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Presentation handout

  1. 1. A Plethora of Powerful Presentations MASL Spring Conference Spring 2011 Lee’s Summit West High School | Library Media Center 2600 SW Ward Rd. Lee’s Summit, MO 64082 http://peapodlibrary.wordpress.comIntroductionParticipants can expect to see several examples of high schoollessons that focus on the elements of research and project-based learning utilizing Web 2.0 applications. Come and learnabout some fun, fresh and funky lessons that will have yourstaff and students wanting more. Lots of student-created workwill be shared. Megan ArnettSomething Old, Something, SomethingBorrowed, & (hopefully)Something Just for YouSocial Media Templates:Facebook and Twitter templates your students can use in Power Point or Word tocreate fictional accounts for historical figures, famous scientists, inventors,authors, characters in books, etc.Notes: Amy Taylor________________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. Prezi: Podcast:Web 2.0 application you can use to create live Using open-source software on PC’s or Garage Bandpresentations on the web. Allows you to view the on Macs; our students have been able to makeentire presentation at one time & to zoom in for informative and entertaining podcasts to post on thedetails. Videos, photos and links can all be internet.embedded. Can also be downloaded as a Flash and Notes:shown internally. ______________________________________________Notes: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LART Fest: Literary Art Festival:Glogster: A department wide collaboration with the ArtMake interactive, on-line posters to share. Sign up for department culminating in an artthe free educator account and receive 50 student festival hosted in the LMC during National Libraryaccounts under your name. Week. Each course takes a different aspect ofNotes: literature and illustrates it in a unique way. Communication Arts class visit and discuss literary______________________________________________ devices while viewing the artwork. Awesome school-______________________________________________ wide event!______________________________________________ Notes:______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 2
  3. 3. It’s the PROCESS & Lesson Breakdown:the Product hire subs for ½ day collaborations and buy ice cream shakes for after-school professional development. Teachers LOVE free food. We have utilized 1% money from the state to host “Food Fridays” to educate staff, Collaboration: A key element to a successful project isInstructions & Scoring Guide: the scheduling and organization of student class time. We breakdown theWe develop the scoring guide with the process to keep students on task andteachers prior to each project and moving forward as a group.present it to students at the beginning ofthe project. Since LMC staff and teaching Notes:staff set the guidelines together, we all ___________________________________share in the grading. ___________________________________Notes: ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Presentation 101:___________________________________ Resources to help teach students aboutStoryboarding: the variety of ways to present as well as some of the things to avoid. Has helpedThe most essential aspect of any good make some of our student presentationspodcast, photostory, or movie is more professional.storyboarding. We make copies of ourstoryboard and require students to have Notes:it completed prior to being allowed onthe computer. ___________________________________ ___________________________________Notes: ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3
  4. 4. Let’s PresentPutting it Online: Scan thisClasstime is precious and many teachers can’t“waste” a day watching student presentations. Our QR codestaff has found a solution.Notes: with your smart______________________________________________ phone to go directly______________________________________________ to the LSW LMC______________________________________________ Library Webpage.______________________________________________ (You will need an app. We use Mobiletag – it’s free.)Student Feedback and Reflection:Every new project is an opportunity for us to growand adapt. We frequently ask for student feedbackthrough online polls to help us refine our projects.Notes:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Links (all are listed on our blog as well)Social Media Template: LART Fest:*(sign up for a free educator account) Storyboard: Presentation Zen: Putting it Online: Student Feedback and Reflection: