Ultimate free digital marketing toolkit


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Ultimate free digital marketing toolkit

  1. 1. Image: jejamescycles.co.ukThe Ultimate Free Digital Marketing Toolkit → Over 100 Awesome Free Resources By @stevejlock
  2. 2. Contents About Analytics SEO, The Author, and Acknowledgements Learning SEO and Internet Marketing Excel for SEO and Google Docs Browser Plugins and Bookmarklets Keyword Research Crawling and Technical Auditing Linkbuilding and Backlink Data Social Media and Content Related Tools Productivity, GTD and Miscellaneous
  3. 3. About Analytics SEO & Legal StuffAnalytics SEO is an award winning SaaS platform founded by LaurenceOToole that has been launched in the UK, US, Sweden, Norway, Israeland France.Analytics SEO is a leading solution in terms of reporting and campaignmanagement; it powers tens of thousands of campaigns worldwide forhundreds of agencies, SMEs and large brands. It is built around apowerful workflow based approach to SEO and automates manymundane tasks for search practitioners. It can help to identify valuableinsights through analysis of data from Google Analytics, GoogleWebmaster Tools, SEMRush, Majestic SEO and our own proprietarytechnology. In 2012 Analytics SEO launched its first free product whichyou can check out here.You can visit our website here, email us at feedback@analyticsseo.comor find us on Twitter via @analyticsseo.This eBook can be shared, but cannot be altered or reproducedwithout written permission from the author.Copyright - All rights reserved 2012 ©
  4. 4. The Author & AcknowledgementsSteve Lock is Head of SEO for Analytics SEO and Co-chair for SEMPOUK. He has gained experience working agency-side, client-side and alsoworking with hundreds of search agencies across the globe with bothSEMPO and Analytics SEO. You can find him on LinkedIn or Twitter via@stevejlock.During Steves career he has worked with a mix of startups, small brandsand numerous FTSE100 organisations. He is also a proud supporter ofinitiatives and events that SEMPO has been involved with includingSASCon, Search Engine Strategies, UK and European Search Awards.This guide has predominantly come from my own testing and research,however there were a couple of awesome people and blogs that I shouldmention that have helped to inspire and shape this eBook. Firstly ChrisAnderson, without his book Free I never would have been soenthusiastic about this project. The research has also been influenced bya number of guys over at Distilled, iAcquire and SEOGadget includingTom Anthony, Will Critchlow, Richard Baxter and more recently MikeKing.
  5. 5. About This GuideThis guide has been written as a comprehensive reference to some ofthe best free SEO resources available on the internet. Each of the pagesis hyperlinked so simply click on the images to visit the websites.After moving to Ubuntu Linux in 2008, I needed to be replace many ofthe SEO tools and techniques that I regularly used with tools available inLinux environments. This inevitably meant relying on using web basedapplications, browser extensions and building agile tools. The mostsurprising insight from this experience was that a majority of the bestresources available are completely free.The guide was also heavily influenced through a period of research in2009 into freemium business models with a particular emphasis onGoogle. By far the best resource I found was Free by Chris Anderson,which as I am sure you have already guessed is also a free resource!The guide shares just over one hundred of the best digital marketingresources available on the internet and is the result of years of research.Its been a lot of fun to write and I hope you like the guide!
  6. 6. Analytics SEO Has A Free Option!
  7. 7. Learning SEO & Internet Marketing I hope its not boring...
  8. 8. Learning SEO & Internet MarketingLearning about internet marketing is really tough, the biggest challengeis probably all the garbage content that gets circulated – which makes itreally hard to distinguish good advice from bad.Early in my career, I actually needed to go through the process ofrelearning many aspects of SEO, as I began to realise that reading thewrong materials can have a really detrimental affect on what can alreadybe a challenging area to research.The good news is that in recent years there have been some amazingreference materials and guides published. If you are new to internetmarketing than you are in luck because following these guides can notonly give you a really solid foundation, but could enable you to giveexperienced practitioners a run for their money!Just never forget the golden rule of treating all sources with realscepticism and try to keep the number of blogs, forums and industrysites you read to a real minimum (youll thank me for it later!).
