Harvey Nichols window, by valentino


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Harvey Nichols window, by valentino

  1. 1. WINDOW(by Valentino)
  2. 2. Where does “Valentino Passion for Roman Red” come from? art and woman silhouette sculpture
  3. 3. Luxury GiftExclusive PartiesPassionChristmasSnowing diamondsSmartnessSophisticationHappinessSubtle sensualityFeminine BeautyWarm winter
  4. 4. Close Back Window and warmy Lighting The back wall is a big picture simulating a snowed winter day in a forest, getting dark. The light we cansee in this picture is go to be like that in our window, a big point of light, like a sun falling ( this is the best lighting during the day), go to recreate a getting dark in the country, showing warm atmosphere in a cold snowed day of Christmas. Contrasting the coldness with warm, creating impact. Locating the point of light at backdrop and in the middle, we get to give protagonism to eachmannequin, each dress, because the light illuminateall display, like the sun, creating a game of lights and Repetition / Grouping shadows get attract the attention from the street. There is balance in theThis is a good way to get illuminating with one point of compostion(equalbalance, no pyramid), light every mannequins, giving the focal point to between two groups of mannequins(grouping) that leave space each one . between them to placing the light point, wil be the focal point into the composition, but this is the strategy to doing every dress the protagonist. Mannequins stand by over a stagered podium maintaining the same pose, recreating a christmas chorus singing. All of them wearing the same colour, same designer, Valentino, same elegant style (repetition). The display theme is about “a group of ladies are singing in a bucolic place, when, suddenly start snowing, but every one is surprised, looking at sky and touching the snow,because the snow is diamonds. Something only can happening in a Christmas Day”
  5. 5. Mannequins Subtle and slimed silhouette, feminine figure to show as static and elegant ladies, following the Valentino´s Style, posing like beautiful sculptures. All of them maintain the same position, going up the arms, trying catch the snow with theatrical pose in a dream world during the christmas days. Big proportions and heights, very long necks and arms to give a feeling of UFO, like came from other planet, immortal person, divine. No expression in faces with dead eyes and no smiles, they don’t feel, are divine. The s traighty lines and low body language of mannequins body help to dress falls with naturrallity. Respecting to securing, we can use anyone, because dresses fall till the floor, not permitting see the feet of mannequins Colour pallette & texturesThe colour scheme used is very simple, based in a highbright red (Red Valentino) and ice white. This strongcontrast between a chromatic and achromatic color is ableto capture the attenion anybody at street.But the message meaning produce more contrast even. Iceagainst fire, is a mix impossible. Red colour is agresive, isseduction, is passion, hot,…but also is love, is ChristmasWhite is coldness, luxury, brightness, peace…Dresses texture in velvet, silk, show subtle, luxury,smartness, while white is cold, cutting, aggresive andlusury