Christmas around the world

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This is a presentation I created a couple of years ago, or so for an on-line course on webquests

This is a presentation I created a couple of years ago, or so for an on-line course on webquests

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  • 1. CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD A multicultural web-task by Ana Bonilla Arribas
    • December is coming up and the Christmas spirit is already present in our streets, and shops. With this activity I want our students to learn some interesting facts about our main traditions and to become familiar with different Christmas celebrations around the world.
  • 3. Christmas in the UK
    • Why do British people take out all Cristmas decoration before the 6th January?
    • How’s Santa Claus called in Britain?
    • What’s the main dish mums cook for the traditionnal Christmas dinner?
    • How is the day after Christmas called? Where does the name come from?
  • 4. Santa Claus or Father Christmas.
    • Who’s he?
    • Where does he come from?
    • Who helps him making the toys for kids?
    • How many reindeer does he have?
    • Do you know the name of the best known one? Listen to the christmas carol.
    • Christmas carol:
  • 5. Christmas in Canada
    • When were the new Christmas customs first introduced in the country? Name three of those traditions.
    • What is the Eskimo’s celebration equivalent to Christmas?
    • Canadian people also celebrate the 6th January. What is it called? What’s the main tradition that day?
    • What’s “revellion”? What is special about it ?
  • 6. Christmas cards
    • When did they become popular?
    • Why was the 1st card so unpopular?
    • Who’s Jitka Samkova of Rudolfo?
    • Choose a Christmas card for your teacher and send it to the class’es mail address
    • Christmas cards:
  • 7. Christmas in Australia
    • When is “Carols by Candlelight” celebrated? What does it consist of?
    • How do they celebrate Christmas Day?
    • What’s the main difference between an Austrlian Santa and ours?
  • 8. Christmas tree
    • What’s the origing of the Christmas tree?
    • What are the two best known Christmas trees in the USA?
    • What’s the name Americans give to a poorly decorated Christmas tree?
    • What are the two main types of trees used at Christmas?
    • Look at the tree on this page and write the name of the different objects / decoration found in it.
  • 9. Hanukkah
    • What is the other name used to refer to this celebration?
    • Who celebrates Hanukkah?
    • How long does it take?
    • What does this celebration consist of?
    • When is Hanukkah celebrated this year?
  • 10. FINAL TASK
    • Create a chart comparing the traditions in different cultures. Then write around 80 words answering the following question:
    • Where would you like to spend your next Christmas holiday? Why?
  • 11. JUST FOR FUN: “A Christmas Carol”
    • The last version of Dicken’s traditional Christmas tales is about to be released on the cinema. Have a look at the following link ( )
    • What do you know about the story? Have a look at the following web page to answer the questions below. ( )
      • What’s Dickens’ novel full title?
      • When was it written?
      • Who is Scrooge?
      • What’s the story below?
      • If you wish you may get Dicken’s book from the following page :