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Analytics SEO - Optimise how you optimise - State of Search
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Analytics SEO - Optimise how you optimise - State of Search


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. “Optimise how you optimise” Laurence O’Toole Founder & CEO Analytics SEO @nearlysinglefig Google + 44 (208) 977 4465 (UK)+1 (917) 300 1036 (USA) 1
  • 2. Our Story• The core team built a local PPC Platform in 2003• Started a golf business working with famous golf coaches• Started website redesign business• Started SEO services• Started looking for tools - found lots of them…but…• Couldn’t find any integrated project management solutions that allowed you to do things at scale• So in 2009 we built our own integrated SEO platform using the ‘Slight Edge’ philosophy…we’ve been doing this ever since (in-between the odd game of golf!) 2
  • 3. The ‘Slight Edge’ philosophy - Gain and maintain a slight edge over your competition to get to No.1 3
  • 4. Our SEO Platform – Analytics SEO YourWebsite(s) SEO Analysis SEO Monitoring SEO Management SEO Reports Your SEO GuidanceCompetitors Search Engines • SaaS SEO Platform • Integrated Workflow Management • Proprietary Algorithms, Crawler, Ranks SEO Results* • Leverage “Big SEO Data” • White Label/Reseller Website Revenues - Up 85% 3rd Party • API Website visits – Up 162% Data • Internationalised Keyword Ranks – Up 6.6 places * Average across all customers with analytics 4
  • 5. Our 5 Stage SEO ProcessAnalytics SEO is built upon a successful continuous SEO process 5
  • 6. Our Solutions & Target Markets • Analytics SEO Platform – Sophisticated SEO platform – Targeting: Digital marketing professionals, in-house and agency SEOs – Scalable SaaS Model – Fees from £99/mth + Usage charges • How Good is Your SEO – User-friendly interface to our API – Lead generation tool for Web design and SEO agencies • Customisable API – Allows us to build scalable partnerships worldwideAPI 6
  • 7. Real-life Scenarios• It’s 11.00 pm and you’re just about to go to bed when you receive a Tweet about another Google Algorithm Update… Will I be getting a pay rise? Will I be phoning in sick? Or will I be looking for my next ‘opportunity’ in the morning? 7
  • 8. Oh, Oh!There’s been an algorithm update time to take a deep breath! 8
  • 9. Algorithm UpdatePanda 2.0 Panda 3.3 / 3.4 9
  • 10. Multi-Site Project Management Take post algorithm update corrective action on one site or all sites 10
  • 11. Real-life Scenarios• I’m about to go on holiday (and switch my mobile phone off) - I want peace of mind - but I’ve got all these reports to do before I go and what if something happens whilst I’m away? What might I come back to? Where should I go? Boston? Austin? Florida? Maybe Venice or Antarctica to see the Penguins? 11
  • 12. Customised, Scheduled Reporting 12
  • 13. Real-life Scenarios• It’s Monday evening 5.30pm and the CEO wants a report (for a big client) on his desk in the morning How lucky I am to work for such an inspiring and motivating leader of men…. 13
  • 14. Ad-hoc Branded Reporting Too 14
  • 15. Real-life Scenarios• I’m spending a lot of money on PPC. Would this be better spent on SEO? Maybe I could convince my boss to spend some of the PPC budget I’m saving on me? 15
  • 16. In-depth Analysis - SEO vs PPCMonth on Month PPC vs Organic PerformanceMetric Dec-12 Jan-13Pay-Per-ClickClicks 355 431Impressions 68,548 44,849Click-through rate (CTR) 0.00% 0.00%Total Google adwords spend £819 £870Conversion rate 42.00% 26.00%Cost per conversion £5.39 £7.57Total conversions 151 114 I feel a pay riseCPC Revenue £0.00 £0.00 coming…..Clicks - M/M % change 231% 21%Total spend - M/M % change 169% 7%Total conversions - M/M % change 3675% -25%SEO - organic searchTotal search visits 5,675 8,264Total non-brand search visits 5,073 7,333Non-brand keywords 539 623SEO spend £1,000 £1,000SEO conversion rate 36% 45%SEO cost per conversion £0.49 £0.27SEO goal conversions 2,028 3,725SEO E-commerce transactions 10 4SEO E-commerce revenue £2,651.80 £715.20Search visits - M/M % change -2% 45%Non-brand search visits - M/M % change 0% 44%Non-brand search visits % search Visits 89% 89% 16
  • 17. Real-life Scenarios• Our company is planning a major website redesign How do I ensure I look like I know what I am doing (and come out a hero)? 17
  • 18. Complete Site Benchmarking• Automatic benchmarking• Site Performance• Technical• Indexation• Content• Links• Set SEO Targets 18
  • 19. Coming soon? What will Analytics SEO be adding next to make my life easier (and more fulfilled in every possible way)  19
  • 20. Authorship Research 20
  • 21. Content Marketing & Social Link BuildingLanding Pages + Inbound Links + Social Engagement + Authorship 21
  • 22. Analytics SEO - In Summary• Comprehensive all-in-one SEO platform that helps you get the essential SEO work done in less time• Multi-site approach - whether you’re an agency managing thousands of clients or an in-house SEO team managing hundreds of domains - it’s about helping you to scale your business efficiently• Software-as-a-Service - mature platform (started in 2009) with sophisticated back-end monitoring and free lifetime training and support 22
  • 23. Analytics SEO - In Summary • Big SEO Data - Proprietary crawling and ranking, analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, SEMrush, Majestic SEO, multi-lingual support • Experience - 10,000th client site uploaded earlier today! We’re tracking 35,000 sites worldwide. • We’re hiring - Software engineers, SEO R&D and Outreach roles in the UK, USA and France • Easy to try - Free lifetime account for 1 site** Terms and conditions apply 23
  • 24. Thank-you for participating… If you are curious please do grab your free account! Laurence O’Toole Founder & CEO Analytics SEO @nearlysinglefig Google + 44 (208) 977 4465 (UK)+1 (917) 300 1036 (USA) 24