What can you say about the tasks on the list? Reflect on how each one impact on student
The mission and vision o...
My perception about data based is that all information and records of teachers and
students must encode and kept in the co...
It always been a fact that students have multiple intelligence that resulted to different
learning styles so to make teach...
What we really need is a change of character of every stakeholders, government
officials and workforce of the educational ...
seminars and trainings which they can share it to their colleagues in this way teachers will be
equipped with the current ...
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Elenita's answers

  1. 1. What can you say about the tasks on the list? Reflect on how each one impact on student learning. The mission and vision of the school are clearly stated The mission and vision of the school will give a sense of direction to any school since it clearly stated the end or educational goals that you want your learner to achieve. This is vital for all educational efforts, strategies and curriculum must be congruent to school’s mission and vision . The curriculum and plans are aligned with school goals Curriculum pertains to the subjects or courses to be offered plans are the ways to implement the curriculum. Curriculum and plans must be aligned to school goals because are the target that you want to achieve to every learner. If one of your educational goals is to achieve holistic development therefore subjects that must be offered should encompass all aspects of development such as intellectually, physically, spiritually and morally. The monitoring plan meets needs Monitoring plan is a way to observe and gives feedback to the problems encountered by the teachers and student in the educational process and in attaining educational goals. Then the problems or needs that were monitored must be given utmost attention and solution to make teaching and learning effective and efficient. Teacher observation and feedback are regularly conducted One of the role of a School Principal is to observe and give feedback to teachers in terms of their performance and use of teaching strategies. Principal and teachers must work hand in hand to achieve excellence in education and to its clientele and this can be done through regular observations. Resources are accessible For me resources pertains to the funds to be used in the purchase of equipments and materials needed by the teachers in teaching such as LCD’s, projector, computer, internet connections all of these are important in making learning fun and exciting. Development needs of teachers are addressed When we talk about teacher’s development we are taking about professional development that can only be achieved in in service trainings, seminars and workshop. The aforementioned trainings are needed the equipped teachers in the current and new trends in education that are proven effective. It is deemed important that every teacher must be developed professional to be able to perform their task that is to teach. Remember a teacher cannot impart knowledge that he doesn’t have. Data-based decisions are made
  2. 2. My perception about data based is that all information and records of teachers and students must encode and kept in the computer for accessibility. Strategies that recognize individual differences are in place Addressing to individual differences of students is one of the educational philosophy that needs to be considered. As a School Principal I need to monitor if teachers are employing different strategies in teaching to address to the problems of differences. For there can never be learning if the teacher will not be able to identify the variety of needs of students specially their learning styles. Consultations regarding instruction are held The success of the educational process lies in the hands of the teachers and the administrator that all efforts must be directed through the attainment of educational goals thus consultation is deemed necessary to be able to know the problems that may hinder in their performance. Activities that result in student achievement exist Student achievement are barometers that a school is offering quality education to its clientele thus this can only be achieved through provisions of different activities that will develop and enhance students potentials and talents. School staff are able to practice effective classroom management Classroom management is a term used by teachers to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behavior by students. The term also implies the prevention of disruptive behavior. It is possibly the most difficult aspect of teaching for many teachers thus teachers must be supported with proper guidelines, rules and regulation to abide inside and outside of the school .Discipline inside the classroom is important to make learning effective and efficient. A variety of supervisory model is employed As a school administrator you also serve as a model in employing supervision to your teachers.There maybe times that you need to be democratic and authoritative when the situations arises. For teachers must also employ varieties of supervision for pupils who have diverse behavior. Technology is effectively integrated in the teaching-learning process to improve student learning Technology pertains to new inventions in the field of teaching. These may refer to the gadgets and equipment that suits the needs of our time. Since education may seem boring for students whose teachers are using the old fashion of teaching that is far more different to their generation. Whether we like it or not educational must be built on the fads and fashion of the new generation to make it more meaningful and exciting for the pupils of this generation. Multiple opportunities to learn are given to students
