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Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
Back To School Night
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Back To School Night


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  • 1. Ms. Davila’s 1st Grade Class Welcome, parents and students!
  • 2. Welcome to First Grade!
    • I am pleased to have your child in my second grade class for 2009-2010.
    • This will be a year of exciting growth for your child. Together we can make it a successful year.
  • 3. All About Me
    • My background
      • I attended la universidad ITESO in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
    • My experience
      • This is my 5th th year teaching.
      • I have taught 1 st grade and 2 nd grade.
  • 4. My Goals
    • To give your child the academic and social skills they need to be successful in second grade and on the TAKS test.
    • To provide a safe, supportive and fun classroom environment.
    • To help your child make new friends, discover new interests, and achieve new goals.
  • 5. Class Subjects
    • The subjects we cover during second grade are:
      • Reading and writing
      • Math
      • Science
      • Social studies
      • Music, art, and P.E.
  • 6. Reading
    • Our lessons move from learning to read to reading to learn.
    • Phonics is taught through our Word Work time and Spelling- all are connected to stories the students are reading.
    • It is essential your child read every night
  • 7. Reading
    • Activate prior knowledge
    • Create visual images
    • Drawing inferences
    • Asking questions of themselves, the authors, and the texts the read
    • Determining the most important ideas
    • Synthesizing
    • Sequencing
  • 8. Writing
    • Detailed and complete sentences
    • Paragraphs
    • Prompt writing
    • Grammar and punctuation
    • Stories
    • Science reports
    • Letters
  • 9. Math
    • Addition and Subtraction strategies
    • Place value and graphing
    • Money
    • Time
    • Geometry and Fractions
    • Measurement
    • Numbers to 100
    • Count by 5, 10
    • Problem Solving
  • 10. Science
    • Life Cycles
    • Plants – Life Cycle
    • Solids, liquids
    • Wood
    • Rocks
    • Weather
    • Environment
    • Planets
  • 11. Social Studies
    • Citizenship, Roles, Government
    • Map skills
    • Timelines- Past, present, future
    • Cultures
    • History
    • Biographies of famous Americans
  • 12. Music, Art and P.E.
    • We will go to special areas from 10:50- 11:05
    • Please have your child wear tennis shoes for P.E.
    • Appropriate behavior is expected.
  • 13. Classroom Community
    • Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have agreements to help us get along with each other.
    • Our class agreements are:
      • Attentive Listening
      • Appreciations/ No Put Downs
      • Mutual Respect
  • 14. Homework
    • All homework is due the next morning and the calendar must be signed by an adult. If all parts are not complete this will result in a color change on our behavior system and loss of privileges.
    • Homework is the responsibility of your child, but should be checked daily by the parent.
    • There will be a Reading, Writing, Science, Math and Vocabulary homework everyday.
  • 15. Tardiness and Absences
    • School starts at 7:45 A.M. Tardy bell rings at 7:50.
    • If your child isn’t in the classroom by the time the second bell rings, they will need to check in at the office and receive a pass.
    • Five tardies add up to one unexcused absence.
    • Attendance is crucial to your child’s success.
    • After an absence, please send a note with your child when returning to school.
  • 16. Let’s Have a Great Year!