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Comparative superlative adjectives
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Comparative superlative adjectives


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  • 1. Advanced I, EOI Cartagena Isabel Bastida
  • 2. This film is far better tha n the o ne we s a w la s t we e k. The we a the r is a lot colder in this c o untry . Tha t e x e rc is e is m uch m difficult. ore
  • 3. I fe e ling slightly better tha n y e s te rd a y . ’m This y e a r is a bit m difficult tha n ore e x p e c te d Yo ur p ho ne is a little sm aller tha n m ine . Lo nd o n is quite as expensive as Pa ris . The we a the r is n’t quite as hot as it wa s la s t tim e .
  • 4. This c he e s e is by far the best I e ve r ’ve e a te n. I easily the m boring film Ive e ve r t’s ost ’ s e e n. He ’s the cutest ba by ever.
  • 5. • Burns Night celebrates the birth of the poet Robert Burns. It is one of most important nights in Scotland. • For many Scots, Burns supper is the most good event of the year. • Usually more late it gets, more noisy it gets. • The speech before the toast was funnyest I have ever heard. • The music was more loud that last year. • The celebration was more lively one I’ve ever been to. • Outside it was just as chilly than last year. • Next year I’ll leave more early. I couldn’t get hold of a taxi.
  • 6. • Fiesta Broadway in Los Angeles is ……………. (by far/ large) Cinco de Mayo celebration in the USA. • This year it was ……………. (much/crowded) than it was last year. • This year’s parade was ……………. (not quite/long) as last time. • The costumes were ……………. (a lot/ colourful) than before. • The food is ……………. (far/spicy) than I remembered. • I tried ……………. (easily/mild) dish, and it made my mouth burn!
  • 7. Complete the idiomatic expressions. Use the pictures to help you. As deaf as … As busy as … As blind as … As easy as … As old as … As black as… As poor as… As mad as … As happy as… As cold as … As hungry as … As clear as … As free as … As sick as …. As pale as … As stubborn as … As light as … As large as …