Trixboxbeta-One stop solution for all your design problems
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Trixboxbeta-One stop solution for all your design problems Trixboxbeta-One stop solution for all your design problems Presentation Transcript

  • TRIXbox Tricks www.controltrix.comcopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • What do you feel when you design a power control system?copyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Lost on where to start ?copyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Going nuts over complex math and conversion?copyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Stressed in managing Stringent specifications …copyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Available digital power supply simulation software …copyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Expensive to buy maintain and upgrade…copyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Not Customizable…copyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Unusable broken code…copyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Presenting TRIXbox – One stop solution for all your design problemscopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Advantages Inclusive Cost Efficient Time Saving Flexible • Workable and • Beta version free • Takes only a few • Web based customizable end minutes to get a application to end solution - complete starting from solution without • No upgrades, circuit much hit and try maintenance, parameters installation, downloads, e • Templates for licenses quick solution • Complete control on your datacopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Salient Features • Advanced techniques • Supports 360 + permutations (topologies, control modes etc) • Time and Frequency domain simulations • Simulates many second order effects • Automatic 16 bit fixed point code generation • Ideal switch simulation proprietary algorithm • Fast (compared to switched mode simulation) • Accurate (compared to averaged model simulation)copyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Technical Information about TRIXboxcopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Primary Topologies (more coming !!) • Buck • Synchronous Buck • Push Pull • Full Bridge DC-AC • Full Bridge DC-DC • Half bridge DC-AC • Phase Shift Full Bridge • Forward • Half Bridge DC-DC • Current fed push pullcopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Secondary Topologies • Center Tap Rectifier • Current Doubler Rectifier • Center Tap Synchronous Rectifier • Voltage Doubler Half Bridge Rectifier • Full Bridge Rectifiercopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Types • Voltage Source converter • Current Source convertercopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Control Modes • Voltage mode control • Average Current mode control • Peak Current mode controlcopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Conduction Modes • Continuous Conduction mode • Discontinuous Conduction modecopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Time Domain Simulation • Time domain simulation requires external inputs : • desired voltage/current • Load profile/output voltage profile • Input voltage/source profilecopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Second Order Effects • Dead time • Finite bandwidth of feedback network • Finite bandwidth of drive • Computational delayscopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Function Specification • Any arbitrary input profile • Automatic parabolic interpolation • Raw time value data • Discontinuities • Predefined functions with parametric rep • sine wave • rectified sine wave • square wave • Triangle/Sawtooth wave • constantcopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Frequency Domain Simulation • Bode plot generation • Open loop response (phase and gain margin) • Closed loop response • Disturbance rejection (Output impedance) • Comparison of analog and digital systems • Incorporates Computational delays • Incorporates Sensor and feedback network bandwidth limitationcopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • ADC Triggering • Dynamic triggering • Sampling and Measurement of feedback signals depend on the instant at which signal is sampled • User selectable/code based triggeringcopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Automatic Code Generation • Generates usable C code • Calculation of gains and proper scaling • 16 bit fixed point implementation • Starting from ADC feedback to generation of PWM signalcopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • User Code Mode • Simulate your code with the system model in time domain • Custom algorithm • Variable PWM PERIOD, duty, Ton and Toff • Peak current Ton reset • Valley current period reset • Individual settable min,max limits for PERIOD, Ton and Toff • ADC triggering from codecopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • On request optimized solution • Buck Boost / flyback converter • LLC series resonant converter • Power Factor correction (Low Load THD specs) • Motor drivescopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Using trixbox • Login and register @ • Click the Launch Now button to get startedcopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Trixbox steps Providing Inputs : • Download sample files and unzip • Modify .xlsx file as per hardware/topology config • Save it as .csv(comma delimited) file • Modify .txt file as per operating conditions (input voltage , load conditions, references, custom code ) • Upload the .csv and .txt files to get the outputs • Refer to Trixbox guide for detailscopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Inputs • Any arbitrary waveforms are possible in addition to standard waveforms (constant ,sinewave ,square wave etc.) • Upload the files in top panel (Refer to trixbox guide for details on parameters and examples) Upload files here guidecopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Outputs Viewing outputs: Central scrollable panel - Time and frequency domain plots 1. Output voltage with ripple content 2. Avg switch , inductor currents with ripple 3. Loop gain plots 4. Closed loop plots 5. Disturbance rejection/output impedance plots (Frequency domain plots are invalid in user code mode) Bottom scrollable panel- Error log / sanity checks / possible problemscopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Sample time domainoutput files, guide download Sample files, outputError/log/sanitychecks copyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Sample loop gain (frequency domain)copyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Auto code generation (std mode) Right panel- Automatically generated code files 1. Scaled parameters defs 2. C code generation for main control loops for fixed point 16 bit processor with user defined trigger code 3. Primary and Secondary side modulation code Plot data files in text files for analysis on local systemcopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Sample code outputcopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Coming up • GUI wrapper to improve data input process • Generation of frequency domain plots with change in parameters by userscopyright 2011 controltrix corp www.
  • Thank You! Our Services • Prompt response to queries on trixbox • Consulting services : Power and motor drive control and dynamics, Embedded Systems, Software Development, R&D • Technology services Our mission is ‘to make control solutions easier”copyright 2011 controltrix corp www.