  3. 3. It always been a fact that students have multiple intelligence that resulted to different learning styles so to make teaching and learning process effective teachers must devise ways to provide multiple opportunities for students to develop and enhance their talents. The school climate promotes learning It is in this maxim that teachers are trained to make colorful and informational bulletin boards, and a conducive classroom for these are outer motivation that helps in the facilitation of learning. Multiple criteria and assessments are used If we do have multiple intelligence and individual differences to our learners it is important that we School Administrator must provide our teachers multiple criteria and assessments in evaluating student performance to practice fairness in their score or grade and motivates student to exert more effort for they are evaluated based on their own learning style and abilities. Parents are viewed as partners Parents are considered to be one of the important stake holders in the school. They can also be tap to support any projects and activities that will promote welfare of every student. They can also serve as partners of the school in achieving excellence among students through their financial and moral support to school programs and development. High expectations of teaching staff is the norm As a School Administrator setting standard or high expectation must be clearly defined to teachers because these may serve as a guide in their actions and decisions as managers in the classroom. It is through their hands that lay the development of the nation. Are they easy to achieve given the realities that principals face in the Southeast Asian context? For me that can only be easily achieved if only the teachers, stakeholders and government should support each other. If one of the above mentioned fails to support then definitely we will not be able to achieve excellence in education. Government must be able to financial support the needs of school for infrastructure, new technologies and funded seminars that will equipped teachers with the current trend in education, Parents must helped in the discipline and guidance in the studies of their children. Teachers must have qualities of dedication, hardwork and passion in teaching there’s no reason for us to be able to attain all these goals. Are you daunted by these stark realities? Why or why not? Yes as a School Administrator ,I am deeply discouraged with the stark realities, that the problems of education had been with us since time immemorial. The Educational Commission held in the 90’s had already revealed the problem of the deterioration of education is the teacher, it’s the meager salary, lack of classroom and educational equipment had never been addressed.
  4. 4. What we really need is a change of character of every stakeholders, government officials and workforce of the educational system to fully attend to its needs and pressing problems. Compared to schools in developed countries, in the United States, or in Europe. do you think that Southeast Asian schools face more challenges or difficulties? What do you think are these challenges? Reflect on these questions before proceeding. Yes I believe that we, who belong to the Southeast Asian schools face more challenges in our educational system than the countries in Europe and U.S specially in terms of resources or funds allocation. Southeast Asian schools suffers from limited resources or funds to attend to the different needs of our educational system. From that limited resources we allocates increase of salaries of teachers, construction of school buildings, printing of textbooks, salary for newly hired teachers, professional development of the workforce and planning of new curriculum. From these rose the problems of deterioration of our educational system. What are your personal observations? Are there similarities between Cambodia and Vietnam with regard to the educational challenges they face? Do you have anything more to add? With regards to the problems that were presented I observed that they are not different with each other. Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines face similar problems in terms of their educational system it is because they belong to developing or third world countries and located in the same continent with the same culture and traditions. The similarities that Cambodia and Vietnam have are lack of improvement in the quality of their workforce that resulted into poor enhance learning achievement, low educational financing for classroom construction to avoid bigger ratios of students to teachers and improvement in the quality of workforce teachers lack trainings and misallocation of teaching assignments. Are these observations true to our country? Yes I believed that we do have same problems in terms of limited resources, workforce development, poor student achievement in terms of world standard and global competitions and lack of trainings for professional growth. If you were asked to contribute your ideas on the challenges facing many Southeast Asian schools, what would you say? What suggestions would you make to improve the situation? “We can never change the world but we can change our self”. With the insurmountable problems that we have it’s impossible to be able to change it in the wink of an eye. Change may undergo a long and gradual process. Let us start in changing our self and in the school that we serve. It is a fact that the government may not be able to addressed and grant all of our needs in our school. As a School Principal we can always asked support financially and morally to our benefactors and stakeholders to gradually attend to the needs of putting up a conducive classrooms for pupils or equipments that can be used in teaching. In this way we will be able to solve some of the problems. There are a lot of teachers who are willing to shoulder expenses in
  5. 5. seminars and trainings which they can share it to their colleagues in this way teachers will be equipped with the current trends in education. Let us practice the domino effect, if there will be a change in our school that will result into providing quality education it may affect the academic performance of students and time will come their family and the society at large may benefit from it. Let us not wait for the help coming from the government rather let us work hand in hand in making a difference in the institution that we serve. Remember a bit of sacrifice there’s a place in paradise”