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British food
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British food



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  • 2. MEAL TIMES• We have four main meals a day:• Breakfast - between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m.• Lunch - between 12:00 and 1:30 p.m.• Afternoon tea – between 4:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.• Dinner (sometimes called Supper) - The main meal. Eaten anytime between 6:30 and 8:00 p.m. (Evening meal)
  • 3. BREAKFASTThe traditional Englishbreakfast consists ofscrambled eggs, bacon,sausages, fried bread,baked beans andmushrooms. Eventhough not many peoplewill eat this for breakfasttoday, it is always servedin hotels and guesthouses around Britain.The traditional Englishbreakfast is called theFull English andsometimes referred to asThe Full English Fry-up.
  • 4. LU NCHMany children at schooland adults at work will havea packed lunch. Thistypically consists of asandwich, a packet ofcrisps, a piece of fruit and adrink. The packed lunch iskept in a plastic container.Sandwiches are also knownas a butty or sarnie insome parts of the UK.Some sandwiches areprawn and mayonnaise,tuna and mayonnaise andham and pickle ones.
  • 5. DINNERA typical British meal for dinneris "meat and two veg". Weput hot brown gravy,(traditionally made from thejuices of the roast meat, butmore often today from apacket!) on the meat andusually the vegetables. One ofthe vegetables is almostalways potatoes.The traditional meal is rarelyeaten nowadays, apart from onSundays. A recent surveyfound that most people inBritain eat curry! Rice or pastadishes are now favoured as theBritish Dinner.Vegetables grown in England,like potatoes, carrots, peas,cabbages and onions, are stillvery popular..
  • 6. TEAThis is a small meal, not a drink.Traditionally it consists of tea (orcoffee) served with either of thefollowing:Freshly baked scones served withcream and jam (Known as a creamtea)Afternoon tea sandwiches - thinlysliced cucumber sandwiches withthe crusts cut off.Assorted pastriesAfternoon Tea todayAfternoon tea is not common thesedays because most adults go out towork. However, you can still haveAfternoon tea at the many tearooms around England.Afternoon tea became popularabout one hundred and fifty yearsago, when rich ladies invited theirfriends to their houses for anafternoon cup of tea. They startedoffering their visitors sandwichesand cakes too.
  • 7. EATING OUT‘Ethnic cuisine’ –Indian, Italian,Chinese, kebaboutlets‘greasy spoon’ - asmall café thatserves cheap greasyfood‘fish and chip shop’– takeaway food‘tea rooms’ –waitress service,snacks, tea
  • 8. PUBSPubs are an important part of British life.People talk, eat, drink, meet their friendsand relax there.British pubs are required to have alicence, which is difficult to obtain, andallows the pub to operate for up to 24hours. Most pubs are open from 11 to 11.Nearly all pubs sell pub lunches. One ofthese is the Ploughmans Lunch which isa great wedge of Cheddar cheese, somebread, some pickle, and an onion. Othertypical pub foods are scampi (kind ofshellfish) and chips (fried potatoes), pieand chips, and chicken and chips.Pubs have traditional names which dateback over 600 years.Some typical names are The Chequers,The White Swan, The Crown, The KingsArms, The Red Lion and The WhiteHorse. People often refer to the pub byits name when giving directions:Turn leftat the Rose and Crown. There is usuallya sign outside the pub showing the pubsname with a picture.Menu
  • 9. TYPICAL DISHESRoast beef and Yorkshire pudding
  • 10. Fish and chips
  • 11. Chicken Tikka Masala
  • 12. Bangers and mash
  • 13. Shepherd’s pie
  • 14. Bread and butter pudding
  • 15. Scones
  • 16. Food Tour in BritainTypical foodPubs in LondonEnglish breakfastFish and chipsLondon street food