How To Create An Online Presence Through Digital Tools

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Presentation given on 22nd September at the London College of Fashion Graduate Bootcamp.

Presentation given on 22nd September at the London College of Fashion Graduate Bootcamp.

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  • Pics of social media / dissertation etc
  • I didn’t know what to do next. But I knew I had to get a job.
  • The task was to move to a new city where I didn’t know anyone and no-one knew me, make friends, establish myself and get a job all largely through digital tools.
  • Fail faster, fail harder Be passionate, interested and curious


  • 1. Michael Litman (@mlitman) LCF Graduate Bootcamp 22nd September 2012
  • 2. Agenda1. The story so far2.The tools3.How you can do it too
  • 3. Hello!
  • 4. Who am I?I’m Michael Litman and I’m a Senior Social Strategist atAnalogFolk where we make and market interactiveexperiences globally.You can tweet me @mlitman or find my blog at
  • 5. 1. The Story So Far
  • 6. In The Beginning…
  • 7. With A Year In Industry… 80/ 2000
  • 8. My dissertation shaped mycareer… (I just didn’t know it yet)
  • 9. Then this happened…
  • 10. I thought I had it all sorted…
  • 11. But I was wrong.“Jobs in social media don’t exist, you won’t find what you are looking for.” A.B Oss, 2008.
  • 12. So I moved to London…
  • 13. And set myself a task…
  • 14. What was the task?To move to a new city where I didn’t know anyone and no-oneknew me, to make friends, go to industry events, establishmyself and get a job within the social media comms space, alllargely through the use of digital tools.I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.
  • 15. 2. The Tools
  • 16. Blog
  • 17. Portfolio Page
  • 18. There’s loads... (and none of themrequire any coding knowledge!)
  • 19. And another one…
  • 20. Twitter
  • 21. LinkedIn
  • 22. Pinterest
  • 23. Slideshare
  • 24.
  • 25. Who does Google say you are?
  • 26. Places I’ve worked
  • 27. Clients I’ve worked for
  • 28. 3. How You Can Do It Too
  • 29. Actions:Don’t be afraid to try. Failing is the best learning experience you’ll get.Be passionate, interested and curious. No-one is an expert.Take some time to figure out what you’re really in to. Having a job doing something yougenuinely enjoy is like being paid to do something you’d do for free anyway.Find your voice. It could be by starting a blog, or writing for other sites/magazines. But onlywrite about stuff you have a real interest in, enthusiasm always shines through.And if you’re more of a visual person, try Tumblr, Pinterest or even Slideshare.Be careful what you post online. Once it’s on the Internet, it stays on the Internet.
  • 30. And one more thing…Books I’ve Read:
  • 31. Remember…
  • 32. You’vebeengreat.