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  • 1. John Poole Sr. Director, Business Development Global Service Providers – UCC Alliances +1 978 886-1129 May 11, 2010 Advancements in Quality Management for UC Networks
  • 2. 2 Agenda Unified Communcation Landscape – Direction Quality Management Advancements Endpoints Infrastructure Services Summary
  • 3. 3 Unified Communication Landscape - Direction
  • 4. 4 Unified Communication Groundswell The Changing Business Landscape Evolution Organizational Enablement Technology Shift Evolution - Enablement - Shift Social / Cultural Global economy Recession reset Do more with less Efficiency of operations Fast ROI Virtualization & cloud computing Ease of communication Real time Presence Mobility Gen Y lifestyle Instant communications Virtual & remote workers Green / CO2 Social media
  • 5. 5 The Road To Unified Communication Enterprise Key Strategies for 2010 Convergence Simplify complex networks Reduce infrastructure costs Integrate & interoperate multiple protocols Requirements: Achieve new capacities by mixing technologies Collaboration Real time business communications Anywhere the network goes Access with single interface Requirements: Streamline business processes Source: Gartner CIO Survey 2009
  • 6. 6 Unified Communications Links Both Strategies Why Quality Management Is More Important Now Than Ever Convergence Collaboration Unified Communications Problem Immediate and full implementation prohibitive Rip and replace strategy costly and disruptive Single vendor = lock-in Solution Transition to UC in project steps Prioritize based on ROI Protect investment in IT assets Flexible and open deployment Minimize vendor codependency Driven by organization goals Requirements Achieve new capacities by mixing technologies Requirements Streamline business processes
  • 7. 7 Quality Management Tools and Advancements Endpoints Infrastructure End-to-End
  • 8. 8 Improvements in Standards-based Visual Communication Management Vendor Management Applications Usually Deliver 4 Essential Functions Conference-Device- System • Windows Server 2003 • Standards-based profile provisioning • Account management • Portal to RMX™ Series • Centralized diagnostics • Real-time conference monitoring Management 1 • Multiple scheduling options (Web, Outlook, Lotus Notes) • Scheduling Wizard • Free/Busy • Resource reservation • GAB and Active Directory integration Scheduling 2 • Policy and bandwidth management • Participant admission • Least cost routing • RTP statistics • OneDial™ easy call solution (E.164, etc.) • Standards-based Presence • Up to 5000 registered users and 3000 concurrent calls Gatekeeper 3 • LDAP/H.350 • Multiple Directory Support • Global Address Book • Active Directory Directory 4
  • 9. 9 Maintains performance regardless of IP network conditions Provide consistent quality to/from home workers or field deployments with incredible QoS for IP packet loss Realize remarkable clarity – even on ‘dirty networks’ or over the public Internet Confidently share complete X-Ray’s, MRI’s or live diagnostics despite packet loss of 5% or more Endpoint Quality Management Advancements QoS Algorithms in Codecs Vendor without compensation algorithm at 5% packet loss Vendor with QOS algorithm technology at 5% packet loss
  • 10. 10 High Definition at Lower Call Speeds Standards-based High Profile will allow for 720p30 from 512 kbps | 720p60 from 832 kbps | 1080p30 from 1 Mbps Same base-line technology that Blu-ray and other HD broadcasts use to provide HD with limited throughput Bandwidth Breakthroughs H.264 High Profile
  • 11. 11 Impact To UC Networks H.264 High Profile Resolution / Frame Rate Call Speed 4CIF30 128 kbps 4CIF60 512 kbps 720p30 512 kbps 720p60 832 kbps 1080p30 1024 kbps
  • 12. 12 Quality Management Tools and Advancements Endpoints Infrastructure End-to-End
  • 13. 13 Greater Infrastructure Reliability and Availability Virtualization of the Bridging Technology MCU Intelligent Server 1234 12341234 Efficient Routing, Reliability and Scale
  • 14. 14 Paris SingaporeNew York North America EMEA APAC • All users dial same VMR #, regardless of location • Technology routes calls to the closest bridge • Technology establishes links between bridges • Users don’t have to modify their dialing behaviors Network Bandwidth Optimized Via Auto Cascade
  • 15. 15 Combines Network Management Intelligence with endpoint Policies to Efficiently Use Available Network Resources Enables a Converged, Intelligent Services WAN Architecture Technology Enables Allocation of Video and Network Resources for Assured Service Quality Shared Network / Device Intelligence = Video Services Aware LAN / WAN Enterprise Service Provider Network Enterprise Intelligent routing of video calls Video Vendor Mgt Network Appliance MgtDynamic Signaling Real-time BW/QoS Enforcement
  • 16. 16 Quality Management Tools and Advancements Endpoints Infrastructure End-to-End
  • 17. 17 Better Designed and Engineered Networks UC Professional Service Market Offers Grow Comprehensive Deployment Approach Determine the optimal architecture and project plan for integrating assets within existing UC infrastructure Deliverables – Report, Solution Design, Project Plan Solution Planning and Design Build integration solution and demo to validate capabilities Deliverables – Operating Pilot Deployment and Verified Test Plan Results Pilot Solution Deployment Install and turn up all necessary equipment and software to provide complete solution Deliverables – Operating Deployment and Verified Test Plan Results Full Solution Deployment
  • 18. 18 18 Higher Levels of Technology and Conference Mgt White Glove Concierge Services Conference Scheduling Conference Management Remote Monitoring of Technology Components Monthly Reporting Hosted Infrastructure InterNetwork Connectivity
  • 19. 19 Summary The market is moving quickly toward the adoption of unified communication technology Quality management is essential and multidimensional Not based on the network alone Improves with level of shared intelligence Solution management and automation are driving factors behind improvements in quality management Anyone planning to evolve their environment into UC should explore these advancements for their deployments
  • 20. 20 ? ?
  • 21. THANK YOU