Lunch slides - 2013 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit


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We featured our 10 Patient Voices Winners during lunchtime at the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit -- held Nov. 15 at Stanford School of Medicine.

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  • This is all made possible by our supporters this year – with a special nod to our gold sponsor Tandem Diabetes Care, currently taking the D-world by storm…
    Just a note to get you pumped to make it through the whole day here, we have some very attractive gym bags we’ll be giving out at the end of the day thanks to our sponsor… inside is a USB stick with conference mats.
    In keeping with our “improved health outcomes” theme, inside you’ll also find a free Misfit Shine – world’s coolest new fitness tracker – compliments of Target. We really appreciate their enthusiasm to embrace innovation in diabetes care.
    OmniPod also has a little surprise for everyone at the end of the day.
  • Lunch slides - 2013 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit

    1. 1. You Are Here:
    2. 2. Diabetes » Technology » Life »
    3. 3. Patients = Voice of the customer + The beating heart of healthcare
    4. 4. Patients = Melissa Lee “I’m interested in tools that can make our lives with diabetes less stressful.”
    5. 5. Patients = Amy Tekrony “Improved tech could actually allow someone with diabetes to leave the house without a big stock of supplies – a longtime dream of mine!”
    6. 6. Patients = Kyle McClain “I was rather disappointed with the tech available for diabetics.”
    7. 7. Patients = Christel Aprigliano “We can stream hours of movies and music while sitting at a bus stop, but we still can't get the data our diabetes devices give us into one place.”
    8. 8. Patients = Allison Dunning “Big Data analysis can provide us with better knowledge for making better decisions – or at least provide a starting point.”
    9. 9. Patients = Shelley Spector “It is very upsetting to me that so many people living with this disease don't even know what a CGM is!”
    10. 10. Patients = Simon Carter “I am often frustrated at the lack of analysis and coaching tools.”
    11. 11. Patients = Corrina Cornejo “Over time I've learned it's not the device that determines how successful I am at managing diabetes, but the knowledge I gain from the device.”
    12. 12. Patients = Scott Strange “The mental and emotional side has been a lot worse for me than the physical side.”
    13. 13. Patients = Julia Neese “Many endocrinologists are lacking technical skills and interest to be of help here.”
    14. 14. Patients Want: Technology that gives us the power to know we are managing diabetes well + Improved Quality of Life
    15. 15. Our Thanks to…