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  • 1. 3G/4G Wireless Challenges FutureNet 2010
  • 2. Wireless Evolution Ph1 Ph2R97 R99 R4R5 R6 R7 R8 0G 1G 2G 2.5G 3G 3.5G 3.9G 4G 1 Gbps -> 300 30-100 Mbps Mbps Multimedia 14 Mbps/ Advanced LTE 5 Mbps 2 Mbps PTT (VHF), MTS 172 kbps Super 3G LTE HSPA (D/A) 64 kbps LTE 2.4 kbps1 IMT-2000 EDGE/GPRS Voice IS-95, IS-136, AMPS GSM, PDC TACS, NTT 1980 1990 2000 2010 (1) Max theoretical rate Narrowband Era Wideband Era Broadband Era
  • 4. Key Trends – A Market View • Wireless technology peak data rates doubling every year • Smartphones/Applications driving broadband wireless data access. • 3G mostly mature, 4G deployment starting. • Increasingly aggressive competition throughout the supply chain
  • 5. HSPA Deployments Going Strong 240 commercially deployed HSPA over 110 countries worldwide (January 2009) 3.4 billion people who will have broadband by 2014 where: 80% will be mobile broadband subscribers 64% will use HSPA/LTE. By 2011 %50+ of all sold notebooks will be HSPA enabled
  • 6. Mobile Data Explosion (1) Apple reports they have shipped 30M iPhones (March 09) Number 2 seller of smart phones in the US (28%), behind BlackBerry (41%) New open access phones, e.g. Android Huge impact from social networks: • YouTube, Facebook High demand for video streaming  1 billion of gigabyte, 1018 and P2P traffic  Reportlinker, Sept. 2009
  • 7. Mobile Data Explosion (2) Traffic via portables to reach 1.8 exabytes per month by 2017 - a CAGR of 59% over 2009 Nearly three quarters (1.3 exabytes) of this will be video traffic - a CAGR of 64% over 2009 LTE to form two thirds of global traffic by 2017  1 billion of gigabyte, 1018  Reportlinker, Sept. 2009
  • 8. Enhanced Packet Core Exploding Performance Density 100s of Gbps of data traffic Millions of tunnels/app flows with associated QoS and charging policies 10s of millions of hits per second Millions of triple-play subscribers
  • 9. Overall Industry - Observations LTE initial deployments this year 3G upgrades will continue strong Focus on traffic management (DPI) Focus on mobile backhaul Vendors past consolidation – growth phase with LTE
  • 10. Promise & Pain LTE Coming Voice revenues plummeting HSPA roll-outs Crippled networks – ATT, TNZ.. Mobile TV Massive capex for LTE Smart Phones – iPhone effect Massive complexity USB Dongles Bad 3G ROI
  • 11. Wireline Network Topology Consumer Devices Wireless Access Network Wireless Core Network Wireline Network Wireless (Radio ) Wired (Ethernet) Wired (Ethernet) Mobility AAA/Billing Switches/Routers Gateway Location
  • 12. 3G – 4G Network Devices MME MME 3G SGSN PCRF S11 Gx S4 S11 PDN GW IP Network, S1-MME IMS, etc Gi S1-U EUTRAN + UEs Serving GW AAA ePDG S2a SWm Trusted non- 3GPP Access
  • 13. Converged End-to-End Testing
  • 14. Thank you