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  • Things they might consider: Ability to pay $ per sale, % per sale, tracking capability, PayPal mass payment, emailing affiliates, multimedia promo tools, set different commissions for certain products and affiliates, etc.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Top 10Affiliate Management TipsAna Lucia Novak© www.socialana.comPRESENTED BY ANA LUCIA NOVAK
    • 2. #1: Know What You WantBefore your choose anaffiliate system, make sureyou know what you want.Write a list of what you wantyour affiliate program to beable to do and seek out theright solution.Ana Lucia Novak©
    • 3. #2: Affiliate Networks Aren’t For EveryoneAffiliate networks offer a fullservice package and will oftenattract new affiliates for you.However, they can be quitecostly. Evaluate whether yourcompany can afford thisservice or not as changinglater can be even more costly.Ana Lucia Novak©
    • 4. #3: Variety in Promo ToolsMake it easy for your affiliatesto promote you. Regularlyprovide a variety of tools likegraphics, text ads, videos,landing pages, pay-per-clickads, product reviews, socialmedia updates and more.Ana Lucia Novak©
    • 5. #4: Actively RecruitDon’t expect super affiliatesto just come to you. Make arecruitment strategy to getnew affiliates on board.Ana Lucia Novak©
    • 6. #5: Provide TrainingThere are many websiteowners who know how toattract an audience and havegreat influence in their market.But just because they have anaudience, doesn’t mean theyhave the product marketingskills they need…so providethem with training.Ana Lucia Novak©
    • 7. Tip #6: Competitive CommissionsNever promise more than youcan afford, but be competitivewith your commissions andoffer other incentives to attractaffiliates.Ana Lucia Novak©
    • 8. #7: Pay Regularly And On TimeOne of the best ways toget affiliate loyalty is topay regularly and to payon time.Ana Lucia Novak©
    • 9. #8: Give Them FreedomWhile you want to monitor youraffiliates for unscrupulouspractices, you also want ensurethey have freedom to market yourproduct.Don’t be too restrictive or you’ll loseout on some great affiliates.Ana Lucia Novak©
    • 10. #9: Stay in Touch RegularlyYour affiliates are busy, sostay in touch and provide newtools regularly.If you keep giving them goodstuff, they’ll keep promoting.Ana Lucia Novak©
    • 11. #10: Reward Good PerformersPay attention to who is doingwell in your affiliate program.Reward them with bonuscommissions and other greatperks.Ana Lucia Novak©
    • 12. Ready to Set Up Your Affiliate Program?Ana Lucia Novak© www.socialana.comTighten up your social mediastrategies, Improve Your OnlinePresence or Need Help ManagingYour Social Media Programs?Schedule a time with me here: the assessment form: