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  • 1. Top 10Affiliate Management MistakesAna Lucia Novak© www.socialana.comPRESENTED BY ANA LUCIA NOVAK
  • 2. Mistake #1: Passive RecruitmentIf you want super affiliates, you have to go out and recruitthem directly. Carve out these relationships.Ana Lucia Novak©
  • 3. Mistake #2: Lack of Training for NewbiesDon’t waste your time with artificial and ineffective linkschemes. They don’t help and can get you in trouble.Ana Lucia Novak©
  • 4. Mistake #3: Sparse Promotional ToolsOffer plenty of links, multimedia toolsand more for your affiliates. Themore they have, theeasier it is to promote.Ana Lucia Novak©
  • 5. Mistake #4: Not Staying in TouchProvide new tools, suggestionsand marketing ideasto your affiliates regularly.Use email, the phone or whateveryou need to keep them in the loopand thinking about your affiliateprogram.Ana Lucia Novak©
  • 6. Mistake #5: No Campaign TrackingHelp your affiliates be assuccessful as possible byproviding link and campaigntracking.Ana Lucia Novak©
  • 7. Mistake #6: No Customized PromotionsWork with your affiliates tofind out what they need andprovide the customizedpromotions they need.Ana Lucia Novak©
  • 8. Mistake #7: Lackluster Sign Up PageJust having an affiliateprogram isn’t enough tosign up.Make sure you include thebenefits of your programand what sets you apartfrom your competition.Make your sign up pageshine.Ana Lucia Novak©
  • 9. Mistake #8: Too Much Faith in a NetworkAffiliate networks havetheir benefits, but theycan be costly and stillrequire a proper strategy.Spend your moneywisely.Ana Lucia Novak©
  • 10. Mistake #9: Not Testing Offers FirstMake sure your affiliatescan get the best resultspossible by testing youroffers first.Ana Lucia Novak©
  • 11. Mistake #10: Not Paying on TimePaying your affiliates ontime means more faithfulaffiliates who will eagerlypromote your products.Ana Lucia Novak©
  • 12. Create Your Winning Affiliate ProgramAna Lucia Novak© www.socialana.comTighten up your social mediastrategies, Improve Your OnlinePresence or Need Help ManagingYour Social Media Programs?Schedule a time with me here: the assessment form: