Social Media Landscape in Indonesia 2012 White Book Preview


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Preview of white book "SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN INDONESIA 2012." For further info and order please check

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Social Media Landscape in Indonesia 2012 White Book Preview

  1. 1. TABLE OFCONTENTS 59 MICROSITES 5 BACKGROUND 71 CREATING BUZZ ON SOCIAL MEDIA 10 BRAND CAMPAIGNS ON SOCIAL MEDIA W 71 Ernest Prakasa’s Getaway 10 Facebook 73 Premium Cabs in Jakarta 10 Top 10 Facebook Brands by Number of Fans 74 Vote New Holycow’s Logo in Twitter 13 Brand Campaigns 75 Inem’s Challenges IE 21 Facebook Social Ads 23 Socially Devoted Brands in Facebook 77 MUSIC AND CINEMA ON SOCIAL MEDIA 24 Twitter 24 Top 10 Twitter Brands by Number of Followers 88 SOCIAL CAUSES ON SOCIAL MEDIA EV 25 Brand Campaigns 32 Celebritweets 92 RISE OF WEB SERIES 35 YouTube 96 TWEET TALKS 41 Kaskus 43 Instagram 103 HAVING BIG FOLLOWERS AND LIKES PR 47 Pinterest 106 BRAND CAMPAIGNS TO 18+ TARGET 49 Google Plus 52 Multiply 112 THE OTHER SIDE OF COIN 112 Human Trafficking 54 LinkedIn 113 Porn Activities 55 Mig33 114 Products Promoted to Underage 57 Mindtalk 115 Spams Evolved
  2. 2. W IE EV We are now reaching the end of 2012. Internet users number in Indonesia has reached 55 millions of people, with 80% of them has accessed Facebook. According to Alexa, currently the most visited socialPR media sites are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. ccording to Socialbakers, there are 47.3 millions of Indonesian users on SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN INDONESIA 2012 Facebook. A rapid user growth was happening in September 2012, about 19.14% compared to global user growth 5-10%. Does this number represent real users? Suspiciously, those are fake accounts. Usually they are bots that were designed to spam on other valid user accounts. 5
  3. 3. Usually it’s only Twitter has also become more popular. 5-10% increasment According to We Are Social research, 80% of Indonesia’s internet users has accessed Facebook, while 41% of them has also accessed Twitter. Semiocast’s research in July concluded More fake that Indonesia has almost 30 million Twitter accounts? accounts, with Jakarta and Bandung as two of the busiest Twitter cities. List of Countries on Facebook W Last 6 months Last 3 months Last months Last 2 weeks Last weeks INTERNET USERS 80% WHO HAVE USED 77% FACEBOOK IN THE 72% Country Number of Users Change (+/- %) Penetration PAST MONTH 69% 67% vs 61% 1 United States 168 742 860 +5 293 460 +3.14% 54.39% 59% 58% 57% 2 Brazil 62 240 840 +5 535 920 +8.89% 30.95% IE 41% 3 India 60 843 200 +7 299 620 +12.00% 5.19% INTERNET USERS 35% 32% WHO HAVE USED 27% 29% 4 Indonesia 50 261 100 +6 128 180 +12.19% 20.69% TWITTER IN THE 25% 21% 22% 26% PAST MONTH 20% 16% 5 Mexico 39 755 120 +2 212 380 +5.57% 35.35% IN ASIA 9% 6% 6 United Kingdom 33 876 820 +2 178 820 +6.43% 54.33% 7 8 9 Turkey Philippines France 10 Germany DECEMBER 2012 31 934 520 29 929 520 25 411 440 25 222 800 EV +825 760 +754 280 +779 540 +922 460 +2.59% +2.52% +3.07% +3.66% 41.04% 29.96% 39.23% 30.83% SEPTEMBER 2012 YouTube Indonesia was established in June 2012. About 70 percent of YouTube viewers are outside the United States. In Asia, Indonesia PR boasts the highest potential viewer count. Now, A BBC investigation in September concluded that a rash more local brands have their own brand page of fake profiles becomes Facebook advertisers’ concern. in YouTube, and YouTube has also become Afterwards, several Indonesian Facebook brand page one of popular media placement channel for accounts reported that their fans are decreasing. Is it local brands. Creating brand page in YouTubeSOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN INDONESIA 2012 SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN INDONESIA 2012 because of Facebook’s concern of those fake accounts might not as easy as creating brand page on and permanently deleted them? Facebook, since it would require brands to cooperate directly with YouTube Indonesia. It’s one of premium offer provided by YouTube. 6 7
  4. 4. W Other notable social media channels that are used by Indonesian internet users are: Kaskus - that now change its visual looks and IE web experiences, Mig33 - that has social media roots on mobile, Instagram - that becomes tremendously popular after the application was deployed for Android OS, Pinterest - that is mostly used by women for currating beauty and EV However, according to ComScore video matrix, taken in June 2012, the number of Indonesian internet users who watch video online are still low compared to other Asian fashion stuffs, and also Google Plus - that has niche user base in Indonesia. Koprol, that is quite popular two years ago, is now defunct. Yahoo! is not going to support the product again. The original founders of Koprol would retain the name, though if they want PR countries. Per internet user in Indonesia to rebuild it, they must develop it again from only watch 54 videos online, while the global scratch. average is 159 videos watched online. Multiply, after its relaunch in Indonesia, is now for commerce purpose only. Multiply hasSOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN INDONESIA 2012 SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN INDONESIA 2012 stopped supporting its social media service (photos, videos, blogs social messaging, etc) in December 2012. The blog was the one thing that originally made Multiply brand famous to Indonesian internet users. Multiply will focus its business in developing commerce platform for small medium business. 8 9
