English test intermediated level


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English test intermediated level

  1. 1. Date:Student: ENGLISH TEST ADVANCED LEVEL I. READING COMPREHENSION (1.0) Read the story and answer the questions about it. THE TALE OF HORRIBLY GOOD CARLOTA“Once upon a time, a long time ago there was a little girl called Carlota. She was always well-behaved and worked hard at school to please her parents and her teachers. She was neverlate, never dirty, never rude, and she never told lies."The children on the train began to look bored. "Was she pretty?" asked the smaller girl."No" said the young man."She wasnt pretty at all. She was just horribly good. Carlota was sogood that she won three gold medals. One said Never Late, one said Always Polite, and thethird said Best Child in the World.""Yuck!" said the three children."Anyway, said the young man, "Carlota was so good that the king invited her to his palace. Soshe put on her best clean white dress and she pinned her three medals to the front, and shewalked through the woods to the kings palace. But in the woods there lived a big hungry wolf.He saw Carlotas lovely white dress through the trees and he heard the medals clinking togetheras she walked."Aha! thought the wolf. Lunch! And he started to move quickly but quietly through the treestoward Carlota.""Oh, no!" cried the children. "Is he going to eat Carlota?""Yes, of course," answered the young man. "Carlota tried to run away, but she couldn’t run fastbecause the medals were so heavy. The wolf caught her easily and he ate everything, every bitof Carlota, except her three medals.""Thats terrible story," said the aunt."No, it isnt," shouted the children. "Its the best story ever!""Ah," said the young man, "the trains stopping. Its my station."Answer the questions with your point of view. 1. Who are the main characters? 2. Choose one character. Why was this character important in the story? 3. What was your favorite part of the story and why? 4. If you change the ending of the story, how would it end? 5. Tell the main events that happened in the story.
  2. 2. III GRAMMAR (1.0) Complete the sentences using present simple or past simple with the verbs in brackets.1. I work in a big office twenty other people. We (spend) ______________ all the day together.I (like)_____________ most of them except for Neil2. Every day he (spend) ____________ one hour talking about his holidays. Last year, he(go)___________ to Germany3. He (spend)_____________ a month there, and he (visit) ___________ many places. He(rent) ____________ many places.4. At 12.30 I usually (go) ____________ out for lunch with Helen, the secretary. She(work)_________ from 8 am to 8pm.5. Today, she (have) ______________ a lot of things to do at home but she (want)________tostay late again.III. WRITING (1.0) In ten lines, describe news with your own words, about the woman abused in Colombia.III. LISTENING (1.0) While that you listen to the dialogue, try to complete this multiple choice activity. 1. Where did you grow up? o In Los Angeles. o In Ohio.
  3. 3. 2. What did he come to Los Angeles? In 1978 In 1988 3. How much time did he spend acting? Eight years Five years 4. What was his major? o Hairdressing. o Acting. 5. What did he come a hairdresser? o Because he had lot of money. o Because he needed a lot of money. II. ORAL PERFORMANCE(1.0) What is the meaning of Carlota’s story? CRITERIA IN GREEMENT PARTIALLY IN IN (1 POINTS) AGREEMENT DRESAGREEMENT (0 POINTS) (0.5 POINTS) Students have knowledge about the topic Students have good fluency in their speaking Students have appropriate pronunciation in their speaking.Teachers: Yon Fredy Espinosa Garzón and Diana Marcela Murcia Bravo.