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  1. 1. WORD BUILDING VERB NOUN ADJECTIVE (+) ADJECTIVE (-) ADVERB Act Action Active Inactive Actively Admire Admiration Admirable --- Admirably Advise Advice Advisable Inadvisable Affect Effect Effective Ineffective Effectively Agree Agreement Agreeable Disagreeable Agreeably Ambition Ambitious Ambitiously Amuse Amusement Amused-amusing Amusingly Excite Excitement Excited- exciting ExcitedlyApologise Apology Apologetic Apologetically Appear Appearance Apparent ApparentlyArrange Arrangement Arrive Arrival Assistance/ Assist AssistantAssociate Association Attention/ Attend Attentive Attentively Attendance Attract Attraction Attractive Unattractive Attractively Avoid Avoidance Avoidable Unavoidable Beauty Beautiful Beautifully Bleed Blood Bleeding Bravery Brave BravelyBrighten Brightness Bright Brightly Caution Cautious Cautiously Carefully / Care Careful Careless CarelesslyChange Change Changeable Unchangeable Child/ Childish Childishly ChildhoodComfort Comfort Comfortable Uncomfortable ComfortablyCompare Comparison Comparable Incomparable Comparably
  2. 2. Cook Cook / cooker Cookery Correct Correction Correct Incorrect Correctly CourageousEncourage Courage Encouraged Courageously Encouraging DiscouragedDiscourage Discouragement Discouraging Create Creation/Creature Creative Creatively Criticize Critic/Criticism Critical Critically Curiosity Curious Curiously Cruelty Cruel Cruelly Dangerous -Endanger Danger Dangerously Endangered Darken Darkness Dark Darkly Day Daily Daily Deceit Deceitful Deceitfully Decide Decision Decisive Indecisive Decisively Deepen Depth Deep Deeply Dependence/ Depend Dependent Independent Independence Descriptive/ Describe Description Indescribable Describable Destroy Destruction Destructive Non-destructive Destructively Developing- Develop Development Developed Die Death Dead/ Deadly Deadly Differ Difference Different Indifferent Differently Direct Direction/Director Direct Indirect Directly Discover Discovery Discovered Discuss Discussion Distance Distant Doubt Doubt Doubtful Doubtfully Dust/ duster Dusty Ease Easy Uneasy Easily Educate Education Educational Educationally Embarrassing /Embarrass Embarrassment Embarrassingly Embarrassed
  3. 3. Employment / Employed / Employ Unemployment/ unemployed Employee/ Employer Enjoy Joy / enjoyment Enjoyable Enjoyably Enter Entrance Spend Expense Expensive Inexpensive Explain Explanation Explicable InexplicableExplode Explosion Expression /Express Expressive Inexpressive Expressiveness Fail Failure Fame Famous Infamous Fashion Fashionable Unfashionable Fatten Fat / Fatness Fat / Fattening Fault Faulty Faultless Fear Fear Afraid/ Fearful Fearless Fit Fitness Fit Unfit Forget Forgetfulness Forgetful Fortune/Misfortune Fortunate Unfortunate FortunatelyFormalise Formality Formal Informal Formally Free Freedom Free Freely Frequency Frequent Infrequent Frequently Friend/Friendship Friendly Unfriendly Furnish Furniture Furnished Unfurnished Generosity Generous Generously Gold Golden Govern Government Governmental Grow Growth Growing Guilt Guilty Guiltily Happiness/ Happy Unhappy Happily Unhappiness Hate Hatred Hateful Heal Health Healthy Unhealthy Healthily