  9. 9. Free by Chris Anderson
  10. 10. SEOmoz Beginners Guide to SEO
  11. 11. SearchCap by Search Engine Land
  12. 12. Clockwork Pirate & BrightonSEO
  13. 13. Noob Guide to Online Marketing
  14. 14. Google SEO Starter Guide
  15. 15. The Science of Social Media
  16. 16. Stanford Introduction to IR
  17. 17. Noob Guide to Link Building
  18. 18. Create Compelling Content Guide
  19. 19. Inbound.org
  20. 20. Copyblogger Magnetic Headlines
  21. 21. Excel for SEO & Google Docs
  22. 22. Excel for SEOs
  23. 23. SEO for Excel
  24. 24. ImportXML Guide for Google Docs
  25. 25. ImportXML Cookbook
  26. 26. XpathBuilder.com
  27. 27. Daniel Butlers Hot Content Tool
  28. 28. Link Profile Tool by Tom Anthony
  29. 29. Browser Plug Ins & Bookmarklets
  30. 30. Browser Plug-ins & BookmarkletsBrowser plug-ins have come a really long way since I started in digitalmarketing. Using a mixture of Firefox and Chrome gives you access toam amazing arsenal of awesome free tools.In the last couple of years I have also been seeing many morebookmarklets that can help you save loads of time especially whensnooping around sites for the first time or competitors domains. You canlook up a vast array of metrics in seconds and just a couple of clicks.A colleague Mark Bennett once said to me “peoples’ intelligence shouldbe measured by the number of browser add-ons they use”. Initially Iwasnt 100% sure whether a large number was better or worse, howeverafter checking out these examples Im pretty sure the answer is the morethe better...
  31. 31. Web Developers Toolbars
  32. 32. Live HTTP Headers
  33. 33. Scraper For Chrome
  34. 34. Pencil Project
  35. 35. User Agent Switcher
  36. 36. SEO for Chrome
  37. 37. SEO Site Tools for Chrome
  38. 38. SEOmoz Mozbar
  39. 39. Nifty SEO Bookmarklets
  40. 40. SEO Bookmarklet by Troy Meyer
  41. 41. Rank Checker for Firefox
  42. 42. Link Scraping Tools for Chrome
  43. 43. Link Gopher for Firefox
  44. 44. Grab Yall Links for Chrome
  45. 45. Linkclump
  46. 46. QuickMarkup
  47. 47. Xmarks
  48. 48. YSlow
  49. 49. Google Page Speed
  50. 50. Web of Trust - WOT
  51. 51. Eye Dropper For Chrome
  52. 52. Keyword Research
  53. 53. Keyword ResearchI would always argue that keyword research is one of the most importantaspects of a successful digital campaign; as if you target the wrongkeywords, even if you rank really well for them, you will get poor resultsfor a number of reasons:1. You could end up ranking well, but the terms would generate a merefraction of the traffic you expect.2. It could attract the wrong audience and lead to extremely poorconversion rates.If possible I would always recommend relying on real world analyticsdata and PPC tests for keywords you dont rank for. If that is notpossible, at least use multiple data sources to avoid any nasty surprises!This is because keyword research can sometimes feel like you’re doingway too much guesswork.However, as with all areas of digital marketing there are loads of reallycool free tools available, here are some of the best.
  54. 54. Google Analytics
  55. 55. Google Keyword Tool
  56. 56. Bing Keyword Research Tool
  57. 57. Merge Words
  58. 58. Ubersuggest Suggestion Scraper
  59. 59. Keyword Pad
  60. 60. Alexa.com
  61. 61. Quora, LinkedIn & Yahoo Answers
  62. 62. Crawling & Technical Auditing
  63. 63. Crawling & Technical AuditingTechnical SEO has recently become much easier; I often see websitesranking well that would have struggled to rank if it wasnt for theadvances of Google (and other major search engines!) doing a better jobof crawling them.However, it is still potentially one of the most important aspects of acampaign to get right and can yield quickest ranking improvements,especially if the site is already authoritative.Here is a selection of my favourite free tools for analysing technical SEOissues. They contain a number of crawling and auditing tools includingdirect feedback and advice from both Google and Bing.SEOs sometimes debate how useful such direct feedback is, but oftentechnical recommendations are amongst the most reliable informationthat they share.
