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US states: Students PPT 4

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  1. 1. MassachusettsBy Laura, Tamar, Berta
  2. 2. General facts Is a U.S. state in the New England region ofthe northeastern United States of America Massachusetts is the 7th least extensive, butthe 14th most populous and the 3rd mostdensely populated state of the 50 UnitedStates. Massachusetts features two separatemetropolitan areas: Greater Boston in the eastand the Springfield metropolitan area in thewest
  3. 3.  Admission to Union: February6,1788(6th) Origin of the NameMassachusetts : Massachusettswas named for an AlgonquianIndian word that means "a big hillplace State bird: Black-CappedChickadee State insect: ladybug State flower: mayflower
  4. 4.  Flag: Interesting facts: Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith in Springfield. Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William Morgan in Holyoke. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) invented the firstcomputer in Cambridge in 1928 The first public school system was founded in Boston in 1635 The first American lighthouse was built in the Boston Harbor in 1716
  5. 5. Geography Massachusetts is the 7th smallest state in the United States. It islocated in the New England region of the northeastern UnitedStates, and has an area of 10,555 square miles (27,340 km2)Several large bays distinctly shape its coast. Boston is the largestcity, at the inmost point of Massachusetts Bay, the mouth of theCharles River, which is the longest river entirely withinMassachusetts. Massachusetts extends from the mountains of theAppalachian system in the west to the sandy beaches and rockyshorelines of the Atlantic coast.
  6. 6. Land and population Capital (and largest city):Boston Largest metro area: GreaterBoston Population: 6,646,144 Major cities: Boston, Worcester,Springfield Name for Residents:Massachusettsans Counties:
  7. 7. National parks and other areas of note Wendell State Forest: Located south of the Millers River Parker River National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1942 to providefeeding, resting, and nesting habitat for migratory birds The Cape Cod National Seashore: created on August 7, 1961 by PresidentJohn F. Kennedy It includes ponds, woods and beachfront of the Atlanticcoastal pine barrens ecoregion. October Mountain: is the largest state forest in Massachusetts. Adams National Historical Park : in Quincy, Massachusetts, preserves thehome of Presidents of the United States John Adams and John QuincyAdams, of U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, Charles Francis Adams, andof the writers and historians Henry Adams and Brooks Adams. Jiminy Peak : is a mid-sized ski resort in Hancock, Massachusetts in theTaconic Mountains
  8. 8. Climate The climate of Massachusetts is a humidcontinental climate, with warm summersand cold, snowy winters. The state does have extremetemperatures from time to time with 90F (32.2 C) in the summer andtemperatures below 0 F (-17.8 C) in thewinter not being unusual. The coast provides less extremetemperature fluctuations than the innerpart of the state. The main attraction and most widelyknown attribute of weather inMassachusetts is that of the perfect fallweather that provides the brilliant foliageduring the first two weeks of October.
  9. 9. Ecology Currently, forests cover around 62% of Massachusetts. The are most affected by human development are the GreaterBoston area, the smaller Springfield metropolitan area and thelargely agricultural Pioneer Valley. The coastal areas, forests and numerous lakes, provide life forall the wildlife. In addition, there are the Quabbin Reservoir and the MonomoyNational Wildlife Refuge that provide refuge to special tipes ofanimal in danger of extinction and protect them.
  10. 10. Tourist destinations Massachusetts offer a great variety of destinations, each one have its“special” region for it. Here are some examples: Northwest region: this is a wonderland for nature lovers. Wendell State Forest, covering7,566 acres, offers many tipes of activities like hiking or fishing. Also this is the area ofsome important museums like the Fitchburg Art Museum. Northeast region: Head to Salem and step back in history with Cry Innocent, areenactment of the infamous Salem witch trials. In Boston, you can visit the city‟sfamous Freedom Trail and then go to Crane Beach, one of the most popular places forsoaking up some sun, thanks to his white sand. Southeast region: The true gem of this region is the Cape Cod National Seashore. It hasgreat beaches, it offers hiking trails, a variety of trendy shops, fine dining and touristattractions. Southwest region: Here, home of the city of Springfield, stays Massachusetts‟ largestski resort. Also in October, the Mountain State Forest, it‟s a great place for numerousactivities like camping or canoeing.
  11. 11. Tourist destinations
  12. 12. Non tourist destinations Old Sturbridge Village: it‟s a must-see to experienceearly New England life from 1800s. The Flying Horse carousel: it‟s considered as theoldest carousel in the United States.
  13. 13. Food Crackers were invented in Massachusetts. The Boston Cream Pie. The Parker House Rolls: they are originated during the 1870sat Boston‟s Parker House Hotel.
  14. 14. Music in MassachusettsThere are several bands, singers and musicians who were born inMassachusetts.One example of this is the hard rock band Aerosmith, alsoknown as The Bad Boys from Boston. This band was formedin 1970. Aerosmith is the best-selling American rock band ofall time, having sold more than 150 million albumsworldwide, including 66.5 million albums in the United Statesalone
  15. 15. Music in MassachusettsLouis Bernstein was a composer born in Lawrence,Massachusetts. He was one of the most prodigiously talentedand successful musicians in American history. He composedballet, orchestal, film and theatre music, chamber music andpieces for the piano, as he was an excellent pianist. He is alsoworldwide known because of the music in West Side Story,which he composed.
  16. 16. Universities In the city of Boston, these ones are the more important ones: Boston University(Private) Northesatern University(Private) University of Massachusetts Boston(Public)
  17. 17. Universities Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Private) Harvard University (Private)
  18. 18. Politics of Massachusetts The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is often categorizedpolitically as socially progressive and liberal. The two mainpolitical parties are the Democratic Party and the RepublicanParty. Massachusetts has a bicameral state legislature,collectively known as the Massachusetts General Court. It ismade of the 160-seat Massachusetts House ofRepresentatives and the 40-seat Massachusetts Senate.The Governor of Massachusetts is the executive of the stategovernment, and is elected every four years. Massachusetts isthe home of the Kennedy family. Massachusetts president orpresiding officer nowadays is Therese Murray, a Democrat.
  19. 19. Major Cultural Traditions Tha Patriots‟ Day is celebrated every third Monday of April.This celebrates the anniversary of Battles of the AmericanRevolutionary War. They are just celebrated in three states,but it is more „important‟ in Massachusetts as the War startedthere. This same day is run the Boston Marthon. Also in Massachusetts there is an annual Italian feast-daypreocessional wind their way through urban streets inveneration of Saints.
  20. 20. TheEnd.