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Updated flipbook

  1. 1. Photocredits: “.I Travel East.” -FlickrThe beauty of earth is endless and immense.From the bold and vibrant to sublime anddesolate. However, what happens when youintroduce a Kingston squirrel into this mix?
  2. 2. We interrupt this Flipbook message, to bring you amessage from Anonymous.We are Anonymous.We are alegion.We do not forgive.We do not forget. Expect us.Photocredit: Ben Page –Flickr
  3. 3. Anonymous, is an un-centralized network ofhacktivists using distributed denial of serviceattacks (DDoS) .Photocredit: Paul Gern -Flickr
  4. 4. Originated in 2003 on the internet forum4chan.They have expanded their reach via socialnetworks backed by millions of onlinemembers.This leads us to question…..Photocredit: Paul Gern -Flickr
  5. 5. CyberTerrorists?ARE THEYFreedomFighters?ORPhotocredit:Sarah Bednarek
  6. 6. “Freedom fighters orvandals? No consensuson Anonymous.”-Matt Krupnick, Highbeam ResearchPhotocredit: Lorraine Murphy –Flickr
  7. 7. “In December 2006, Anonymous took downthe website of white supremacist radioshow host Hal Turner. The attack ended upwith Turner paying some very expensivebandwidth bills and dropping a lawsuit ayear later.”–Justia.comPhotocredit: Andrew Cuba – FlickroFreedom Fighter
  8. 8. Photocredit:Ian Britton– Flickr“Anonymous released userinformation from a majorhacking forum inFebruary 2011, andsecurity firm Mandiantwas able to use this datato link the Chinesemilitary to cyber-attacksagainst the U.S. thisyear.”–Paul Harris, The GuardianoFreedom Fighter
  9. 9. Photocredit: Kenny Teo - Flickr“Anonymous hacked the website ofthe Kasumigaura River Office inIbaraki Prefecture, apparentlymistaking "Kasumigaura" for"Kasumigaseki," the location of manycentral government offices.”[Intention: to protest against theenactment of the revised CopyrightLaw]-Yomiuri Shimbun, The Jakarta Post Tcyber Terrorists
  10. 10. Photocredit: The Library of Congress– Flickr“The Westboro Baptist Church isnotoriously hateful and intolerant.Anonymous successfully took down theWestboro Baptist Churchs website inFebruary 2011 in protest.”-Asawin Suebsaeng, MotherJonesoFreedom Fighter
  11. 11. Photocredit: “dar_ko_16”- Flickr“Operation DarkNet wasthe groups campaignagainst childpornography in October2011. Becausepornographers wereincredibly effective atusing technology tohide themselves,Anonymous usedtechnology to put themout of business.”-Micheal Stone, ExamineroFreedom Fighter
  12. 12. Photocredit: Anamika Choudhary“” oFreedom Fighter
  13. 13. Photocredit: Cristian Sitov, -Flickro“January 2008, Anonymous kicked off ‘ProjectChanology,’ its attack on the Churchof Scientology, acult-like religion which allegedly imprisons its dissidentmembers. They launched denial of service attacks againstthe organizationswebsites, and even physicallyprotested.”-Robert Vamosi, CNEToFreedom Fighter
  14. 14. "People have the right to express themselves ... The Church ofScientology has always defended the right of freedom of expression."Both representatives also expressed concerns regarding the spread of"hate speech".-Staff, WKMG-TVPhotocredit: “The Library of Congress” –FlickrTcyber Terrorists
  15. 15. Photocredit: “darcyadelaide” – Flickr“The Steubenville rapecase — in which imagesof the high schoolvictim were disseminatedin social media —obviously got a lot ofattention earlier thisyear. Anonymous releasedincriminating video,tweets, and emailsbelonging to accusedplayers on the schoolsfootball team.”-Crimesider Staff, CBCoFreedom Fighter
  16. 16. Photocredit:The Library of Congress – Flickr[Amanda Todd Case]“ A representative of the grouptold the Toronto Star that the groupdoesn’t care about causing the wrong manto be targeted. He is, after all, facingcharges. So he must be evil, right? ““I think Anonymous and anyone else needsto seriously weigh the further harm thatcould come out of releasing names of minorsin this case or others.”–Matt Gurney, National PostTcyber Terrorists
  17. 17. Photocredit: “Lord Bullgod” -Flickr“Just this month, Anonymousbegan ‘Operation FreeKorea.’ Its the groupseffort to get‘controversial leader KimJong-un to resign,’‘install free democracy,’‘abandon nuclearambition,’ and grant‘uncensored internetaccess’ to its citizens. OnApril 3, Anonymous releasedall 15,000 usernames andpasswords for thegovernments web servicesand threatened to wipe itsdata.”–Caitlin Dewey, Washingston PostoFreedom Fighter
  18. 18. Photocredit: Bruce Irving– Flickr“Getting onto the domestic[North Korean] internet ishighly unlikely based on ourcurrent understanding of thenetwork. Its believed to betotally separate from theinternet with no network linkbetween the two for securitypurposes. So this hack seemslikely to be a bluff.”–Martyn Williams, North Korea TechTcyber Terrorists
  19. 19. Photocredit:George Eastman House– FlickrMay 7th, Anonymous will start phase 1 of Operation USA,which is a response to acts of “multiple war crimes in Iraq,Afghanistan, Pakistan” and “in your own country.” Thegroup is protesting the Obama Administration’s uses oftargeted drone attacks that have resulted in the deaths of“hundreds of innocent children and families.”–This Day LiveTcyber Terrorists
  20. 20. ScoreboardFreedom Fighter o THowever, this board does not measure thetrue impact of Anonymous’ actions. It isdifficult to judge what is right or wrongand at what cost.Cyber TerroristPhotocredit: Created by me
  21. 21. Anonymous can be best describedthrough:“I myself am madeentirely of flaws, stitchedtogether with goodintentions.”–Augusten Burroughs, Magical Thinking
  23. 23. Photocredit: “blmiers2” – FlickrQueen’s studentsconstantly fear for theirlives. The squirrels areknown to attack studentsat random. Earth cannotbe safe until weexterminate the squirrels.
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