  64. 64. Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  65. 65. Analytics SEO
  66. 66. Xenu Link Sleuth
  67. 67. Microsoft SEO Toolkit
  68. 68. Google Webmaster Tools
  69. 69. Virante Duplicate Content Checker
  70. 70. howgoodisyourseo.com
  71. 71. Marketing Grader
  72. 72. Link Building & Backlink Data
  73. 73. Link Building & Backlink DataLink building related tools are probably my favourite category, it’s oftenthe area where SEOs feel the most pain and thus get quite obsessedwith. Backlink data is an area where often it’s tough to try and work oncampaigns without paying for it, but as I am sure you’ve already guessedits getting easier!In a similar manner to keyword research it is worthwhile consideringusing multiple sources, I like this approach as it can help you to paint amore complete picture, especially as analysing backlink profiles can besuch challenging work!Other tools I really like include Duck Duck Go for generating high qualitylink prospects, Tynt Publishing Tools to encourage people to link to youand Tom Anthonys AuthorCrawler to generate insights into who is linkingto a website...
  74. 74. Bing Link Explorer
  75. 75. CommonCrawl.org
  76. 76. Duck Duck Go
  77. 77. Tynt Publishing Tools
  78. 78. NetPeak Checker
  79. 79. AuthorCrawler
  80. 80. Link Diagnosis
  81. 81. MyBlogGuest.com
  82. 82. HARO
  83. 83. Majestic SEO
  84. 84. BuzzStream Blogroll Scraper
  85. 85. Social Media & Content Related
  86. 86. Social Media & Content Related Tools The explosion in social media tools is moving quicker than any other category I have covered. Twitter even announced they have powered well over one million apps! It is really tricky to keep up with, however I have managed to compile some of my favourites, which includes a content marketing twist as it is such a hot topic at the moment. There are a number of curation related tools and apps that generate actionable insights into your campaigns effortlessly. My pro tip would be to keep an eye on the tools that have APIs and support RSS, these can enable you to add powerful automation to your campaigns, which can (when handled tastefully) help you to supercharge your social campaigns!
  87. 87. TweetDeck
  88. 88. CrowdBooster
  89. 89. Social Mention
  90. 90. Topsy Real Time Search
  91. 91. Zite & Flipboard
  92. 92. Awedience
  93. 93. News.me
  94. 94. LinkedIn Today
  95. 95. Twitterfeed
  96. 96. Klout
  97. 97. Gist
  98. 98. Rapportive
  99. 99. Export.ly
  100. 100. BufferApp
  101. 101. HootSuite
  102. 102. MarketMeSuite.com
  103. 103. IFTTT
  104. 104. Trunk.ly → Delicious
  105. 105. MentionMapp.com
  106. 106. Untweeps.com
  107. 107. SillyTwitterBios.com
  108. 108. Productivity, GTD & Miscellaneous Image: cartoonstock.com
  109. 109. Productivity, GTD & MiscellaneousAt heart I am a passionate evangelist for anything to do with productivity,lifehacking and GTD. This section covers some tools that have helpedme to keep organised and save me lots of time.My pro tip would be to invest time in learning shortcuts in all the appsyou use the most (including your operating system) and automatingtasks that you are frequently repeating. There is a famous saying inLinux that if you have to do anything more than three times you shouldautomate it.This may sound a little extreme, but if you automate ten tasks that saveyou ten minutes, they will quickly save you hundreds, or even thousandsof minutes!I have also included some fantastic apps I wanted to include that didnt fitinto the other categories like The Email Game, RSS Owl andRapidminer.I hope you are enjoying this guide, the end is near, but I have savedsome of the best until last!
  110. 110. Pomodairo
  111. 111. Remember The Milk
  112. 112. Producteev.com
  113. 113. Trello.com
  114. 114. Instapaper
  115. 115. TeamLab.com
  116. 116. Wirify.com
  117. 117. The Email Game
  118. 118. TinEye.com
  119. 119. Plagium
  120. 120. Visual.ly
  121. 121. Rapidminer
  122. 122. Google Forms
  123. 123. RSS Owl
  124. 124. Final ThoughtsI hope you have enjoyed reading this eBook as much as I have enjoyedwriting it. Freemium business models are the lifeblood of the internet, it’swhat helps make the internet so awesome!If you have indeed liked this guide or feel there is something I havemissed please feel free to get in touch with me via Twitter @stevejlock orLinkedIn. Fingers crossed by the time you read this I might even havefinally gotten my personal blog off the ground too...Also whatever you do dont forget to grab your free Analytics SEOaccount if you havent already. You can do so by clicking here.This eBook can be shared, but cannot be altered or reproducedwithout written permission from the author.Copyright - All rights reserved 2012 ©