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  • 1. Top 10Twitter MistakesAna Lucia Novak© www.socialana.comPRESENTED BY ANA LUCIA NOVAK
  • 2. Mistake #1: Quantity over QualityContrary to popular belief, thenumber of followers on Twitteris not a direct measure ofsuccess. Balance quantity andquality for best results.Ana Lucia Novak© www.socialana.com
  • 3. Mistake #2: Auto-Follow BackWhile it’s nice to reciprocate,automatically following everyone whofollows you results in a lot of spamand makes it difficult to interactmeaningfully.Ana Lucia Novak© www.socialana.com
  • 4. Mistake #3: Auto Direct MessagingMake real connections, not automated ones.Ana Lucia Novak© www.socialana.com
  • 5. Mistake #4: Not Customizing Your PageCreate a great first impression.Customize your background and profile.Ana Lucia Novak© www.socialana.com
  • 6. Mistake #5: Taking Extended BreaksDon’t leave your audience hanging when you have tobe away from Twitter.Ana Lucia Novak© www.socialana.com
  • 7. Mistake #6: The Same Time Each DayMix it up and connect with your followers in differenttime zones.Ana Lucia Novak© www.socialana.com
  • 8. Mistake #7: Not Responding to @sTwitter labels the @ mentions tab as “Connect” for areason. Connect with your audience that isalready talking to you.Ana Lucia Novak© www.socialana.com
  • 9. Mistake #8: No Personality TweetsNo corporate smugness required. Have fun andshow personality in your tweets.Ana Lucia Novak© www.socialana.com
  • 10. Mistake #9: Stingy with RetweetsShare the love and share great tweets with your followers.It builds connections andbrings great stuff to your audience.Ana Lucia Novak© www.socialana.com
  • 11. Mistake #10: Taking vs. GivingIt may sound cliché, but stopworrying about Twitter cangive you and instead thinkabout what you can giveTwitter. It comes backmanifold.Ana Lucia Novak© www.socialana.com
  • 12. Ready to Step up Your Social Media?Ana Lucia Novak© www.socialana.comTighten up your social mediastrategies, Improve Your OnlinePresence or Need Help ManagingYour Social Media Programs?Schedule a time with me here:http://meetme.so/analuciaandcomplete the assessment form:http://SocialAna.com/hire-Ana-Lucia