  4. 4. Heat Heat / Heater Hot Height High Hero/ Heroine/ Heroic Heroically Heroism Honesty Honest Dishonest Honestly Hunger Hungry Hungrily Ice Icy Identify Identification Identified Unidentified Imaginary / Image Image/ Imagination Unimaginative Imaginatively Imaginative Imitate Imitation Importance Important Unimportant Impress Impression Impressive Impressively Improve Improvement Influence Influence Influential Injure Injury Innocence Innocent Innocently Interest Interest Interested Uninterested Jealousy Jealous Jealously Know Knowledge Knowingly Laugh Laughter LaughableLead - mislead Leader - Leadership Legalise Legality- Illegality Legal Illegal Legally Lend Loan Lengthen Length Long Light – Lighter - Lighten Light Lighthouse Live- Lively – Live Life Alive Loneliness Lonely – Alone Loyalty Loyal Disloyal Loyally Luck Lucky Unlucky Luckily Manage Management Marry Marriage Married Unmarried
  5. 5. Mountain- Mountainous MountaineerMeasure Measurement Measurable Immeasurable Morality Moral Immoral Morally Mother- Motherhood MotherlyMultiply Multiplication Multiple Mystery Mysterious Mysteriously Need Necessity/Need Necessary Unnecessary Necessarily Noise Noisy Noisily Obey Obedience Obedient Disobedient Obediently Oblige Obligation Obligatory Occasion Occasional Occasionally Office Official Unofficial Officially Own Owner-Ownership Patience Patient Impatient Patiently Pay Payment Payable-Paid Unpaid Peculiarity Peculiar Peculiarly Permit Permission Permissive Person- Personality Personal Impersonal Personally Perfection Perfect Imperfect PerfectlyPerform PerformancePlease Pleasure Pleasant Pleasantly Politics - Politician Political Politically Poison Poisonous Popularity –Populate Popular Unpopular Population Poverty Poor Poorly Possibility Possible Impossible Possibly Pride Proud Proudly Prison- PrisonerImprison Imprisonment Probability Probable Improbable Probably Production- Product-Produce Productive Unproductive Producer
  6. 6. Profession Professional Unprofessional Professionally Profit Profit Profitable UnprofitablePronounce - Pronunciation Unpronounceablemispronounce Propose Proposal Protect Protection Protective Protectively Prove Proof Punish Punishment Quarrel Quarrel Quarrelsome Unreal- Realise Reality Real-Realistic Really Unrealistic Reason Reasonable Unreasonable ReasonablyRecommend Recommendation Regret Regret Regretful Regularity Regular Irregular Regularly Refuse Refusal Relieve Relief Religion Religious Unreligious Religiously Respectful- Respect Respect Unrespectable Respectably Respectable Responsibility Responsible Irresponsible Responsibly Rob Robber- Robbery Romance Romantic Unromantic Romantically Satisfied- Unsatisfied- Satisfy Satisfaction Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Save Safety- Safe Safe Unsafe Safely Science -Scientist Scientific Scientifically Secure Security Secure Insecure Insensitive- Sensitive- Sensibly Sense - Sensation Senseless- Sensible Sensitively Insensible Serve Service-Servant Shame Shameful Shameless Shorten Shortage Short Shortly Sign Signature
  7. 7. Silence Silent Silently Simplify Simplicity Simple Simply Sleep Sleep Sleepy - Asleep Sleepless Slip Slip- Slipper Slippery Soften Softness Soft Softly Speak Speech SpeechlessStrengthen Strength Strong Strongly Succeed Success Successful Successfully Suspect Suspect Suspicious Unsuspicious Suspiciously Sweeten Sweetness Sweet Sweetly Talk Talk Talkative Tend Tendency Thicken Thickness Thick Think Thought Thoughtful ThoughtfullyThreaten Threat Treat Treatment Trouble Troublesome Use Use-Usefulness Useful Useless Value Value Valuable Invaluable Vary Variety Variable Invariable Violence Violent Violently Visibility Visible Invisible Wave Wavy Wealth Wealthy Weaken Weakness Weak Weakly Widen Width Wide-Widespread Wisdom Wise Unwise Wisely Wool Woollen Worth Worthy Worthless Youth, youngster Young