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10 fn s20

  1. 1. Accelerate enterprise ROI for business critical video distribution applications Rajiv Goel IP Business Solution Manager Alcatel-Lucent All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006, #####
  2. 2. High bandwidth business video applications are becoming mandatory requirement  Webcasting  Business TV  Digital Signage  Distance Learning  IP Video Surveillance  Televised Financial Services  Other similar applications …
  3. 3. CXO priorities CXOs are looking for ways to cost optimize their business aggressively Business critical video applications help to accelerate their goals by  Reducing travel costs,  Reducing per-site equipment and operational costs,  Enabling business and competitive advantage
  4. 4. Service provider opportunity Managed Video Distribution Services 1 2 Separate LANs One WAN To To New Managed or Leased Lines for Any Applications Video Applications Rich Video Applications Anywhere Opportunity for service providers to unlock new revenue
  5. 5. Enterprise requirement: Anywhere managed video service experience Key challenges of doing it in-house  IT video distribution application experience , know how and cost  Application centric networking skills for multisite delivery Enterprise video distribution requirements across WAN  Delivery models: Managed, Hosted or Hybrid  Layer-2 and/or Layer-3 VPN Services  HQ, Regional, Partner, Remote and Internet Cloud Sites  Any Access: DSLAM, Ethernet, Cable, Wireless or other  Higher or usable rich media service bandwidth  Business critical application quality and experience  … and more
  6. 6. Not all video applications are alike! Per Application Traffic Bandwidth Latency End-point Scale and Scope Requirements Requirements Requirements Requirements Requirements Requirements Video Point-to-Point, Very High Very Low HD, SD, PC, Varies by deployment size (10 to Surveillance Point-to-Multipoint Mobile 10,000+ camera sources), camera resolution & number of end-points Video Webcasting Point-to-Point, Very High Very Low Immersive, HD, Number (upto 000s) of Mobile, Point-to-Multipoint SD, PC, Mobile Web and Studio end-point displays, intra-, inter-company and cloud Distance Point-to-Multipoint High Low HD, SD, PC, Varies by number of intra- and Training/Learning Mobile inter-company sites as well as end- point requirements Business TV Point-to-Point, High Very Low HD, SD, PC, Depends on number and type of of Point-to-Multipoint Mobile end-points Televised Point-to-Point, Low to High Extremely Low HD, SD, PC, Number of exchanges, offices, end- Financial Services Point-to-Multipoint Mobile points and latency requirements Digital Signage Point-to-Multipoint Low to Low 3D, HD, SD Varies by number of regions, sites, Very High end-point monitors and types Application-centric services are critical for successful adoption
  7. 7. Service Provider Video Distribution Solution Considerations (1) Application centric Application centric service delivery service mechanisms platforms (One or more) • Integrated modular feature-set • Point-to-Point • Reduce application complexity • Hierarchical and costs • Multipoint Open standard based Extended operations application devices • Integrated • TV (HD, SD), PC and Mobile • Service Aware and other connected devices • Application Centric
  8. 8. Service Provider Video Distribution Solution Considerations (2) Multiservice delivery Per application traffic (One or more) types (One or more) • VPLS, IP-VPN, VLL and EIS • Interactive, (cloud) on single interface • On-Demand, • Streaming • and more … Application centric Any fixed and wireless service attributes service access • Bandwidth, QoS, Recovery, • DSL, Cable, Ethernet, Reliability, Scale, Reach and Wireless (xG, LTE) more
  9. 9. Service Deployment Example: Managed Video Surveillance Service
  10. 10. Service Provider Managed Video Services for European Nationwide Retail Chain Retail Challenges SP Solution Business Benefits • Uncoordinated • IP VPN (Unicast • Increased revenue sales campaigns and Multicast) streams from in store advertising • Slow reaction to • Digital Signage competitor moves • Increased revenue • IP CCTV from improved • IT servers in stores sales output • Reduced IT cost
  11. 11. Service Provider Managed Digital Signage Service in Europe Service Provider Digital Signage Advantages Solution • A system for editing, managing • Improved sales from 1 single location and • In-store promotions and specials broadcasting (unicast or • Reduced multiple channel multicast) in real time selectively advertising complexity and costs information to displays or groups • Corporate communication - via your network or via internet training to employees • Differentiate from competition
  12. 12. RECAP  Video distribution services are key for enterprises looking to optimize IT investment.  Service provider have a real opportunity for delivering Managed Video Services  Application centric approach is critical to delivering a successful end-to-end service.
  13. 13. Thank You