  5. 5. Brand with the most Facebook fans are Yamaha Motor Indonesia (2.7 millions with 165,300 new fans per month), Surfer Girl (2.5 millions BRAND with 48,800 new fans per month), Blackberry Indonesia (2.1 millions with 143,400 new fans CAMPAIGNS ON per month), Chocolatos (1.9 millions with 14,200 SOCIAL MEDIA new fans per month), Axe Indonesia (1.8 millions with 28,300 new fans per month), Tango Wafer (1.5 millions with 149,500 new fans per month), W Dunia Cewe – Kotex (1.5 millions with 55,100 new fans per month), Kratingdaeng Indonesia (1.3 millions with 70,700 new fans per month), XL Axiata (1.3 millions with 39,300 new fans FACEBOOK per month), and Clear Indonesia (1 million with IE 60,500 new fans per month). Top 10 Facebook Brands by Number of Fans It’s also interesting that on November 14th, 2012 According to Socialbakers, these are the BlackBerry Indonesia created a status update Top 10 Facebook brands measured by total that received the most engaging post of that EV number of fans current month, according to The post has more than 285,000 likes, 8,800 ( comments, and is shared more than 3,300 times, 2012-social-media-report-facebook-pages-in- claiming total more than 297,000 interactions. indonesia). Of course as any other comments on other Facebook pages, there are some comments that unrelated with the post, even though PR it’s relatively small compared to the whole comments.SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN INDONESIA 2012 SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN INDONESIA 201210 11
  6. 6. Another post that received lots of interaction in Brand Campaigns November is created by Pantene Indonesia on Since 2010, a lot of Indonesian brands have November 22nd 2012, promoting Swissshers done a lot of campaigns using Facebook. video contest. The post receive 136,700 likes, Usually, those activation campaigns were build 3,800 comments, and is shared more than as Facebook application, and installed as tab in 1,100 times, claiming total more than 141,600 brand’s Facebook page. Local brands usually interactions. Currently there are more than 70 create new custom build applications, while videos have been submitted for the contest. regional brands such as Unilever Indonesia utilize ready-to-use application system such as W Buddy Media. This kind of application is used when the campaign are done globally and need to be localized for each country. IE A Facebook post does not necessarily has good interaction quality even though it has received many likes, comments, and shares. Great in comment numbers does not necessarily count EV as good quality. It should be checked further whether there are spam comments in the list, and whether the comments are correlated with the post. Brands of telecommunication providers or airflights usually received lots of negative feedbacks in the comments. Any kind PR of post published (either it is promotion, or just fun status update) will always be followed by consumers who protest about the brand in the comment sections. Usually these kind of negative comments are neglected by the brand, sinceSOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN INDONESIA 2012 SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN INDONESIA 2012 those comments are uncorrelated with the post. In March 2012, Downy Indonesia created an interactive movie called “The Scent of Passion” in their Facebook page. The movie, directed by Nia Dinata, was split into several parts. There are several options after story the user may select, making it the first choose-your-own video story campaign in Indonesia. Overall until the ending, there are 4 sequentials with total 9 episodes.12 13
  7. 7. During May-June 2012, Philips Aquatouch creates a contest specifically targeted for men. The winner will go on a trip to Polandia, to watch one of semifinals of Euro Soccer Championship. Participants have to submit a photo on how W IE During Ramadhan, many brands create something interesting on their Facebook page. EV confidence they are during shaving. The competition received 170 photo submisisons, and 3 winners were selected to fly to Polandia. One of them is Nokia Indonesia who created “Bebaskan Gaya Maafan Kamu!” (loosely translated to “Free Your Forgiving Syle”). Users might submit their Ramadhan greeting. Three users with best greeting would win Nokia Asha. There are more than 4,600 greeting submissions were received. The next phase, these three PR In June-July 2012, Rexona created a campaign greetings along with several new greetings called “Kenapa Enggak?” (can be translated were created as ecards. Users may send these to “Why Not?”) on their Facebook page. Ramadhan ecards to their friends. Targeted for girls, they may submit their version of “Kenapa Enggak” to show that what theySOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN INDONESIA 2012 SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN INDONESIA 2012 can do to inspire other girls to do the same. The campaign received 3,980 submissions on Facebook. Rexona also promoted the campaign on Twitter, encouraging other users to share the same thing using #kenapaenggak hashtag. On Twitter, the hashtag was shared on 4,300 tweets.14 15