English speaking crime writers


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English speaking crime writers

  1. 1. English-speaking crime writersArthur Conan Doyle Agatha Christie
  2. 2. A strange picture on the wall in this London underground...
  3. 3. AndSherlockHolmesoutsidethestation!!!
  4. 4. Sherlock Holmes and his colleague,Doctor Watson.Conan Doyle wasborn in Edinburgh,Scotland, in 1859.He became a doctorand began to workin England. Hisfamous hero wascreated in 1887, inhis first book: "AStudy in Scarlet".
  5. 5. More stories came and werepublished in a newspaper from1891:more and more readersthought Sherlock Holmes was areal person!Sherlock uses methods toinvestigate very similar to ateacher of Conan Doyle atUniversity in Edinburgh: look indetails at people (or bodies) andyou will find clues to solve themystery!
  6. 6. The end of Sherlock Holmes...But Conan Doyle didntwant to be a "crime story"writer: he wanted to be a"serious" writer: in 1893, he"killed" his hero (with hisenemy, Doctor Moriarty) in astory. Readers , shocked,wrote to Conan Doyle to stopthis situation: they wantedthe famous detective tocome back!!!
  7. 7. So Conan Doyle was obliged to resuscitate his hero for more stories. Hewrote four books and 56 stories with Sherlock Holmes. The most famous isprobably :"The Hound of the Baskervilles".Today his success is here, with a museum in London, at the address whereSherlock Holmes lived (or was he an invented person?).
  8. 8. The worlds “Queen of mystery”"Hello, I am Agatha Christie and Iam with all my books. I wrote myfirst book in 1920. It was animmediate best-seller. Its title was:"The mysterious affair at Styles".People like crime stories, because itcan be part of peoples life I suppose.I was born in 1890, in England.My mother gave me my education athome. When I was 16, I went toParis to study."
  9. 9. World War I and poisons"I went to work in a hospital in World War I for the Red Cross. I wasa nurse for two years. There was a lot of work to do! We used medicinesor "drugs" for the patients. But drugs can become poisons and they cankill you... This time was very interesting for me and I used poisons laterin my books to kill people!"
  10. 10. Archeology in Irak"You can see me and myhusband Max Mallowan (we gotmarried in 1930) on this picture.Max and I travelled a lot in Irak,because Maxs job was to look atclues (= small details) in theground and to reconstruct thelocal history. Max was anarcheologist. His job and my jobare very similar: you investigateand look for clues to solve amystery and to discover thetruth!"
  11. 11. Hercule PoirotOne film was madein 1978 from AgathaChristies book, withfamous actor PeterUstinov who playedthe world-famousBelgian detectiveHercules Poirot."When I was in Irak with Max, I became veryinterested in writing a book with a mystery in a hotcountry. I decided to invent a story about people on aboat on the river Nile, in Egypt, with a murder. Its titlewas: "Death on the Nile".
  12. 12. Miss MarpleOne heroine by AgathaChristie is Miss Marple. In hersmall English village, shewatches all and remarksevery detail: Miss Marplesolves the mysteries becauseshe is very interested inlistening to and observingpeople. Is Miss MarpleAgatha Christies grand-mother?
  13. 13. The MousetrapDid you know Agatha Christies play "the Mousetrap"began in 1952 in London and you can see it today? It is aworld record!!!