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  • 1. Fairy tales
  • 2. Cinderella• Cinderella• Ugly stepsisters• Fairy godmother• Prince Charming
  • 3. Ball Glass slipper Ball gownCarriage Mice HorsesMidnight Pumpkin
  • 4. CinderellaOnce upon a time there was a girl calledCinderella. She lived with her whotreated her like a servant. One day the Princeinvited them to a great to find a bride.Cinderella’s did not let her go to the ball.Cinderella was very sad.
  • 5. Suddenly, a arrived and said “why are yousad?” Cinderella said “I want to go to the ”So the said “You will go to the ”But Cinderella said, “How? I don’t have a ”The waved her magic wand and Cinderellahad a beautiful and .Then Cinderella said, “How will I get to the ”
  • 6. The waved her magic wand and turneda into a and into .Then she said, “You must be home at orthe magic will stop.Cinderella went to the . Thethought she was the most beautiful girl and danced withher all night.
  • 7. Then the clock struck . Cinderella ranaway but she lost one of her .The found the and said, “I willmarry the girl whose foot fits this ”He went to every house in the town. Cinderella’stried the but it didn’t fit..
  • 8. Then the said, “are there any other girls inthis house?” The said, “there isCinderella but she is just a servant.Cinderella tried the and it fitted. Thesaid, “this is the girl from the .”Cinderella and the got married and livedhappily ever after.
  • 9. Other popular fairytales• Snow White• Aladdin• Little Red Riding Hood• Sleeping Beauty• The Little Mermaid• Beauty and the Beast• Rapunzel
  • 10. Snow White• Snow White• Evil stepmother• Magic mirror• Seven dwarves
  • 11. Aladdin• Aladdin• Princess Jasmine• Genie• Magic lamp
  • 12. Little Red Riding Hood• Little Red Riding Hood• Grandmother• Wolf• Woodcutter
  • 13. Sleeping Beauty• King and Queen• Princess Aurora• Good fairies• Evil fairy• Prince