Guiomatic Solutions Brochure Summer 2013


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See some of our latest solutions and learn a bit more about Guiomatic!

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Guiomatic Solutions Brochure Summer 2013

  2. 2. Guiomatic Travel Technologies has created an automated solution that quickens and simplifies the travelers’ experience by providing them with the immediate download of real time updated travel guides. Users of Guiomatic Travel Solutions are online travel agencies, airlines, and car rental companies. In today’s changing world, people are looking for increased information whenever they travel for business or leisure and, for many; travel guides are now considered a must. In order to meet this demand, travel companies have been broadening the range of products and services they offer. This has resulted in a huge, global growth for travel guides and travel information.
  3. 3. product Provide a Unique and Exciting Travel Experience Custom Travel Guides 10,000 cities available worldwide, in up to 6 languages Add a personalized touch with travelers name on the cover Based on the dates of travel
  4. 4. The average traveler spends an average of 2 hours collecting travel information while planning their trip, according to a survey conducted by travel social network WAYN for the World Travel & Tourism Council. Offer users a real-time guidebook with date-specific events, weather, and currency exchange… plus history, arts and much more! In the price-cutting war, sometimes you may not be able to save your customers money… but you can always save them time planning! product Custom Travel Guides Inspire Users to Travel and Save them Time Planning A guidebook that can be downloaded and saved instantly on any Smartphone, tablet, kindle, etc... eliminating the need to rely on wifi or pay costly roaming charges!
  5. 5. Guiomatic integrations provide marketing tools that boost brand loyalty, drive revenue, attract new customers and find qualified leads. Remain ahead of the curve Ancillary revenue Brand loyalty Lead Generation
  7. 7. Integrate our guidebook-generating widgets anywhere to provide an all-in-one marketing tool that helps attract, engage and contact new qualified leads. product Lead Generation Get Business Intel and Give Them What they Want... The integration time on your end is minimal... just tell Guiomatic where you want the tool (Facebook app, your web, a custom landing page which we host and develop for you...)!
  8. 8. product Lead Generation You Decide what Fields are Necessary for Guide Generation Custom fields allow you to collect vital business intel via our tailor-made guidebook- generating widgets. The business intel is delivered to you via our online control panel or use our API which hooks directly into your CRM. What do you want to know about your audience? Do you want their name and email or if they are a business or solo traveller? Or maybe you d like to know the travellers home airport or age range?
  9. 9. product Facebook Integration Get Leads and Drive Visits to your Site via a FB App User fills in details in order to download guide Once downloaded, offer users the opportunity to search trips on your web! Boost Brand Awareness and Likes 15 % Redirected to Edreams site
  10. 10. product Webpage Integration Include on your Web or we’ll Host the Landing Page for You API and Widget integrations available Host on your web or let us develop and host a custom landing site, diminishing integration resources on your end
  12. 12. product Make Extra Revenue with Custom Advertising Ancillary Revenue Advertising Our guidebooks contain ZERO ADVERTISING as a standard but that does not mean you can t include advertising! The more guides that your brand circulates, the more advertising revenue you bring in!
  13. 13. product Sell Access via your Online Cart or in Stores! Ancillary Revenue Integration YOU DECIDE How much to charge the consumer! In house selling requires ZERO IT resources on your end! EASY INTEGRATION Make extra revenue with or without advertising by selling entrance into your exclusive guidebook- generating widget. Add a checkbox in your online shopping cart or sell in individual sales offices... conversion ratio 12%
  14. 14. product Add Guides as an Extra in your Shopping Cart Ancillary Revenue Workflow Cart 1 Step The customer books and adds the guidebook offering as an extra in your shopping cart 2 Step The customer receives a confirmation email with a link to the guidebook widget landing page. 3 Step The fields of the widget can be pre-filled with the travellers booking information and any other requirements needed. 4 Step The customer receives the guide in pdf or ePub.
  16. 16. The use of advanced destination selection and content customization tools to attract and inspire consumers earlier in the travel planning process is key to gaining competitive edge in the years ahead, according to a study on online travel shopping behavior released by Amadeus product Give your Brand a Competitive Edge Brand Loyalty
  17. 17. 71% of travelers say it s important or very important to get destination information after deciding on their destination. This brand loyalty solution is the opportunity to promote your brand meanwhile giving customers the information they want before they depart. product Gain Loyal Customers while Promoting your Brand Brand Loyalty
  18. 18. Stay in contact with your customers and add value by giving them handy digital personalized guidebooks via your pre-arrival email, confirmation email, etc. product Brand Loyalty Go Above and Beyond their Expectations
  19. 19. product Keep in Touch & Give Them What They want… Brand Loyalty Workflow 1 Step The customer books with you. 2 Step The customer receives an email with a link inviting them to the guidebook widget landing page. 3 Step The fields of the widget can be pre-filled with the travellers booking information and any other requirements needed. 4 Step The customer receives the guide in pdf or ePub.
  21. 21. product Online Control Panel See Results in Real-Time, Get Business Intelligence Using the online control panel, your team can customize content with our online editor and keep track of usage using our real-time analytics! View the information users input into the guide generating platform, i.e.: type of traveler, final destination, dates of travel, etc. Upload that information into your CRM easily and use it later for targeted marketing initiatives.
  22. 22. product Online Control Panel Add Your Own Content and Advertising Use our platform to add advertising! Add or delete content, chapters, or images. Do you have travel writers or unique content you would like to share with your users in realtime? We can incorporate it automatically or your team can publish it instantly using our online editor.
  23. 23. product affiliate partner program Give Away Guides and Get More Sales… for FREE! Give guides away free to the users of your choice (all contacts, on your web, free to customers, etc.)! All users who download a guide will receive an email (from our email or yours, up to you!) which will have their requested guide attached. The body of the email will have your company's (or preferred partners) promotions detailed (your flight/hotel/car hire/tour deals matching the dates and destination guide downloaded). This is solution is free for you and Guiomatic will receive a percentage or flat fee for each deal purchased. The guide remains 100% tailor-made for your brand and therefore will help boost your brand awareness, drive traffic to your site and get you more sales! It's a win-win solution for all parties involved!
  24. 24.