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Rio grande room

  1. 1. Rio Grande Room Integration & Intimacy
  2. 2. I enjoy the chance to integrate our experience in the Rio Grande room into our present day bodies
  3. 3. These past few July days, as we meditate on the Needs of the Day, as I navigate my needs and feelings around life in the Vossen Vukelic household, emerging life on the iit list-serv, my indwelling, the feelings and needs alive around my father’s failing health, Intimacy and integration seem to bump and connect in grace-filled, life-giving ways.
  4. 4. The best way to communicate this to you, especially with Edilma’s expresssion of rushed processing at iit’s end, and Michael’s feelings around vulnerability when intimacy springs forth, is to offer you my reflections through the pictures I took on the last day of our time together in the sterile bubble of the Rio Grande Room. Sterile to me brings beauty and purity.
  5. 5. Before our last meeting, I spent holy time riding the bike that Lynn so graciously, willingly, and lovingly loaned me……all because I answered my need to silence my jackal and ask for a ride to the gym…..
  6. 6. And I heard, from deep inside…..this prayer, which created movement in me, and I found myself clicking my prayer…… Peace Above Me….. Peace Below Me…. Peace Behind Me…
  7. 7. Peace In Front of me…. Peace to the right of me….. Peace to the Left of me…..
  8. 8. Aaaaahhhhh, Peace INSIDE of me….Calm Alert.
  9. 9. Then, to come back to the reality that Last Day brings…..”pictures!!! I need to capture this transformative experience in tangible form!!!”
  10. 10. How beautiful to enter a room where both jackals and giraffes are represented, safe, and welcome. Meeting my thirsty need for belonging, connection, the mutuality of knowing, And wanting to be known…….
  11. 11. We rallied around Edilma’s needs and feelings, because we had paid attention to rallying around each other all nine days!! Moments led into other moments.... Known or not…
  12. 12. Agreed, “you don’t own me.” I feel tender to know that each of you found lodging in my ever-expanding heart, which beats alone and together.
  13. 13. I, too, felt rushed, especially after experiencing all of the hands that supported Edilma’s journey to your core. There we were, supporting Tanya supporting and listening to Edilma through touch, moving together to create a safe space for healing. ……so soon after the ever so simple Big Circle Song of Connection….gazing into eyes…..I am THAT I am……Into Me See….and Into Me You Have Seen and I am More Complete….. Tears of Connection, Humility, Gratitude, Grief at the Leaving, JOY, Grace, Community….. Who could question that we took time to leave that circle??? That Bubble of Exploring, Affirmation, Acknowledgement, Authenticity L-O-V-E
  14. 14. Southwest Airlines didn’t charge me for the most important bag I left New Mexico with….All of You, in my Heart, Safe, Sound, and Loved.