prevent road accidents


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prevent road accidents

  2. 2. • Mo importa metho to brin dow acciden i stric enforceme o n st nt d g limit 9 s ot acciden ca b avoid b ts nt f speed strict enforcement of nspeeded s. 0 % f ts e y • Hea Penal shoul b impos o A limits. this vy wh cros spee ed ty d e n LL strictly implemented, limits. If will nobody is s d those o dare to go at high speed.
  3. 3. • Existi spee limit shoul b broug down d ng s d e ht • Hea penalt fo thos wh caus further. accident vy y r e o e • Tamp proo spee controlle shoul b s. mad mandatory for all heavy e er f d rs d vehicl shoul e vehicles. Newhav buil i tamp es e t n er heavy speed d proof controllers.
  4. 4. • Ne gadget ar to b develop fo collision prevention e ed and should be w s e r al vehicl DRD an othe researc fitted on organizatio O l e. d aske to h r such gadgets a war footing. For ns should be d develop gadget can example,to automatica develop on slo dow th s be ed if saf distan lly commensurate vehicle,the speed of w n e with e ce the vehicle in front is not maintained.
  5. 5. • Two wheeler manufacturers should to design wheele with designe be asked maximum speed of (say) 50/60 two rs a d • kmph. Diving tests for issue of Driving license is to be • Raisi of ag foolproof. tw wheel lim fo made more stringent and and Heavy Vehicle r o er ng lower e it • Helm shoul b made b la license to 21. in all d states, OR impose a lower et e compulsory y w speed limit for those who do not use helmet.
  6. 6. • Helmet should be made compulsory for back • Ensu tha al Helm user are th seat riders also. Chinstr o l Helm Otherwi it wi e re t et s fixing help duringet. ap f an se ll not • Ensu tha ON goo qualit Helme ar accident. available in thedmarket. ts re t LY y e • Strict enforcement of existing traffic rules.
  7. 7. • La shoul b modifi suc tha th person th w d e ed accide hat to e h (sa 0 to 1mad e th insuran claim %o nt who s bear dependi 0 e severi o ce y) f e negligens, Als th compensati shoulce. mad o ng f b on ty huge, making accidents e e e ons d very unaffordable so that • A thos who vigilant. everyone will be very no mainta th saf distance for the speed should bee ll e do t in e punished.
  8. 8. • Safet awarene shoul begi fro childhoo as it i d diffic n to m y ss to a grown up a human. d, s ult impart i safety awareness If impart at childhoo safet will a s ed d, y awareness • be habit. / Comput Gam tha simula by te er es Video should be banned t discourag b parent as it wi devel Racing Government OR racing habit in ed y s ll op children.
  9. 9. • A sort o Mot sport especial racin shoul b f banne is Indily by ll s or g Telecae o dMot n a and Sport government. als d shoul be banned. st f or s Racing o •d and over speed / highly risky riding, b Hero shoul no b filme i Racing cinemas and TV serials. e d d t n driving y es Government should censor such scenes.
  10. 10. • Childr belo a certai ag shoul no b permitt wto d n bus road e en e d t roads whereoheavy vehicles s ed cycling in y / • Refreshm parlor shoul b mad are plying. available at s (say) 50 / 100 e e on k.m. ent d truck all every drivers b national highways and force / heavy vehicle having a face e d or by refresh by a wash having should to cup of tea / coffee.
  11. 11. • Th curre practi o keeping traffi signal i standb mod the e nt ce f durin night an c o holida i e bg review d to s n y s discontinue found e ed n ys s and • d if board an othe item tha prudent. junction s visibili r d s t Advertisement curvatur an ty othe part at o th road s, may obstruct should bedremoveds es r f e s immediately.
