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Grunig vs Cameron Reloaded
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Grunig vs Cameron Reloaded


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translating public relations theory into current practice

translating public relations theory into current practice

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Grunig vs Cameron Reloaded pr| theory| pratice| web2.0
  • 2. From me Present two major opposing public relations as pratice theories Provide new media examples Discuss how theories translate into current pratice Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 3. To you Evaluate current public relations activities through the theoretical lenses provided Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each theoretical approach Prepare, design and present your own strategy suggestions Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 4. 4 models Press agentry Public information 2-way asymmetrical 2-way symmetrical (Grunig & Hunt, 1984) Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 5. Press agentry source receiver product promotion sport theatre Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 6. Here for the business Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 7. Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 8. Public information source receiver government non-profits Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 9. Telling you a story to tell Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 10. 2-way asymmetrical source receiver for-profit sector Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 11. 2-way symmetrical group group Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 12. Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 13. Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 14. 4 models (Grunig & Hunt, 1984) Press agentry broadcast? Public information 2-way asymmetrical 2-way symmetrical does it really exist? Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 15. variables include: internal and external It depends variables among which are external threats, competitive environment, public characteristics, issue under pressure, PR dept characteristics, (Cameron et al.,1997) dominant coalition stance etc... the 2-way symmetrical is an ideal of communication communication is by default asymmetrical accommodation advocacy 87 variables Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |
  • 16. References CAMERON, Glen T., CANCEL, Amanda E., SALLOT, Lynne M., MITROOK, Michael A., It Depends: A Contingency Theory of Accommodation in Public Relations., Journal of Public Relations Research, 1997, Vol. 9 Issue 1, p31-63 GRUNIG, James E. and HUNT, Todd, Managing Public Relations, Holt, Rinehart &Winston, New York, 1984 Ana ADI | twitter: ana_adi |