure Toastmaster International INDIA Division Area Community ISB Corporate Clubs Club Clubs
  6. 6. Club Structure Sr. No Source Key Responsibilities 1 President Overall Coordinator 2 VP Education Knowledge Manager 3 VP Membership Takes charge of memberships 4 VP Public Relations Marketing Manager 5 Treasurer Finance Manager 6 Secretary Plans meetings & maintains records 7 Sergeant at Arms Takes charge of the logistics
  7. 7. Club Functioning 1 2 3 Prepared Speech Table Topic Evaluation Session Session Session Role Details Toastmaster of the Day Master of Ceremony Table Topics Master Extempore Session Master General Evaluator Manage the Evaluation Session Prepared Speakers Based on projects in Toastmaster manuals Specific Evaluators For the prepared speakers Table Topics Speakers Impromptu speakers Grammarian Ensures proper usage of grammar Ah Counter Keeps track of the crutch words Time Keeper Keeps track of the time
  8. 8. What is in it for us? Gain the confidence to speak anytime, anywhere !! Use the skills to understand audience thus conquering interviews, group discussions and presentations Build a highly trusted global network Take part in contests and win accolades
  9. 9. Beyond Public Speaking:• Developing Leadership and Organizational skills is the other pillar of Toastmasters• Members can hold: – Office bearer positions – Take different roles in meetings• Through these roles, members will be leading and organizing the many activities of the club.
  10. 10. ISB Toastmasters Club 2012: One of the most active clubs on campus 80 members, 39 meetings2008: ISB 2013Toastmasters 2012Club was 2013:chartered in What next?2008 2011 2011: Received the “Golden Gavel Award” 2008 in 2011, Highest award in Toastmasters globally and was ranked #1 in terms of value added to the members
  11. 11. Club activities in 2011-12 • Weekly Meetings: 39 meetings conducted during the year with about 150 speeches delivered • Regular contests: Organized contests within the club to give members an opportunity to reach to a wider audience • The Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest - The two best humorous speakers and speech evaluators progressed to the regional level • Business Plan & Marketing Pitch Contest - Organized in association with the EVC club and the Marketing Club respectively, aimed to encourage students to present their unique business ideas • MCs and Anchors: The Club became a key source for MCs and Anchors for many Business, Informal and Social events on the campus
  12. 12. Club activities in 2011-12 (cont.) • Speaker Sessions: These sessions are arranged to bring together big names from different walks of life to address the students • Renowned Indian writer, Amish Tripathi, who described his journey of writing his popular two books, ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ and ‘The Secret of the Nagas’ • Stand-up comedian, Rivaldo, who brought the place down with his jokes • Ravinder Singh, Class of 2012 Student, who launched his 2nd Book, ‘Can Love Happen Twice?’ at ISB
  13. 13. Wish to be a member? • Toastmasters International’ is a non-profit organization and only charges a membership fee to meet its expenses (worldwide events, printing & postal charges of TM material, etc) • ISB Club collects only the membership fee which is paid to TM International. All additional expenses to meet the running cost of the club are usually borne by ISB. • One time New member joining fees - $20 / person • Annual membership dues - $72 / person
  14. 14. Contact us Name: Anand Radhakrishnan Phone: +91-8886482444 Email: Name: Anshuk Aggarwal Phone: +91-7799889678 Email:
  15. 15. Keep Talking!