- demo day presentation - july 2012 - anand doshi


Published on - On Demo Day, all team members present what they did in the month out of their own initiative. What features did they make or what documentation they wrote, or test cases, or a new product, or a new marketing initiative. It could be anything that adds value to ERPNext.

All the Demo Day presentations are made public on the erpnext blog.

This also means Open Sourcing our management. So look forward to our presentations at the end of the month and follow us to understand how this experiment is working out for us.

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  1. 1. demo dayerpnext.comjuly 2012anand doshi
  2. 2. feedback from demo day, june 2012• write shorter functions [re-structured web page caching logic]• change rss feed generation logic [released]• also focus on long term projects [Shifting calculations to server side required before starting shopping cart. Hence, focus shifted to test cases and code rewrite.]
  3. 3. notable features and fixes• hide the whole section / column, if ‘hidden’ property is checked [released] # customization fix• handle known exceptions while sending email, that arise due to email settings [released] # user experience fix
  4. 4. • fetch and display ‘Supplier’s Part Number’ in ‘Purchase Order’ and ‘Customer’s Item Code’ in sales transactions {fetched with item details} [released] # feature• added ‘group_by’ argument in list view generation logic {to display child table values - e.g. ‘Purchase Order No.’ in ‘Purchase Receipt’ list} [released] # enhancement
  5. 5. • released cms v2 {render web pages using jinja templates} # enhancement• set default currency for customer / supplier {fetched in sales / purchase transactions} [released] # feature• unicode literals as default {limit encoding / decoding errors to data entry / exit points} [pending release to master branch] # enhancement
  6. 6. • a commercial support installation {documented the deployment process} [todo - create installer for commercial support pack] # erpnext• delete expired accounts {change status of serial no. to ‘Marked for Deletion’} # erpnext
  7. 7. minor fixes• logout a disabled user• contact, address list with permission to delete• fixed permissions to display public events in calendar• display ‘Last Sale Rate’ and ‘Last Quote Rate’ in auto-suggest / search while adding an item in a quotation
  8. 8. • when receiving email, decode email headers such that non- english characters be displayed {e.g. non-english characters in the subject}• stock entry doctype should be submittable• do not force sending of email using conf parameters• changed file names from listview.js to [doctype]_list.js• fixes in email validation for recurring invoice
  9. 9. • deprecated ‘Import Data Control’• fixed logic to display delete button in a form’s side-bar• ignore blank rows when importing data• permit deletion of communication• email digest new transaction count based on ‘feed’ without a feed type
  10. 10. • Pretty Date by John Resig, ported to python {used in blog comments}• when a doctype’s list is open, restrict opening of its doctype form• fixes in blog, product and web pages
  11. 11. fixes in user experience• when a document is amended, retain existing attachments• custom favicon for website• display icons for ‘Order Type’ (Sales / Maintenance) in ‘Sales Order’ list• label change from ‘Included in Print Rate’ to ‘Is this Tax included in Basic Rate?’
  12. 12. • in a recurring invoice, auto-set invoice period’s ‘To Date’ when ‘From Date’ is changed• display app-frame for to-do list• fix in display of tags (capsules) in a list’s side-bar for webkit based browsers• do not display ‘Assign To’ until the document is saved• fixed Lead Lost Reason validation message
  13. 13. to do - august, 2012• shift accounting, sales and purchase calculations to server side• refactor HR module• weekly backup email to system managers• blog - how erpnext uses erpnext
  14. 14. ... and that’s it [ ]