Wintel vs unix 2


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the basic difference between the windows and unix is shown in this ppt.. it will used to improve your knowledge.

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Wintel vs unix 2

  1. 1. Slide prepared by,Anandharaj.JEmail
  2. 2. Comparison between Wintel and Unix Wintel UnixPrice Microsoft Windows can cost a The majority of Linux variants considerable amount per each are available for free or at a licensed copy. much lower price than Microsoft Windows.Ease of Use Microsoft has made several Although the majority Linux advancements and changes that variants have improved have made it a much easier to dramatically in ease of use operating system, and use, Windows is still much although arguably it may not be easier to use for new computer the easiest operating system, it is users. still Easier than Linux. Microsoft Windows is not open Many of the Linux variants andOpen source source and the majority of many Linux programs are open Windows programs are not open source and enable users to source. customize or modify the code however they wish to.
  3. 3. Comparison between Wintel and Unix(cont…) Wintel UnixReliability Although Microsoft Windows has The majority of Linux variants made great improvements in and versions are notoriously reliability over the last few reliable and can often run for versions of Windows, it still months and years without cannot match the reliability of needing to be rebooted. Linux.Software Because of the large amount of Linux has a large variety of Microsoft Windows users, there is available software programs and a much larger selection of utilities. However, Windows has available software programs, a much larger selection of utilities, and games for Windows. available software.
  4. 4. Comparison between Wintel and Unix(con…) Wintel UnixSoftware cost Although Windows does have Many of the available software software programs, utilities, and programs and utilities available on games for free, the majority of Linux are freeware and/or open the software the costs can be source. Even such complex considerable programs such as Gimp, Open Office, Star Office, and wine are available for free or at a low cost.Hardware Because of the amount of Linux companies and hardware Microsoft Windows users and manufacturers have made great the broader driver support, advancements in hardware support Windows has a much larger for Linux and today Linux will support for hardware devices support most hardware devices. and a good majority of hardware However, many companies still do manufacturers will support their not offer drivers or support for products in Microsoft Windows. their hardware in Linux.
  5. 5. Comparison between Wintel and Unix(con…) Wintel UnixSecurity Although Microsoft has made Linux is and has always been a great improvements over the years very secure operating system. with security on their operating Although it still can be attacked system, their operating system when compared to Windows, it continues to be the most much more secure. vulnerable to viruses and other attacks.Support Microsoft Windows includes its Although it may be more own help section, has vast amount difficult to find users familiar of available online documentation with all Linux variants, there and help, as well as books on each are vast amounts of available of the versions of Windows. online documentation and help, available books, and support available for Linux.
  6. 6. Advantage of Wintel and Unix Wintel UnixLots of software and games are developed for more control and Unix has greater built-in security andWindows is user friendly. permissions features than Windows.The main difference is Windows uses a GUI Unix possesses much greater processing(Graphical User Interface) and UNIX does not. power than Windows.In Windows one uses the click of a mouse toexecute a command where as in UNIX one less administration and maintenance.must type in a command. Unix is more flexible and can be installed onWindows can often more easily be installed many different types of machines, includingand configured to run on cheaper hardware to main-frame computers, supercomputers andrun a desired 3rd party product. micro-computers.Windows hosting is more easily madecompatible with UNIX-based programmingfeatures like PHP and MySQL.
  7. 7. Disadvantage of Wintel and Unix Wintel UnixVery bloated with many features most Front Page Extensionspeople dont use, thus slowing down the If you are using Microsoft Front Page to developcomputer and takes excessive hard drive your website, you will need to make sure that yourspace. However this shouldnt be much of a Unix host offers Front Page extensions. If you don’tproblem with newer computers. have these extensions, you will not be able to use Front Page to its complete abilities. Most UnixThere are many viruses programmed for based hosts are now offering these extensions, butwindows. there are still several that do not. No .ASPCan get a little pricey. If you plan to use Active Server Pages or .ASP for your website, you will not be able to use thisWintel has lower built-in security and language on a Unix server. Since this scriptingpermissions features than Unix language is gaining in popularity, this can be a tremendous downside if you select a Unix based host. No Visual Basic Like .ASP, Visual Basic is not supported on Unix based hosting, so again, if you plan to use this, or
  8. 8. ConclusionThe best way to choose between UNIX and windows isto determine organizational needs. If an organizationuses mostly Microsoft products, such as access, frontpage, or vbscripts, its probably better to stick withwindows.