Trabalho Turquia


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Trabalho Turquia

  1. 1. work done by:   Lisete Oliveira   Elisabete Andrade   Carina Correia   School of Mundao turkey
  2. 2. this work is about Turkey, its customs and culture and tradition.
  3. 3. Identity Card Capital Ankara Official Language Turkish Government Republic President Abdullah Gul Prime - Minister Receu Tavvio Erdoğan Population2007 70.586.256 hab. - Density 93hab/km² Currency Turkish lira (TRY)
  4. 4. Turkey , whose official name is the Republic of Turkey, is a Eurasian country consisting of a small European side. Limited by eight countries: Bulgaria to the northwest, Greece to the west, to the northeast Georgia, Armenia, Iran and the Azerbaijani Nakichevan east, and Iraq and Syria in the southeast. It is bathed by the Black Sea to the north, the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean to the west and the Mediterranean to the south. Its capital is Ankara.
  5. 5. The Turkish culture has its roots and traditions from the Islamic Ottoman Empire. Be not alarmed if you are awaken with a speaker in the middle of the night. The calls to prayer are 5 times a day and one of them is at sunrise! On weekends, they love picnics. You see whole families in the parks and squares. They bring everything from a carpet or cloth to line the floor to grill and stove tea. The food is usually seasoned with many vegetables and little meat, fresh fruit. Turkish Culture
  6. 6. The Turkish cuisine is a very curious one, for those who travel and enjoy cooking, the variety of dishes found in Turkish cuisine is enormous, the way in which the ingredients are mixed and the material used are obviously things to be studied and appreciated. Turkish cooking
  7. 7. • the Turks have the habit to take off their shoes before entering their home. the marriage registration takes about 5-10 minutes. The bride usually wears Western clothes and the pair is applauded by family and friends after the “YES”! • when a child is born or a circumcision is performed, it is costume for friends and family to present the child with a gold coin or with a red tie. • a typical Turkish drink, is about 10 glasses of black tea a day. The tea is the most popular drink in Turkey. Traditions of Turkey
  8. 8. Tipical drinks of Turkey
  9. 9. The Ayran is made of water, yogurt and salt. Ayran is usually drunk more in the summer as a cold drink. But the Turks also drink Ayran winter. The consistency of Ayran is creamy, white and varies from region to region but the base is a mixture of water, yogurt and salt. This drink is very healthy. Ayran
  10. 10. The Boza is a typical Turkish drink made of seeds of chickpea ground, a bit of cinnamon and sugar. This beverage is creamy yellow in color and usually drink in winter. In summer it is almost impossible to find Boza. The Boza is sold at night in the winter in the street by street sellers. The sale of Boza is a tradition in Turkey. Boza
  11. 11. Sahlep is another typical Turkish drink made with a mixture of special po sahlep sold in supermarkets in Turkey and milk. Served in a little cinnamon in the cup so that the drink is more attractive. Sahlep is done with the mixture of several spices, and its taste is unique. Sahlep is a creamy hot winter drink, throughout Turkey. Sahlep
  12. 12. This dish is from the Circassian. It is called "Mamursa" in the province of Bolu and traditionally served with bread. The original recipes, the nuts between two rocks were broken and the oil was mixed with them. In some villages of Bolu, rice is used instead of a bread crumb. In the Black Sea region, almonds are used instead of nuts. This dish is famous throughout the country, it is usually prepared for snacks or as an aperitif served on special days. The dish can be decorated with parsley. Chicken with Walnuts
  13. 18. Korkma, sönmez bu safaklarda yüzen al sancak; Sönmeden yurdumun üstünde tüten en son ocak. O benim milletimin yildizidir, parlayacak; O benimdir, o benim milletimindir ancak. Catma, kurban olayim, çehreni ey nazli hilal! Kahraman irkima bir gül! Ne bu siddet, bu celal? Sana olmaz dökülen kanlarimiz sonra helal... Hakkidir, hakk'a tapan, milletimin istiklal!
  14. 19. Ben ezelden beridir hür yasadim, hür yasarim. Hangi çilgin bana zincir vuracakmis? Sasarim! Kükremis sel gibiyim, bendimi çigner, asarim. Yirtarim daglari, enginlere sigmam, tasarim. Garbin afakini sarmissa çelik zirhli duvar, Benim iman dolu gögsüm gibi serhaddim var. Ulusun, korkma! Nasil böyle bir imani bogar, Medeniyet!' dedigin tek disi kalmis canavar? Arkadas! Yurduma alçaklari ugratma, sakin. Siper et gövdeni, dursun bu hayasizca akin. Dogacaktir sana va'dettigi günler hakk'in... Kim bilir, belki yarin, belki yarindan da yakin.
  15. 20. Bastigin yerleri 'toprak!' diyerek geçme,tani: Düsün altinda binlerce kefensiz yatani. Sen sehit oglusun, incitme, yaziktir, atani: Verme, dünyalari alsan da, bu cennet vatani. Kim bu cennet vatanin ugruna olmaz ki feda? Suheda fiskiracak topragi siksan, suheda! Cani, canani, bütün varimi alsin da hüda, Etmesin tek vatanimdan beni dünyada cüda. Ruhumun senden, ilahi, sudur ancak emeli: Degmesin mabedimin gögsüne namahrem eli. Bu ezanlar-ki sahadetleri dinin temeli, Ebedi yurdumun üstünde benim inlemeli.
  16. 21. O zaman vecd ile bin secde eder -varsa-tasim, Her cerihamdan, ilahi, bosanip kanli yasim, Fiskirir ruh-i mücerred gibi yerden na'sim; O zaman yükselerek arsa deger belki basim. Dalgalan sen de safaklar gibi ey sanli hilal! Olsun artik dökülen kanlarimin hepsi helal. Ebediyen sana yok, irkima yok izmihal: Hakkidir, hür yasamis, bayragimin hürriyet; Hakkidir, hakk'a tapan, milletimin istiklal
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