How 2 format a pc


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Slide Showing How to Format a Pc with Windows XP and Windows 7 :)

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How 2 format a pc

  1. 1. HOW 2 FORMAT A PC WINDOWS XP WINDOWS 7 Anand Charvin S2C
  2. 2. WINDOWS XP
  3. 3. You are now ready to format your hard disk.1. To start, turn on your computer and load the BIOS settings.2. Insert the alternative operating system to the proper drive.3. Change the boot sequence from the hard drive to the drivewhere you have the alternative operating system. Once done,your computer should now be looking for a different drive tolocate for the operating system instead of your hard disk when itstarts. Save the setting and restart the computer.Insert the Windows XP disk onto the drive to Continue
  4. 4. After successfully changing the bootsequence and inserted the bootabledisk where the operating system islocated you will be prompted withthis screen in Figure once yourcomputer is back up.
  5. 5. PRESS ANY KEY!!
  6. 6. Press any key to let the computerrun through your CD and wait forfew minutes as it will be loading thenecessary files needed to formatyour hard disk.see the figure for details.
  7. 7. Once everything is loaded and you areready to continue, you will bepresented with another screen inNext Figure .Just hit enter to begin installingWindows XP. 
  8. 8. You will then be prompterwith the Microsoft LicenseAgreement .Press F8 to accept the termsand conditions under theLicense Agreement.
  9. 9. It will then continue andlocate for partitioned andnon-partitioned drives onyour computer. 
  10. 10. Delete the existing partition where yourcurrent operating system is located on yourhard drive by pressing the“D” button from your keyboard. This willremove all data on that partition so you canstart from an empty drive.You will then be prompted with a screen asin Figure asking if you really want to deletethe existing partition.
  11. 11. Press the enter key tocontinue the deletion. Thenext screen that will appearwill be the confirmation todelete the partition selected.
  12. 12. Press “L” and yourexisting partition willbe deletedleaving an empty andnon-partitioned diskAs in Figure ..
  13. 13. You are now ready to create a newpartition where the operatingsystem will be installed. Press the“C”. The next screen as in picwill be asking you for the size ofthe new partition. Choose theappropriate size of your choice.
  14. 14. You are now ready to create a newpartition where the operatingsystem will be installed. Press the“C”. The next screen in Pic will beasking you for the size of the newpartition. Choose the appropriatesize of your choice.
  15. 15. Press the enter key from the keyboardto continue. The setup will now beasking you to choose the formattingtype your new partition. ChooseNTFS because it’s an advance andsecure formatting type fromWindows.
  16. 16. Setup will now be formattingyour hard driveThis may take several minutesdepending on the size of yourhard drive.
  17. 17. After formatting, thesetup will now copy thenecessary files needed to install Windows XP onyour selected partition.
  18. 18. Once it reaches 100%, yourcomputer will now restart to start the installation of Windows XP. 
  19. 19. After restarting you will again beprompted with the screen inFigure 1. This time do not pressany key since you have donepartitioning your hard drive andyou are now preparing to installWindows XP.
  20. 20. That Was For Windows XPAnd as you continue you will be presented withdialogue boxes asking to set date, time, useraccounts and stuff’s like that, as they are not muchcomplicated no need to say much about it.You will be asked for a Serial Key Of XP Duringthis.And….As most of us have been labeled as “pirates!”We Don’t Have to worry about it…..I Know you got What I Mean!  :P
  21. 21. WINDOWS 7
  22. 22. Starting The installation of Windows7and going with it is much easier thanhanging out with XP..Windows 7 Don’t have Many DOS typeInstallation Screens, Any one can Do ItPretty easy with out much troubleAnd Here is a Guided Tour on How toFormat and Configure youre Systemwith Windows 7
  23. 23. Just Like The Old Configuration… Boot From the DVD..Press any Key To Continue and You are On the Way Watch the Screen as Windows loads the Files..
  24. 24. After Loading Completes..There is More “Loading” On the Way!Switches to another cute Little doswindow.We are now ready to Get in with theinstallation.
  25. 25. Black Screens Are Over,Now Lets Start the Real StuffGetting Into the Process.Set the Language, Time AndKeyboard Preferences
  26. 26. Here you Choose your Options 
  27. 27. To format the Disk, Use the Drive Options
  28. 28. And Here, It will take sometime. Wait… Will Restart On Here!
  29. 29. It’s Starting 
  30. 30. Got Some Things To Update 
  31. 31. And Thus It All Begin Out From A Small Disk.. 
  32. 32. We Left it some were right??
  33. 33. Graphics Is Very Important!!! 
  34. 34. Type In Names If you have any….
  35. 35. Passwords….
  36. 36. Thank you guys For Watching,,I hope you got an idea about how to Format and install Windows XP and Windows 7 On your systems S2C THE PIRATEBAY