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A brief selection of the most extended superstition in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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  1. 1. SuperstitionsLas supersticiones se basan en creencias populares, y mientrasalgunas son comunes a varios países, otras son específicas de unpaís determinado. A continuación aparece una selección de lassupersticiones más extendidas en Gran Bretaña y EstadosUnidos. ¿Alguna de ellas guarda semejanza con las de su país?.
  2. 2. Superstitions about the weather● If it rains at Christmas, it will snow atEaster.● If it snows at Christmas, it will rain atEaster.● If it rains on June 27th, it will rain forseven weeks.● If the sky is red in the evening, the nextday will be fine.● If the sky is red in the morning, the daysweather will be bad.● If a cat sneezes once, it will rain.● "Rain before seven,● Fine before eleven."● "A fog and a small moon● Will bring an east wind soon."
  3. 3. Some thingsare lucky
  4. 4. You will have good luck:If you see a white horse.(You should say:"White horse, white horse,Bring me good luck.Good luck to you,Good luck to me,Good luck to everyone I see.")
  5. 5. You will have good luck:If you find a horseshoe.(You should take it home and put it overthe door of your house.)If you find a four-leaf clover.(You should keep it carefully.)
  6. 6. You will have good luck:If you find a nail.(You should keep it carefully,or put it into your kitchen door.)If you see awhite cat.(Black catsare unlucky.)If you see ablack cat.(White catsare unlucky.)
  7. 7. To bringgood luck
  8. 8. Cross your fingers. (Your secondfinger over your first finger.)Touch wood or knock on wood.When you put on your socks (or stockings),put your left foot first.When you put on a shirt (or a blouse, or asweater or a coat), put your right arm first.
  9. 9. Some thingsare unlucky
  10. 10. You should not do them,or bad luck will follow.Dont walkunder a ladder.Dont put shoes on a table.Dont carry an axeon your shouldersindoor. (Carry itunder your arm.)Dont open an umbrella indoors.
  11. 11. You should not do them,or bad luck will follow.● Dont have thirteen people at a table.● Dont light three cigarettes with one match. (The third person will have bad luck.)● Dont sing before breakfast. ("If you sing before breakfast, / Youll cry before night.")● Dont pass somebody on the stairs.● Dont whistle on a boat. (It brings dangerous winds.)● Dont look at the new moon through glass for the first time.● Dont look back when you leave your home to go on a journey.
  12. 12. To protect yourselffrom bad luck:● If you walk under a ladder, cross your fingers until you see a dog.● If there are thirteen people at a table, put some food in the fourteenth place.● If you pass somebody on the stairs, cross your fingers as you pass.● If you drop a comb, walk on it before you pick it up.● If you drop a glove, dont pick it up yourself.● If you spill some salt, take a little and throw it over your shoulder. Do this three times.● If two knives make a cross, put them straight immediately.
  13. 13. And finally:Dont believe in superstitions. It brings bad luck.