Plural nouns 1 ero
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Plural nouns 1 ero






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Plural nouns 1 ero Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Mrs. Anabel Montes - English teacher Shoe Shoes
  • 2. A noun is a name of a person, place or thing. Shoe Leaf Ball Car Story Clock Brush
  • 3. Nouns can be more than one. Brushes Doors Balloons Monkeys Cups
  • 4. Adding s to make plurals. Shoe Ball Car ClockShoes Balls Cars Clocks Singular SingularPlural Plural Cup Cups Spoon Spoons
  • 5. Match singulars and plurals. Ball Car Clock Balls Cars ClocksCup Cups Spoon Spoons Doors Door
  • 6. Adding es to make plurals. Box Brush Fish Boxes Brushes Fishes Singular Plural When nouns end with sh, ch, s or x we add es to make plurals.
  • 7. Match singulars and plurals. Box BrushFish Boxes Brushes Fishes Foxes Fox Bunch BunchesGlasses Glass
  • 8. Adding ies to make plurals. Bunny Pony Story Bunnies Ponies Stories Singular Plural When nouns end with y we add ies to make plurals. If there is a vowel before the y then s is added. Monkey Monkeys
  • 9. Match singulars and plurals. Bunny Pony StoryBunniesPonies Stories Monkey Monkeys Toys Toy Boy Boys
  • 10. Some nouns have different plurals. Child Man Tooth Children Men Teeth Singular Plural Foot Woman Mouse Feet Women Mice Singular Plural
  • 11. Match singulars and plurals. Child Man Tooth ChildrenMen Teeth Foot Woman Mouse Feet Women Mice
  • 12. Some singular and plurals are the same. Sheep Deer Salmon Sheep Deer Salmon Singular Plural
  • 13. Match singulars and plurals. Sheep Deer Salmon Sheep Deer Salmon
  • 14. Write singulars or plurals. mice bag brush foxes donke ycow sheep door teeth kid glass children spider ponies flower lady
  • 15. Write singulars or plurals. toys tail box hats pot lunch salmon cake dish baby windows fish chair cars can balloons