Hcg slim and sexy how to use it everyday schedule


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Hcg Slim and Sexy Guidelines

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Hcg slim and sexy how to use it everyday schedule

  1. 1. https://www.facebook.com/hcgslimandsexy @hcgslimandsexy hcgslimnsxy hcgslimandsexy@gmail.com (02)655-0854 (+632908)7505-236 U.S. DIRECT PHONE NUMBER FOR INQUIRIES 619-534-8878 PAYPAL DETAILS: analynquimpo@yahoo.com yahoo messenger: analynquimpo
  2. 2. How to Take HCG SLIM AND SEXY Drops We're often asked how to take HCG SLIM AND SEXY drops. All you do is apply TEN drops under your tongue 3x each day (5hrs interval), at least 15 minutes before you eat or drink. It's that simple! Tips on How to Take HCG SLIM AND SEXY Drops       Do not drink or drink anything for 15 minutes before or after taking the dose Fill the dropper with the HCG liquid. Hold the tip of the dropper over a spoon. Squeeze the bulb very gently until an single drop of liquid falls into the spoon. Repeat until you get the number of drops for the desired level. Pour the liquid from the spoon under your tongue. After you apply the HCG drops, count to thirty slowly and then swallow Set an alarm in your Google Calendar, Outlook or smart phone for once every five hours so you don't miss taking your HCG drops. 3x a day. Suggested time. When you get up in the morning, before lunch, and before dinner. 7am, 1pm, 7pm   If you forget to take your HCG drops, don't worry! Just double the amount of HCG drops next time. When to Start With the exception of menstruating women, you can start your HCG diet program whenever you want! Menstruating Women The ideal time for you to start your HCG diet program is the first day after your period ends. If that doesn't work for you, you can also start at least 10 days before your period. The important thing is that you don't want your period to fall during the Loading Phase or Transition Phase. Plan accordingly. Keep in mind that you do NOT take any HCG drops during your period. You simply continue the diet and resume taking the drops again as soon as your period is over. It doesn't cause any hardship, but you'll get really hungry if you don't start taking HCG again as soon as your period is over. Note that weight loss often slows during your period. 23 Day PROGRAM HCG SLIM AND SEXY Drops comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) and are manufactured in strict accordance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). The 23-Day protocol! The Dr Simeons Weight loss CURE! If you only have 15-25 lbs to loss, this is the right choice for you! THE 23 DAY PROGRAM PHASE 1- DAYS 1-2 GORGING DAYS PLUS HCG SLIM AND SEXY DROPS PHASE 2 - DAYS 3-21 HCG SLIM AND SEXY DROPS AND 500 CALORIE DIET PHASE 3- DAYS 22-24 500 CALORIE DIET ONLY NO DROPS
  3. 3. DAY 1: 10 drops of HCG Slim and Sexy Drops 3x a day (every 5hrs) and GORGE Date:_________________ Morning Weight:_______ Eat as much FATTY FOOD as you can without making yourself sick..... Go to all your favorite fast food places. Eat your doughnuts, candy and cake...be sure to include anything that you think you may crave over the next month....Only one rule....ENJOY IT! Notes/comments for the day: ______________________________________________________________ ____ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ _
  4. 4. DAY 2: 10 drops of HCG Slim and Sexy Drops 3x a day (every 5hrs) and GORGE Date:_________________ Morning Weight:_______ Continue to enjoy being bad! Go to your favorite restaurant and have a COUPLE of your favorite desserts. Even though you do not feel hungry due to the HCG being loaded into your system, it is still VERY important to keep eating to fill in your fat stockpiles...but please, don't make yourself sick.... Eat up today and be ready to change your life tomorrow!!! Notes/comments for the day: ______________________________________________ ____________________
  5. 5. Days 3-21 Phase 2 HCG SLIM AND SEXY | The very low calorie diet (vlcd) The HCG Diet Days 3-21 Phase HCG starts on Day 3. After two days of a "see food" diet your total caloric intake shifts to 500 calories each day (not each meal). You During the entire Phase 2 HCG, continue your daily HCG drop regiment and follow this eating plan. And remember, you can do anything for 21 days, so don't cheat--not even a little bit, because if you do you'll stall for three days Phase 2 HCG SLIM AND SEXY | Breakfast: Unlimited amounts of...  Black coffee  Chamomile tea  Green tea  Yerba mate tea  Wu long tea * Only use Stevia sweetener to sweeten your coffee or tea. If you absolutely need milk with your coffee you get 1 tbsp of skim milk each day. Phase 2 HCG SLIM AND SEXY | Lunch & Dinner Protein: 100 grams weighed raw  Chicken breast  Beef  Shell fish  Veal  White fish Vegetable: One handful of a single veggie for each meal . . . and don't mix your veggies  Tomatoes  Lettuce  Celery  Cucumbers  Spinach
  6. 6.  Beet green  Chard  Asparagus  Cabbage  Red radishes  Fennel  Onion  Chicory Snacks: 2 per day  Apple  Orange  Strawberries  Half a grapefruit Daily Extras  1 tbsp. skim milk  Juice of 1 lemon  2 Grissini Breadsticks or Melba Toast  Miracle Noodles Be sure you are reading labels closely when cooking. You should not eat any oils, butters, sugars, or carbs. If it isn't on this list, don't eat it. The only sweetener allowed is stevia (the brand name, Truvia, can be found at most stores). Please note that Dr. Simeons' original HCG Diet protocol discouraged the use of lotions and cosmetics. The reasoning behind this is that anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your system. Dr Simeons suggested using all natural shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste etc. Be strict! You will see results. It is only 21 days....you can do it. So now you have lost a significant amount of weight and are very pleased with your self. Time to move to Phase 3.