  12. 12. • Ensu tha th mone recover as Roa Ta i tfully y foed the re e d /maintenance x s utilised of construction r • roads. Time Punching of Private buses (practiced in some states) should be • discontinuedother media T and as it is forcing fordrivers to go at used the Public safety V should high speed, after awareness. traffic blocks. b effectiv e ely
  13. 13. • Scienti analys o majo acciden / prone f r fic is ts • Restricti of speed at accident prone • accident areas. on areas. • Enactment of stringent traffic rules. o thos suspensi o licens who are on involved theeaccidents, at f f e Immediate least until • Cancellati theylicens guilty. they prove that o are not o thos wh mak serious on f e f e o e accidents.
  14. 14. • Prop maintenan o roads. contracts / er ce f Permanent for arrangements road should be in place 24 hours a day, s maintaining all 365 in good condition is repaired in time it an year. If a gutter can save days • Strict enforcement of vehicle a life !!! • Period of testin o ol age drivi health ey s. license e g ic f d d ng • Immedi cancellati o licens o holders. drunkard drivers / ate on f e f riders.
  15. 15. • Settin u o Judici Commissi to to contr roa g pstep al f ons accidents. s ol d monitor taken • Straightening / Wideni o road o ng wa traffi an on Implementation f s, construction of e y c f d • Footpaths media shoul b mad medians. mandatory for important e e and ns d roads.
  16. 16. • Zebr crossin pedestria fo a gs appropriater ns • places. shoul b provide fo saf roa d d e r e d crossings at Signals for road crossings at important • busy • places where a largeprovid at al importa Humps b number of people places, accidented should e prone l nt have areas. the road to cross everyday.
  17. 17. • Construction, size and shape Hum b scientific. th Contract ps th o of the Public Works / Other departments e All e ors f e should be provided with the details of scientific Hump • Provisi o sma pilo hump fe meter construction. before f ll ca t on sb considered w s ensure that humps are not left humps n also e to unnoticed.
  18. 18. • Hum shoul b clearl marke to avoi accident Methoy o permane natur ps d e d, d shoul b ds s. f Hum markin Fo nt e example white marble pieces / r d e followed in p g. fluoresce pigme ca b includ i th white color / scientifically ed nt nt n e n e • mixture ( if correct). o obstructio o roa sides caused byf unauthorised d ns n , Elimination construction / road side sales.
  19. 19. • Increasi visibili nea curvatur Sometimes ty even cutting ofes. grass to ng r increase • visibility can help save many lives. b observ inRoad Safety Weekever yea School should Road Safety Day / Competiti o Roa s, Safety y Slogan e ed all r. Essay, Painting etc should be ons n d Tips, s, conducted for • School shoul b painte wit Brig various categories of students. Buses d e d h ht Yellow color.
  20. 20. • Le ‘Roa Safet b a mandato topi fo School Projects for ry classes, r all t d y’ e c • every year. tree pool of water orca hanging branch of as A small roadsid a caus accide such obstructions will make the on es n e nt, pedestrians an resul sudden accident movement an / drivers to take i LATERAL Henc obstruction on road sides ewhich y d t n s. LATE moveme shoul b complet can cause a rectifiednt RAL d e ely timely.
  21. 21. • Bla colo shoul no b permitt fo Cycles. d Defau colo for r ck r t e ed Preferred / lt r Cycles • Frontbeand Back of Lorries and should Yellow. b painte wit brig Yello colo to Trucks should increa visibili Thi wiw to preve hel r e d h ht collisio ty. whil Lorrill an Truc ar se s p nt parke o e roadsi witho parkin light ns es d ks e switched de d n ut g s on.
  22. 22. • Reflectors should be fixed on Front and Back • Period and Lorries. accide statisti to of Trucks revie o effec understa th f nt o action take ic w cs Correcti step t f take base o nd e s n. thes reviews. should be n ve s d n • e color should not be permitted for cars, othe vehicle o Black wheelers discourag b loadin extr s and r r two ed y g a premium for insurance.
  23. 23. • Attenti distracti Hoardings, advertisements shoul on ng banners, banned near roads / etc. d posters, • A automobi manufactur shoul highways. aske to d ll le ers safet o modified d strengthen y f vehicles design. More slides available at : Send your suggestions and feedback to Share with your friend colleagues and relatives to save many lives. b e b e by