Social networking + Location + Mobile phone = SOLOMO


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What is SOLOMO?

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  • Social networking + Location + Mobile phone = SOLOMO

    1. 1. What is SOLOMO?
    2. 2. “It is the integration of one’s social media platforms and physical location with one’s mobile device. An example of SoLoMo integration would be a social mobile app that is aware of your physical location and that you can interact with from your mobile device, both to input information (check-ins, posts, status updates, ratings and reviews, etc) and to receive information (store hours, products and services, ratings and reviews, coupons and promotions of nearby businesses).”
    3. 3. “For businesses, SoLoMo represents an opportunity to micro-target prospects and consumers wherever, whenever, with contextuallyrelevant content, information or promotion that is also designed to be shared on social media. Social Media is the platform you use to promote your message and engage with your target audience; Local is your area of concentration or relevant proximity; this can be physical or even online. Mobile is the medium of connection between your brand and its prospects and customers.”
    4. 4. IN A NUTSHELL, SOLOMO is the convergence of collaborative, location-based and on-the-go technologies. The term is primarily used in marketing.
    5. 5. IMPLICATIONS ON ECOMMERCE • ECOMMERCE owners would get to target their consumers or prospects more effectively. • There is more reach, or audience for your promotions and advertisements. • This can lead to more sales, success for the business.
    6. 6. IMPLICATIONS ON ECOMMERCE • Marketing is easier, knowing where your consumers are. • More people would try ecommerce if SOLOMO proves to be effective in targeting consumers. • The ECOMMERCE would boom, and pretty soon, the need for physical stores would soon lessen more and more.
    7. 7. FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS • I would expect that SOLOMO to be more effective in the next two years, as technology continues to evolve that would find new ways to improve or support SOLOMO. • It would continue to be effective, as the reach of the market is consumers with smartphones.
    8. 8. FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS • As the mobile platform, or the smartphone industry continues to grow and trumps the PC market, the target market is more bigger. • This makes business more accessible to the consumers because they are only a hand held away. • I expect to see more and more business to you use SOLOMO in their marketing in the future.