Anna McCollister-Slipp - DiabetesMine Innovation Summit 2013


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Anna McCollister-Slipp, data entreprenuer and longtime type 1 diabetes patient advocate, presents at the 2013 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit held Nov. 15 at Stanford School of Medicine. She issues a call to action for patients.

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Anna McCollister-Slipp - DiabetesMine Innovation Summit 2013

  1. 1. Something seems to be missing here…? Anna McCollister-Slipp Co-Founder Galileo Analytics Type 1 diabetes patient for 28 years “Data and Device Interoperability”  @annamcslipp
  2. 2. …This is now That was then... ‣ Dexcom Platinum G4 ‣ No apple software ‣ No connection with meters ‣ - No connection with pumps ‣ No Real Change! Connection with pumps keeps data locked in system ‣ Medtronic Carelink ‣ No connection with other devices, apps ‣ Just supported Apple in 2011 ‣ Tandem t-slim pump ‣ No connection with CGM or meter - ‣ Sanofi iBG Star ‣ No interaction with pumps, cgms - ‣ Telcare ‣ No connection with other devices ‣ Omnipod ‣ No apple software ‣ No connection with other devices - No apple software Partnerships w/ Animas, Tandem Animas - Export data to .XML/.CSV - Canceled Dexcom - No Apple software Omnipod Doesn’t work with iPhone 5 ‣ Dexcom partnership Medtronic Carelink - Still closed system - No change iBG Star and Telcare
  3. 3. mHealth is ‘Hot’ Health apps big business $150M in VC Funds in 1H 2013 $718m in Revenue in 2012 mHealth for everything… but patients 43,689…health, fitness, medical L I A F 14,243… patient journey 8,786… focused on prevention 2,222…relevant after diagnosis
  4. 4. Long-use CGMs Sensors Proliferating Pill trackers Med Devices increasingly sophisticated Biometric Patches DataGeneration on the Rise Cardiac Neuro Orthopedic
  5. 5. Incentive payments $27 billion Open Data and ARRA HITECH Grants and Challenges Government Incentives HIT Explosion Private Investments $1.2 billion in 2012 $493 million in Q1 2013
  6. 6. PCORI AHRQ/NQF Private Insurers Outcomes Development ACOs Sentinel MDEpiNet Safety and Surveillance Big Buzz about Evidence
  7. 7. Meaningful Use AAMI FDA Recognition of Interoperability Standards Industry Coalitions mHealth Guidance Document Continua Health Blue Button FDASIA FCC
  8. 8. Meaningful Use Health apps big business mHealth is ‘Hot’ FDA Recognition of Interoperability Standards AAMI Continua Health Government Incentives Industry Coalitions Med Devices increasingly sophisticated Blue Button Patients! mHealth for everything… but patients HIT Explosion Sensors Proliferating Outcomes Development DataGeneration on the Rise mHealth FDASIA Guidance Document Safety and Private Investments Surveillance FCC Big Buzz about Evidence
  9. 9. Special Diabetes Project Everybody Else Diabetes Groups National Health Council Patients!! JDRF Patients Like Me ADA Artificial Pancreas ACA Workplace Discrimination Diabetes Community Society of Participatory Medicine Hackers DOC Researchers
  10. 10. Really...? ‣ Nobody links data from other medical condition devices ‣ Nobody connects with other apps ‣ Nobody releases their data API for external development ‣ Nobody seems willing to lead
  11. 11. Who Needs to Lead...? FDA Industry Us
  12. 12. We need to lead! ‣ Organize to affect real change ‣ Articulate our needs, demands and plot the way forward ‣ Create pressure for action now! • Government - Give forward-thinking agency, Hill staff political cover • Industry - Support internal advocates through pressuring C suite ‣ Be the patient voice with media • Give reporters, bloggers a reason to care ‣ Policy forums • Articulate the benefits of empowerment through innovation
  13. 13. This is our disease These are our issues We know them better than anybody Others will follow… but we need to lead the way.
  14. 14. Let’s make something happen! Anna McCollister-Slipp Co-Founder Galileo Analytics Type 1 diabetes patient for 28 years @annamcslipp