Artist research – florence and the machine
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Artist research – florence and the machine






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Artist research – florence and the machine Artist research – florence and the machine Presentation Transcript

  • Artist Research – Florence and the Machine.
  • Biography• Lead singer – Florence Welch• Keyboard player/a producer – Isabella Summers• Backing music – collaboration of other artists• English alternative bandThe name of Florence and the Machine comes from Florence Welch’soriginal collaboration with Isabella Summers. They performed for quitea while with the band name Florence Robot/Isa Machine. This then gotshortened to Florence and the Machine because it wasn’t so big andwas catchier.
  • Biography continuedIn 2007, Welch recorded a song with a band named Ashok, they included anearly version of Florence and the Machine’s song ‘kiss with a fist’ butoriginally at this point the title of the song was ‘happy slap’ She signed acontract to be in the band Ashok with a manager, but she then shortly aftershe resigned as she did not feel like she belonged in that band.The manager of Florence and the Machine is Mairead Nash, who is also a DJin Queens of Noize. This happened when Florence Welch went into the toiletsat a club behind Mairead Nash and sang ‘Somethings got a hold of me’ by EttaJames, so Nash decided that she wanted to be the manager as she thoughtshe had talent.
  • Recording history - LungsThe bands debut album ‘Lungs’, was released on 6 July 2009, and was number twofor its first five weeks on the UK Albums Charts. On 17 January 2010, the albumtopped the charts a consecutive twenty eight weeks in the charts. Lungs managed toget in the top 10 charts in 9 countries.Kiss with a fist was the albums first single to be released and was a great hit andfeatured in several films and TV programmes including: Wild child, Jennifers Body, StTrinians 2, 90210, saving grace.The next single from the album to be released was Dog days are over. Which wasreleased on 1 December 2008, The song featured in Gossip Girl, Community, CovertAffairs, Skins, the trailer for Eat Pray Love and one Glee episode called “SpecialEducation”Drumming song and a cover of the source’s song you’ve got the love were released assingles shortly after lungs. Welch then performed a mash up version of you’ve got thelove with Dizzee rascal and his song ‘dirtee disco’ at the Brits 2010 to create the song‘you’ve got the dirtee love’ which was then released as a single the following day.
  • ‘Lungs’ track listing• 1. Dog days are over• 2. Rabbit heart (raise it up)• 3. I’m not calling you a liar• 4. Howl• 5. Kiss with a fist• 6.Girl with one eye• 7. Drumming song• 8. Between two lungs• 9. Cosmic Love• 10. My boy builds coffins• 11. Hurricane Drunk• 12. Blinding• 13. You’ve got the love.
  • Recording History - CeremonialsWelch had offers from American writers and producers but she decided torecord the album in the UK. Welch had many producers offering to help withceremonials but she rejected them because she wanted Ceremonials to besimilar to Lungs however with a "more dark, more heavy, bigger drumsounds, bigger bass, but with more of a whole sound“ In August 2011, “What the water gave me” was the first single fromceremonials to be released on iTunes and the video was also released onFlorence and the machines website and Youtube account. The video got over1.5 million YouTube views in just two days.The single "Shake It Out" was the second single to be released over via theinternet too in September 2011.Ceremonials was released on 31 October 2011. In ceremonials first week ofbeing released it topped the UK album charts
  • ‘Ceremonials’ track listing1. Only if for a night2. Shake it out3. What the water gave me4. Never let me go5. Breaking down6. Lover to lover7. No light, no light8. Seven devils9. Heartlines10. Spectrum11. All this and heaven too12. Leave my body
  • Recording HistoryOn 26 April 2012, the band released “Breath of life”, a song which was used asthe official theme song for the film ’Snow White and the Huntsman’.On 5 July 2012, Florence + The Machinereleased a remixed version of“Spectrum(Say My Name)”, remixed byDJ Calvin Harris. The song was Florenceand the Machine’s first UK Number One,reaching number one in the UK Single’sCharts in its first week of being released.
  • Record Labels• IAMSOUND records• Moshi moshi records• Island records.
  • InfluencesFlorence Welch saw the Renaissance painting, which could have influencedher lyrics.Her earliest musician influences include The Smiths, Syd Barrett, The SoftMachine, REM and The Go-Gos.
  • AwardsThe first album ‘Lungs’ won the Mastercard British Album award at the 2010BRIT Awards.Florence and the Machine were nominated for Best New Artist award atthe 53rd Grammy Awards.The second album ‘Ceremonials’ were nominated for two Brit Awards.
  • Brand imageFlorence has a very unique style, she is very bold, especially with her brightred/orange hair and pale skin. She doesn’t dress stereotypically like a lot ofpeople in the music industry, her style is quirky and she likes to be different toany fashions around at the time. Her clothing choice tends to be pastel basedcolours with bold eyes and lips. Her style can tend to be quite an old stylefrom tens of years ago so it is different to a lot seen nowadays.