  7. 7. Phase 3 HCG SLIM AND SEXY| Food freedom with a few restrictions Days 22-24 Phase 3 HCG is just as important as Phase 2 HCG, so be sure to stay on track. Phase 3 HCG is what keeps the weight off. On days 22 to 24, you should stick to the 500 calorie meal plan that you followed during phase 2 but stop taking your HCG Slim and Sexy drops. On day 25 (or when your body is telling you it is starving) you move to a more "real life" diet. Your total calorie intake should now fall between 1200 to 1500 calories a day. You are now allowed to eat any food you want EXCEPT anything with carbs or sugars. So cheese and milk are ok but make sure you are still checking labels. You may be surprised by the carbs and sugars found in some items. The best way to describe your eating habits in phase 3 is "clean eating". Stay away from processed foods and stick to fruits, vegetables and protein. Another perk to phase 3 is that you can now use butter and oil to cook with. A key factor in phase 3 is weighing yourself EVERYDAY! Getting on the scale should not be scary (or as scary as it was 3 weeks ago) so weigh in every morning. This allows you to closely monitor how your body (ie: weight) is being affected by the new foods you are eating. If you notice some slight weight gain, re-examine what you are eating or how many calories you are consuming. Your weight should not climb more than 2 pounds over what it was on day 21. If it does, don't worry, we have a solution for that....a steak day!! Steak Day: Do not eat anything all day long but be sure to drink plenty of water. For dinner, eat the biggest steak you possibly can and a tomato. The following day, your weight should have dropped 1-2 pounds. Continue on with phase 3. (this is also a helpful tactic throughout life) In addition to some food freedom, you can now begin exercise. It is up
  8. 8. Phase 4 HCG SLIM AND SEXY | Life . . . You no longer have to say, "I'm on a diet" You have worked so hard and are feeling pretty darn good about yourself (and you should be!), now it's time to make sure that weight never comes back. I think it is safe to say that eating smart didn't get you to the point you were at when you started this journey. So, continue eating smart and making good choices about what you put in your body. We suggest slowly adding carbs and sugars back into your diet while monitoring your weight. You will see what carbs and sugars your body doesn't handle well by fluctuations in your weight. We know it isn't realistic to say that you are never going to eat a cheeseburger again or drink some cocktails. With that in mind, think moderation. A large majority of what you eat should be "clean" (not processed) and low carb, low sugar. On the other hand, don't deny yourself a brownie once in a while. Once again, weighing yourself daily is a huge key to success. You didn't gain those extra 40 pounds in a couple weeks and they won't come back in a couple weeks. You never want to be shocked at what the scale says. Not only is clean eating a great way to keep the weight off but it is a healthy example for your family as well. Change your thinking about food. Don't live to eat, eat to live. Length of the Diet Program You can design your Diet Program so it lasts anywhere between 18 and 48 days, depending on how much weight you want to lose. Most people do the maximum 48-day program, but you can do less. Keep in mind that when we talk about a Diet Program, we're talking about the Loading Phase, the Core Phase, and the Transition Phase. The lengths of the Loading and Transition Phases are always the same. It's the Core Phase that can change. 18-Day Program The HCG Diet Program should never last less than 18 days, even for patients who only need to lose a few pounds. The brain’s fat-control center requires this amount of time to reset. Even if you happen to reach your desired weight before reaching Day 18, continue the rest of the program as outlined. You will then be able to eat more during the Maintenance Phase if you want to increase your weight back up to a certain level. Daily weighing of yourself during the Maintenance Phase will help you to know how much more you can eat to reach your target weight. 48-Day Program The maximum length for a single diet program is 48 days. The body starts becoming resistant to HCG after that length of time. You may reach your statistically normal weight before the 48 days are over. If this happens, (as long as you are at least 15 days into the diet, see previous section) simply stop taking HCG and move into the Transition Phase. The reason for this is that the HCG diet is self-limiting. One sign that you may have reached your normal weight is a sudden increase in hunger near the end of your program and after having lost a good amount of weight. Repeating the Program for Additional Weight Loss After the 3-week Maintenance Phase, you must wait 3 more weeks before starting a second round of the diet. Length of the Diet Program
  9. 9. FOR QUESTIONS PLS. TEXT OR MESSAGE ME AT 0908-7505-236 AND LOOK FOR ANA. U.S. DIRECT NUMBER 619-534-8878 WEBSITES FOR YOUR HCG SLIM AND SEXY JOURNEY 1. ALWAYS WEIGHT YOURSELF AND KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PROGRESS EVERYDAY OR WEEKLY. 2. TAKE A PICTURE OF YOURSELF OF YOUR BEFORE AND AFTER AND TAG IT TO OUR FACEBOOK SITE TO GET A 10% DISCOUNT ON YOUR NEXT PURCHASE. 3. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER 4. Join HCG DIET INFO FORUM FOR MORE INFO http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums 5. Please refer us to your friends, relatives, classmates, officemates. We value long term relationship with you so please don’t forget us.  6. Please follow us on Instagram hcgslimnsxy and post your pictures of progress and feedbacks. Face Food and Calorie Counts