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Health and the body. ANAHI GONZÁLEZ SOLORIO

Health and the body. ANAHI GONZÁLEZ SOLORIO






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    Health and the body. ANAHI GONZÁLEZ SOLORIO Health and the body. ANAHI GONZÁLEZ SOLORIO Presentation Transcript

    • Choose the correct phrase for the picture. I feel fine. I feel sick. I feel good. I feel fine. My stomach hurts. I have a headache. My tooth hurts. I feel fine. I have a stomachache.
    • She feels good. She has a fever.She has an earache.She has an earache. She feels fine.She has a cold.He feels good. He has a headache.He has a stomachache.
    • He feels fine. He has a toothache. He has a cold.He feels good. He feels sick. He has a fever.They have fevers. They are fine. They have colds.
    • 1.- Write the correct word inside the box. FEVER COLIC BACKACHE EARACHE COLD HEADACHE SORE THROAT STOMACHACHE TOOTHACHE COUGH1.- ____________ A respiratory disorder characterized by sneezing, sore throat, coughing, etc.2.- ____________ An illness characterized by frequent coughing.3.- ____________ Scratchiness in the throat, painful and sensitive condition.4.- ____________ A pain located in the head as over the eyes, at the temples or at the base of the skull.5.- ____________ Severe abdominal pain caused by spasm.
    • 6.- ____________ Abnormally high body temperature.7.- ____________ Pain in the ear.8.- ____________ A pain or discomfort in the region of the back or spine.9.- ____________ Pain in or about a tooth.10. ____________ Pain in the stomach or abdomen.
    • -I have a headache.- You should listen to the radio. You should take an aspirin and rest.-I have a stomachache.- You should eat junk food. You should drink some pepto-bismol.-I have a sore throat.- You should drink cold beverages. You should drink some chamomile tea with honey and lemon.-I have a toothache.- You should eat a lot of candies. You should go to the dentist.
    • -I have a cold. You should see a doctor, drink lots of fluids, stay home and rest. You shouldnt see a doctor, you must go to work.-I have diarrhea.- You should eat healthier and wash your hands frequently. You shouldnt eat healthier, and dont worry about washing your hands constantly.-I have a backache.- You should go to the chiropractic. You should carry heavy things.
    •  Teacher.- Good morning, boys and girls. Susan.- Whats the matter teacher? Are you _________ ? (happy, sick, angry) Teacher.- I feel _______. I have a ___________ (terrible, awesome, happy) (meeting, test, headache) Ralph.- I dont feel well either. I have a ___________ (toothache, sister, date) Michael.- I feel sick. My _________ hurts. (stomach, nails, hair) Sophie.- Now Im feeling sick too.